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Report: What 1800 SMB HR Professionals Value in HR Software

Previously published as ‘Vendors: Have HRIS Customers But Not Sure What They Want?’

The HRIS Needs of Companies Will Vary, No One System Will Suit All

Performing a needs assessment is necessary but someone has already done most of the work

SMB Looking for Software? Looking For the Right Questions?

This report will help you know what others are looking for and assist in what may be a good fit for your company

CompareHRIS 2013 Requirements Report [2], a leading HR Software Research Center for the USA and Canada, has released their HRIS/HCM REQUIREMENTS REPORT for 2013.

The report provides data and insight from HR Technology managers and HR decision-makers looking for Human Resources software.

It also reveals the connection between company size and what qualified buyers of HR technology feel is most important.

HRIS Selector Tool

The HRIS Selector Tool, used as the foundation for the report, asks a series of questions about HR system requirements and the importance of each.

The report reflect responses from 1,788 HR professionals who were considering new HR technology in 2012.

It is interesting to note a few surprising but definitive findings between what companies of different sizes are looking for.

Uniquely Positioned provides a truly unique service for the human resources industry to better match vendor requirements to user needs.

These findings are useful to HRIS/HCM product managers and developers in honing their products and addressing market challenges and opportunities.

CompareHRIS is uniquely positioned to help you understand the market’s needs, the select solutions, and the product development paths you may want to pursue.

This extensive report is available now at a preferred rate of $395.

Here’s an infograph of this report…

If you use this inforgraph, please include attribution to HR-Software Blog with this graphic.

HRIS 2013 Requirements Report

Our compareHRIS Playlist on Our YouTube Channel

if video is not visible, click here

About puts the HR professional in touch with HRIS systems and HRMS vendors offering the HR software that most closely matches their requirements.

The site presents line-by-line comparisons of HRIS products and provides a valuable service to HR pros, helping them navigate the market by offering apples-to-apples assessments.

With more than 165,000 visitors in 2012, has grown to be one of the world’s most valuable resources for any company looking for an HRIS solution.

Source CompareHRIS


Carolyn Stoll-Sokol; Director Business Development; Office +1-727-940-3786 | cell +1-727-542-1823

Web site :;

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