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Leadership needs to change with change -- and yet still discern what and which principles should not be forsaken.

The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series™ takes both a high-level as well as up-close look at what it takes to inspire commitment so to achieve the vision of a preferred future, the very definition of Transformational Leadership.

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What we are keeping in front of us is where we go…

What we tolerate, we cannot change.

These are a couple of the many words of wisdom we broadcast on social media accounts…

In one of our earlier posts, There Is No Such Thing As Business Ethics, we discussed why we should establish and focus on only one set of ethics least we risk the loss of integrity, trust, and understanding from family, friends, colleagues.

Or, we should risk the acknowledgment that we are indeed limited and do what we can to rectify the situation.

What Makes Great Leaders Great

Great leaders understand this principle and like anyone else will always find themselves in a calamity once their actions and decisions speak louder than their words.

At such moments, the greatest of men and women understood the need to be humble while the greatest of fools make excuses for themselves and/or blame others, even blaming circumstances.

This is a principle from which leaders and followers alike are not exempt — there have been great leaders who have been fools, but there has never fools who have been great leaders.

Seeds of Our Future

What we keep in front of us consists of 6 elements that are the seeds of who we become and where we go.

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Notice I said who we become, not who we are.

Those 6 elements are...

  • What we choose to
    • focus on
    • read
    • listen to
  • Who we choose to
    • idolize
    • listen to
    • to read

From what I have read, seen and experienced, who we are becomes evident through our relationships in what motivates us to help another, educate another, stay with another, or depart from another… despite their or our ability to lead.

A great leader that isn’t humble enough to raise others up isn’t a leader, he or she is just a flashlight in the darkness usually accompanied by their telling everyone what they should be thinking, what they need to do, even why everyone else is wrong…

In other words, they are focused on people, not ideas…

Leadership Is a Necessity

Don’t get me wrong, leadership IS important — fulfilling relationships at every level is important as well as it keeps us from drifting.

But choosing who is to lead us, choosing who we are to follow is critical to any success, to your success.

Leadership never should be chosen as a symbolic gesture nor as a quota fulfillment — history is full of examples of where everyone that has done so has cheated themselves out of the blessings and opportunities a skilled leader always provides.

How we choose who is to lead us is where we fail the most as many times as most of us process this at an emotional level.

And anytime we make decisions based on emotions, most of the time somewhere along the line we regret that decision.

We also don’t like following someone who does not have the same values, ethics, and morals that we have…

Especially values.

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We Need to Educate Ourselves On Whom We Choose to Lead

Every time we decide who we want to lead us and do so based upon our emotions we blind ourselves to the values, ethics, and morals that is present in whom we choosing — they could be lacking such traits and never even see it until later, usually when we are personally affected by their decisions.

Many fools have attained leadership – how did they get there?

Some people can be fooled all the time,
all people can be fooled some of the time,
but you just can’t fool all the people all the time.

Good ethics requires us to be unselfish – but not foolish…

Morals will follow our ethics whether those morals are selfish or unselfish, and our values will be formed by our morals.

And the more selfish our morals? History has proven we will fail to the degree of selfishness we pursue, and to the degree the number of people are being selfish…

Life, Happiness, and Dreams are Full of Differences

Values will be different for each person, each family, each community, each sovereignty — which means our morals will follow suit.

To unionize or join our values and morals under one cause has proven to only accelerate and magnify their failures…

History has also proven – and yet many have remained ignorant of – the failures of creating social programs that attempt to equalize everything for everyone.

Despite this, many still believe that this is necessary, that their government has to be all it can be for all the people – yet history and evidence has proven this to be a dismal failure and exercise in shared misery, yet those who have not lived through such in the past choose to embrace this mostly because it feels right.

Feelings — the most fickle of human traits being used to make decisions that will affect not only a lifetime but an entire family, an entire community, a company, an entire sovereignty…

Others have chosen to focus elsewhere, having seen the successes of, and have experienced the beliefs that self-reliance, dependency on family, friends, community, and faith are better suited for the people.

Crossroads Are The Tests of Where We Want to Go

The current polarization in politics, in sovereignties, in ideologies, in management, in leadership, even in our personal lives, is resulting from the intensity, passion and desire to embrace and focus on one, and deny the other.

To quote Aldous Huxley, facts don’t cease to exist just because we choose to ignore them — they will rise and come back to haunt any who have a conscience and create havoc for those with or without a conscience (ever notice facts are unbiased that way?).

Again, history has shown where values are allowed to find their own ground, without government intervention, where morals and ethics were allowed to be tested and honed — including everything related to the pursuit of happiness.

What we have today are sovereignties, politics, and peer pressure dictating what our values should be from all sides – on the left we have those that believe the government should do this, while on the right we have those that believe the people should do that…

The Seeds of Who We Become

Who we become will be determined by

  • What we choose to
    • focus on
    • read
    • listen to
  • Who we choose to
    • idolize
    • listen to
    • to support

Based on the works and results of the Presidential candidates, you determine who has the credentials that says his accomplishments will provide results that won’t escalate the increasing problems of the last 7 years.

Or even the last 50 years as evidence provides we have been on a slow ethics, morals and values spiral downwards for at least that long…

The Seeds of Liberty

For any sovereign leader, we need to hold him or her to be responsible for and accountable to…

Low unemployment

No government anywhere has ever been effective at this without letting businesses do what they need to do with minimal government intervention (and no matter how much any whines, defends, and defies this, they can’t dispute their claims with facts)

Reduced deficit

A government burdened by a debt that is greater than 30 percent of the GDP can’t protect its people, period

Reduced size of government

It is already self-evident that the larger anything is, the quicker its effectiveness diminishes (or do we have to again explain why we are paying $800 for a hammer and $1600 for a toilet???).

No matter what any government thinks, someone has to pay for the services they render.

Last we checked, money does not grow on trees and printing money to support a failing economy gas ALWAYS lead to hyperinflation – the USA is already one year into this scenario and needs only 6 to 18 months before hyperinflation kicks in, should this not be reversed before then.

Allow businesses to do what they need to do without the burden of government on their backs

Businesses have to make a profit, governments could care less; which also means businesses have to pass the cost of maintaining the imposed regulations onto their customers.

The best example of this exists in Brazil, which has a tax on everything and a charges a fee for any government service, where most goods cost from 2 to 4 times what they do in the global market..

Collect the excess currency in our financial system

Hyperinflation ALWAYS starts with an economy that has been flooded with currency (which is exactly what the Federal Reserve is doing with Obama’s blessings for nearly a year now). But collecting the excess currency has to be accompanied by all the above.

Provide an economic environment that promotes savings

The US Savings Bond used to be one of the best ways to double your money in 7 years time.

Saving for retirement should be on everyone’s plans, even when first graduating from college.

Granted, the current economic state has basically forced many to re-enter the workforce while others have looked to Latin and South America, or elsewhere, to live as expats during retirement.

But without what they have already saved, their lives would have been much worse.

Having a savings has many benefits for both the account holder as well as the community.

And communities that are doing well are more self-sufficient.

Lastly, a sovereign policy should allow its military to do what is designed to do

As opposed to acting as officials at a football game.

Tying the hands of any military only binds the power of that sovereignty.

And to bind the powers of that sovereignty only ends up forfeiting the advantage to the enemy of the State.

This policy needs to include rebuilding to the favor of the victor – remembering tHat assisting a populace that couldn’t defend themselves is entirely different from feeling sorry a people that refused to defend themselves.


What does all this have to do with cloud computing? ERP? HRIS? Project Management? Jobs? Recruiting? Career management?

Given the magnitude of the polarization of this election?


Whether it be politics, work, family, our private lives, there is no avoiding what is about to happen…

Principles work with individuals, families, groups, entities, communities, governments, sovereignties…

It is why they are called principles as they work at all levels — and they are unbiased as they work whether applied for good or bad.

Which also means they work just as well as in Asia as they do in Europe, Africa, APAC, Middle East, South America, Central America, North America…

Which also means they work when there are elections, and when there are not…

All said and shared, we recommend there are only 2 thoughts we really should focus upon.

And are two questions no one is really asking…

What we are keeping in front us, is this where we REALLY want go?

Why don’t we want to change what we are tolerating?

Wisdom dictates because we can do something, doesn’t mean we should —
When that decision to do or not do something is being based upon the most fickle trait we have, then we are definitely setting ourselves up for failure;
When that decision is being based on wisdom gained through knowledge, the experiences of those who have been successful before us, as well as solitary reflection, only then are we setting ourselves up to raise the bar once again.

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