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Top 5 Open Source Software for Human Resource Management

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In today’s global market, it is vital for companies to hold on to their most vital asset, which is the human resource, if they are to remain relevant in spite of the aggressive competition all around them.

This is because the success chart for any company not only depends on factors such as technology, strategies, and products, but also on its labor force to a large extent.

This makes it crucial for employers to handle and manage their human resource department in an effective manner if they are to retain them and get the best out of them.

By using modern, high-quality software technologies, companies can easily achieve effective human resource management, which will in turn lead to maximum workforce output.

Human resource software has largely grown and developed since the desktop computer was first put to use in the 1980’s and today, there are numerous applications available, some are free and while some not.

For those that are sold at a price, you might want to Google the internet for discounts.

The following is a list of some of the top five open source apps available for human resources…


This is a free and popular human resource management software that effectively improves communication within a company.

Using the software, information from HR managers can be conveyed with ease to employees in every department in a company.

When installed, OrangeHRM takes up minimal space of only 5.7 MB. In spite of its small size, it provides valuable features that cover all necessary functions in a company.

Examples of modules available in the software include applicant module, employee self-service module, personal information management module, and benefit module.


Waypoint HR is one of the most highly rated open source human resource software among users.

This is because it offers a flexible and stable interface that allows HR managers to store all the information concerning their employees in an easy-to-access manner.

Since it is also user-friendly, managers with different technical knowledge and background can operate it with ease.


For certain organizations, it is important that employee attendance be accurately monitored.

Such organizations can benefit from TimeTrex software, as it effectively handles the task of monitoring attendance.

This is because it is a real-time app that supervises employee attendance from any global location.

Companies can also customize the software to meet their budget and requirements.


Being a web application, any company can use LATRIX to manage and monitor its workforce.

There are 17 different varieties that companies can choose from to configure the software according to their unique requirements.

Other features in this open source software include shifts, time zones, public holidays, and block periods.

Open Applicant

This is the software of choice for streamlining a company’s recruitment process.

The software effectively tracks applicant numbers and evaluates their performance.

HR managers can also use the application to check each applicant’s background.

Additional features in this software include customized assessments examinations, reporting, and email and resume screening.

Editor’s Note: Examine All Your Options

Human resource software has largely grown and developed over time and today, and as seen from the selections above, there are various kinds available, some free and some not.

The selection process should be taken diligently and slowly — last thing you want to do is getting everything up and running only to discover the operational costs and needs are also absorbing your budget or profits right out the door.

We consider some more options in our later post Open Source HR Software? or Closed Source? Which Shall It Be? where we provide more food for thought, advice, as well as a starting point for your needs assessment and selection process.

If you have already opted out of pursuing an Open Source System or want to discover what options are available to you through Closed Source Systems, then by all means go for a free consultation.

To get you started, you can contact our Executive Board member Lauren Gander of HR Software Solutions where she will assist you in discovering more of what you need to know.


What Are Your Thoughts??

Besides this list from Joy, what other recommendations can you provide?

We will probably revisit this within the coming year, whatelse would you like to see reviewed?

Appirio and KnowledgeFusion have stated that between now and 2016, perhaps 2018, 85% of HRIS systems will move to the cloud — what are your concerns about cloud computing?

Please share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below!

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Joy Maiywa

Joy Maiywa is a professional freelance writer and blogger.

You can reach her by leaving a comment below or via email…


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Joy Maiywa

Joy Maiywa is a professional freelance writer and blogger. You can reach her by leaving a comment below or via email...

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  • Ragland Navamani

    Nice blog. Really informative. I find very difficult to customize this HR Management Software. Please suggest any video tutorial. Thanking you in advance.

    • THW Research Network

      Hi Ragland — Apologies for the delayed response, we’ve got a few projects for the site underway that have us rationing our time on everything.

      Customization is (and will probably will always be) a challenge. However it really depends on the software as well. Even with closed systems like Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, WorkDay the task is not easy and requires a lot of testing to be sure the thing doesn’t break during production. Where open source has an advantage is the programming can be totally customized, you just have to remember that standardization is not possible with any software after a certain point.

      Most open software systems do have forums that can be helpful as well as user groups on LinkedIn, Yahoo Google as well as other platforms — try googling “forum (name of system)” for starters. Also discern your information flow both in and out of the computer as well as how your information is stored in the system — this will keep your customizations inline with your business processes.

      In the gist of it all — you get what you pay for but at the same time you learn a lot as well.. Knowledge never goes to waste…

      Hopefully this will help and we’re glad you like the blog…

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