As Important Talent Management Is, Are You Selecting the Right System?

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If you haven’t figured it out by now, then let me be for first to tell you that your HR department of even 5 years ago has left the building.

Anything 15 or even 10 years ago can now be found in the archives of most libraries, if they are keeping archives of such.

There have been changes on all levels…

Globally, the workforce is shrinking and the workload is expanding – meaning the workforce today is facing more decisions on their own and fewer people to look up to for direction.

Formal education is creating a skills scarcity as the rate of change of technology is now faster than the rate most are being educated – students are learning on their own in many areas of the world while taking classes that will be outdated by the time they graduate, they are learning the need to know how to think and not rely upon being told what to think.

This is also creating a scarcity in workers and professional with valuable expertise in many areas – there are not enough students studying the principles that would eventually fulfill these areas of expertise which means employers must take on the additional task of training their employers in this principles.

This slack in education is creating a vacuum that previously had been fulfilled by the youngest and brightest – today, being the youngest and brightest isn’t enough, they are learning to think differently for solutions as they know the same thinking that created the problem is not going to resolve the problem

Yet, with all the changes that have occurred in the last 5 years, are happening now, and are about to happen shortly, the verticals and infrastructure within HR are still intact — seems the HR infrastructure was sound from the beginning, only needing a few tweaks here and there.

And that’s the good news.

Think of what is happening today as this: the rooms in the HR house haven’t change, but all the furniture has… and will quite often…

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And the one room that provide the most value, influence and leverage for any company: Talent Management

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What is Talent Management?

As the name applies, talent management is the management of talent the company has hired as well as seeking.

Not too hard to figure out…

And like anything else, there are measurements that are needed, technology that is required, processes that needs to be measured, and directions to be ascertained and managed, all to be sure the company is going in the direction they want.

And all this means what?

It means a company needs to track, measure, encourage and hone their employees if they are going to remain competitive in today’s fast paced world at all levels.

And that effort needs to start at pre-hire, flow into the hiring, assist the employees in managing their career not only to the best abilities but best competencies as well, and hopefully, also help them plan for their retirement.

Tall order in world where the workforce sees an average employee working 10 different jobs (or more) in their first 15 years of their career…

If they are an employee crucial to its vision and mission, then there is also succession that needs to be seriously considered.


What Does Talent Management Looks Like?

So in the HR house, which has a room dedicated to each aspect of HR, what does a Talent Management room look like so it can function well for the company?

Well, let’s see what desks would be needed…

At the front of the room we would need a desk to deal with applicant tracking and recruiting – a desk that will manage all the job requirements and job advertising going out and all the applications plus resumes coming in; they management the image of the company with the potential applicants as well as the resource pool of potential talent for the company.

After they are hired and since everything is changing rapidly and for all practical purposes, nearly every new hire needs some form of training, then managing their learning is the first thing you want to manage, making learning management will be the title of the next desk.

OK, with your new hires are being tracked before and during hire, being trained and educated afterward hire, then we need another desk to measure for their performance. How else would we know if we have the right candidates? This is good for both the employee as well as the company – can’t tell of either of you are going in the right direction if the performance management of both are not being measured, yes?

Along with their performance, we want to be sure the competency of the employees are being tracked – what good is performance if the competency is lacking? Another desk titled competency management is needed.

As the employee and company grows, careers are blossoming – another desk for career management would be in order. Far better to manage the career than let everything happen to chance – and more rewarding for both the employee and the company.

Wait – if everyone is learning something new, they are performing well, and their careers are growing then you need to retain these employees; another desk, this one to manage everyone’s compensation, aptly titled compensation management. You want to be sure everyone is being paid accordingly as well as making sure your compensation packages are competitive as well – least you see everything you have done so far going to your competition.

What about the future of the company? And what about the brightest and best talented in your company that are driving the vision and mission of the company? A select group of your employees could end up being your future leaders and given the present leaders have a lot of value to the company, you will want to be sure you have a succession planning and management desk setup. You will want to be sure you are planning accordingly to have someone step into a position of leadership even before that vacuum exists.

Is that everything?

Not quite..

One more desk – for technology management.

Technology is changing rapidly, is complicated, changes often, and the landscape changes even faster than your HR department. You will need to find the right talent that will provide the perfect balance to the needs your employees will have in getting their tasks and projects accomplished.


OK, So What Is Talent Management Again?

We have the desks we needed to properly resource a company; now, instead of desks, let’s call them modules and the modules you need for a complete Talent Management system are…

  • applicant tracking and recruiting              
  • learning management
  • performance management
  • competency management
  • career management
  • compensation management
  • succession planning and management
  • technology management

OK, that’s good — but what about the processes each module to perform?

Wouldn’t it be a great idea to know what those processes are?

As well as which processes best fit your company?

Processes that work for other companies may not work for yours, even if you are in the same industry and have the same infrastructure, even the same customers.

To discern your processes, you need to assess what processes you have and find out what processes your options have – options meaning the different software systems that are available to you.

Now the good news: the market has more than 60 options to consider – and there is a means to ascertain which systems are your best options, which means the first thing you want to do is…

Better Selection Leveraging, Not Just Better Selections

With the changes in technology as well as the market happening so quickly, dependency upon the latest inform is becoming even more paramount.

Even with asking the right questions and making the right approach, the choices can be daunting for even the most astute of learners.

What many today want is technology selection made easy — and there are many from which to choose, preferably a tool with a buyer’s guide and an overview to the requirements for each feature.

Our suggestion: find a selection site that provides a wide range of options that can be reduced to a sizable number through tools that will assist you or your consultant team into making the right decisions.

Product features you will want to be sure are included with such services?

requirements and stakeholder management
assistance with the creation of the RFI and RFP
provide POC and trails modules
stakeholder surveys
financial module
dashboard for the executive

Also be sure you have support for professional services such as

consultation for your selection
support that is available via email, phone or other means
responding to your queries in short order
providing a dedicated account manager
training customized to your needs

Before You Go

All these thoughts should get you going down the right path – some even offer a Human Resource Management template to help get you started.

Whatever you do, you want to approach this systematically and not problematically — your business processes are unique and not matched anywhere.

Without taking a systematic approach you could find your new system, well… very problematic…

Still have questions? Want to move forward with your thoughts or bounce them off of someone for feedback (aka free consultation)?

Be sure to leave a comment below or if privacy is a concern, use our ‘contact us’ button located to the lower right of your screen to reach us by email or even schedule a call.

Either way, we’ll be in touch shortly!

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