What Do You Look for From A Cloud Provider?

When it comes to a HRIS cloud system, everyone wants it to be easy to deploy, preferably a SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

There are a lot of cloud systems being promoted, so what do you look for?

How about how many providers can claim an average client tenure of 14 years?

And how about how many providers can claim a successful track record of 30+ years?

To be able to claim these 2 criteria, the system they provide would have to have a high level of scalability as most companies have grown in the last 30+ years.
Outgrow the system and you will look for a new system — why would you want to keep a system that can’t keep up with your growth?

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One way to have accomplished the two criteria would be to provide clients with a two-pronged approach.

The first would have to be tactical — they would provide an approach that would emphasize the functionality of the system.
The second would definitely be strategic — provide an approach that keeps the flexibility of the solution customized to meet your unique demands and needs.

This provider would have to…

    Be a provider that is designed to help companies improve efficiencies and automate HR functions…

    Provide a fully configurable cloud-based HRIS, Payroll, and Benefit Enrollment & Eligibility system on a single-source database platform….

    Own proven record when it comes to natural disasters, remaining operational when all else has ceased…

    This provider could only be…

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