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Call for Speakers: HRIS Audits, Compliance, Risk Management

A great way to boost your credits towards your credentials!

If you are looking to gain certification, keep updated with your colleagues, and/or keep your certification, is holding a 2-day Virtual Conference on the 5th and 6th of September. It is the quickest way to gain a LOT of credits — not to mention keeping you up-to-date by professionals in their field.

Credits will apply towards your PHR, SPHR, or GPHR.

Next Virtual Conferences

(from the website in real-time)…


Presentation Details


The presentations will be part of a comprehensive conference program on the latest learning, trends, best practices, and technologies as they are being applied to job performance improvement for HR professionals.

The curriculum for the conference and certification program will highlight:

ways to implement

build a business case

get management buy-in

determine ROI

establish key metrics and

manage change in the workforce

Topics of interest for our members include, but are not limited to:

Trends Implementation Global Challenges Effects of Social Media Challenges Best Practices and Lessons Learned ROI

Presentation types:

Standard Presentation

This type of presentation typically involves one or two speakers who present information on their topic of choice with the use of PowerPoint slides and/or other media residing on the laptop or the web.

45 minutes are allowed for this kind of presentation with 15 minutes for questions and answers.

These presentations will be simulcast live to a virtual audience, and will be recorded for future review.

This kind of presentation constitutes the majority of slots on the conference program.

These presentations will be submitted to HRCI for recertification credits.

Panel Presentation

This type of presentation typically involves a moderator and 3 or 4 panelists with extensive experience or knowledge related to the panel topic.

The moderator and the panelists generally are from distinct organizations (e.g., they are not from the same company, university or government agency).

The moderator acts as the Emcee and proposes questions to the panelists as well as relaying questions from the attendees.

1 hour is allowed for this type of panel presentation.

During the course of the conference, 3 to 4 panel presentations will be accepted for inclusion in the program.

These presentations will not be submitted to HRCI for recertification credits.

Presenters should have the following qualifications:

Expertise in the area

At least 2 years of practical experience in the area

Excellent presentation skills

To submit your presentation we recommend that you have the following information gathered, and formatted, prior to clicking on the link below.

You will only be able to save your submission when all fields are completed.

Please carefully review your presentation before you submit it.

How it appears in the form is how it will appear on

Please ensure that you have reviewed the information for grammar, spelling and correct formatting.

Title – must not be more than 100 characters and should be something that defines what you will speak about.

Description – should be at least 250 words and should describe what will be covered in the session. Explain why this session will be good for conference attendees to attend.

Short Description – should be approximately 100 words, and is used to promote your session.

Who Should Participate – in most cases this will be any HR Professional, but if your session is more for managers or specific industries, this is the place to specify.

What You Will Learn – list at least 3 things that the attendees will learn from your session.

Recommended Resources – Where can people find more information about your session topic or discussion?

Speakers – who is presenting? Each speaker must have a complete profile on in order to be recognized by the system. A complete profile includes a photo and bio (in the “about me” section) of the profile. If the “About Me” is not complete please include a description of the speaker.

eLearning Quiz Questions (required for HRCI eLearning course classification) – Submit 6-10 multiple choice quiz questions relating to your webcast for attendees to complete at the end of the webcast. Please ensure the questions are general to your topic and test the attendees’ overall understanding of the content. Each question must offer 4 possible answers including the correct answer.

Categories – What areas of Human Resources does this topic relate to?

Once you click Save then you can upload your documents.

These documents will be made available to all members. Documents to include:

Your Slide presentation, in Power Point or PDF

Any other handouts or forms you would like to demonstrate during your presentation.

By submitting your presentation proposal you are agreeing to the following:

As a Speaker at the IHR event you recognize that a successful workshop requires a joint effort. Your agreement represents your willingness to commit to the process and terms. Failure to adhere to the timelines will result in being removed from the curriculum.

To attend a live Speaker training session please click on this button and then select a date you would be available…

Speaker Training




The recording, article transcript, and podcast of each workshop will be hosted on indefinitely.

Submit Presentation

Benefits: Cost Containment, Audits & Legal Risk
Canadian Masters in HR Strategy and Execution
Contract Workforce & Talent Exchange
Developing Organizational Leadership Capabilities
Employee Wellness
HR Information Systems and Risk Management
Integrated Talent Management
Online Staffing & Sourcing
Performance Management
Recruitment Process Outsourcing
Rewards & Recognition
Quality of Hire
Social Media and Employee Communication
Technology Enabled Learning
Workforce Management
Workforce Planning & Analytic
The ultimate goal of the Institute for Human Resources (IHR) is to provide certification to industry professionals in particular areas of HR.

In doing this, we are able to build talent pools of highly skilled and trained professionals with critical niche skills and networks that can share best practices across these key HR disciplines.

The certification and accreditation process is developed through an independent board of advisors who are industry experts and have access to the latest technology, best practices and thought leaders in their space.

This helps to ensure the certification process is relevant, meaningful, and current.

The Certification Programs will support the development of HR Professionals to achieve the highest caliber of knowledge and expertise in each of the areas.

Abstracts for presentations from knowledgeable corporate HR professionals, are solicited to provide sessions and fulfill accreditation requirements for professionals undergoing certification and industry specialization.

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Successful 1st Year of HRIS Online Certification for

Last month marked one year for to provide accredited and free webcasts through their HR Information Systems program (ERP/HRIS functions). is a virtual company that believes in HR education, and networking. As the largest social network and online community of over 200,000 HR professionals, connects HR professionals and suppliers with easy access to shared knowledge on best practices, industry news, webcasts, and online certification to help them develop their most important asset – the people. Meet, network, share and learn.

The following is their press release, published last Thursday, about their HRIS webinars and certification…

HR Information Systems Online Certification Program First Year Success for’s Institute for Human Resources Delivers Webcasts for HR Professionals Specializing in HR Information Systems

(PRWEB) April 12, 2012

Since launch in March 2011,’s Institute for Human Resources (IHR) HR Information Systems program has granted more than 2,500 credits in 48 complimentary webcast sessions for HR professionals looking to specifically upgrade in the area of HR Information Systems.

As proven by the notable registration numbers, HR professionals are choosing the virtual learning method where they control their education. They have access to the Institute’s collection of knowledgeable industry experts as an unmatched faculty line-up, the latest learning technology, and the most up-to-date relevant webcast content, all from the comfort of their own favorite laptop location. Each webcast selected and viewed earns one IHR credit hour for a participant to count towards their certification, whether live or through archive viewing.

“Any business with HR activities and processes requires a vehicle for its management. Usually this is through well-designed systematic methods and carefully structured means that will integrate all these activities and processes, and do so effectively. The energy of all this is always found in the chosen technology and implemented Information System program, usually designed and customized especially for that business. In order to know their best options for every aspect of the system, it is essential for the professionals responsible for the HRIS functions to have access to the latest technology and its applications. By providing its dynamic and flexible learning platform for upgrading, training, and certification, the Institute for HRIS has proven to be an invaluable asset to the HRIS community.”
Garrett O’Brien – Publisher, Writer, & Consultant for The HRIS World

The next HR Information Systems virtual event is open for registration and scheduled for May 29-30, 2012 followed by more events in September and November. Check the Schedule for Upcoming Virtual Events or the Archive Listing for all programs with specialized focus in this or any division of HR. For HR professionals interested in sharing a recent project or topic, Submit an Idea here. An example of a past session attracting large interest from participants was “Justifying an HRIS System from a Whole Business Perspective” presented by Epicor Software’s Malcolm Fox.

The certification and accreditation process for the HR Information Systems program is developed and guided through an independent Advisory Board composed of industry experts for each domain with access to the latest technology, best practices and thought leaders in their respective spaces. Interested applicants may contact Leanne Schmidt at lschmidt(at)


Shafiq Lokhandwala, NuView Systems Inc.
Larry Dunivan, Ceridian Corporation
Garrett O’Brien, The HRIS World
Row Henson, Oracle Corporation
Cecile Leroux, Ultimate Software
Katherine Jones, Independent Consulting Services (ICS)
Dwight Matheny, Ascentis Corporation

About The Institute for Human Resources (

IHR focuses on education, online certification, and career development in the HR profession. IHR currently covers 20 key HR verticals ranging from HR Information Systems, Workforce Management, Rewards and Recognition, Quality of Hire, Integrated Talent Management to Employee Wellness, and others. Each program provides a full list of education, virtual events and accredited certification courses for a 12 -18 month period. Education, training and certification credits are available with “authorized partners” as well as with educational webcasts and award-winning virtual events. See a List of All Programs.

For more information contact:

Debbie McGrath, Chief Instigator,
1-877-472-6648, ext. 104

Leanne Schmidt
Facilitator – HR Information Systems
Search for Advisory Board Members and Content Presenters

This press release was distributed through PR Web by Human Resources Marketer (HR Marketer: on behalf of the company listed above.

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