Public Services and Membership Overview

What we have available for the general public as well as a membership overview - with an peek for our members at what we have planned in the coming months. You will find...

♦   Our latest developments
♦   Features available for everyone
♦   Features available only for our members
♦   What is under construction and what is next

New here? Then welcome!

We have just returned online with our new theme and will be making an official relaunch shortly.

If you find anything not operating as it should or looking now quite right, please let us know! We'll correct that issue shortly.

Below are the features we have available publicly as well as for members -- free membership comes with logging in with your LinkeIn Profile (Odnoklassniki available for Russia), which will automatically provide you with free membership as well as our general Newsletter (opt-out is available within the newsletter).

Features for Everyone

We are in the process of building up many areas of our site. Here's what we have already rolled out...

Features For Our Members

Membership brings expanded and more features...

You can contact us easily - A blue 'contact us' button is on the lower right of your screen whenever you are visiting our site. Just click the button to either send us a message (via web mail) or to schedule a call with us! You can schedule a call anytime up to an hour before calling in most cases - a calendar is maintained to provide our availability, Monday through Friday. If you have Skype feel free to chat with us right away by reaching out us at thehrisworld, which is one of several options you will find in our Contact Us page

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series The HRIS World Project Management Series The HRIS World HR Dog Series The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series

With any of our Series, you have quick access via the top menu from any page on our site.

The HRIS World Content Series - Four of our 7 series focuses on what is changing most and how in the industry as a whole.

The HRIS World HR Dog Series™ - focused on one question: Why is the technology tail still wagging the #HRdog?

The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series™ - Transformation is always happening and should always be happening least we end up seeing the tail lights of change. There are leadership principles that have been with us and are impervious to change, we discuss what they are and how to utilize them: #thwTLS

The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ - Why do some projects and project managers always come in on time or earlier as well as on budget or less? A look into why we keep failing project methodologies and what we can do to come out on top, #thwCES

The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series™ - Who are these people we see on stage and everywhere else? What are they really like and what do they see for the future of our industry? A continuing series on the latest and greatest speakers than can affect our industry, your career, your life: #thwSIS

The HRIS World NextGen Vendors Series - Three of our 7 series focuses on the vendor:

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight™ - focused at the the SMB level, bringing to light the latest software overviews: #thwVS

The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series™ - what the decision-makers are thinking, planning for their company as well as their vision for the future: #thwVIS

The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options™ - All enterprise, sharing the latest options and developments for the market with very demanding needs: #thwESO

All are being presented with several package options as well as individual pricing that will assist in getting our audience in front of your solutions.

Check here to stay updated on our progress as well as our services!

Online Learning- Course prices range from US$20 to $200 and cover multiple HR, HR technology, Leadership, Languages, and Office Productivity topics.

All prices are displayed in your local currency.

Once enrolled, the course is yours for a lifetime -- and there is a 30-day refund policy for each course to allow you to discover its value.

We provide new courses each week so visit often!

To discover more
go to our Online Learning page NOW!

LinkedIn Login - With this link, no need to fill out even the minimum of information needed to establish a basic free membership with The HRIS World. Just click the LinkedIn Login at the top left of your screen and your information with us is updated to that in your LinkedIn profile- now and in the future. This login opens the doors to many of the new members only features we will be launching in the coming months and you are free to participate or not in each. With any of our memberships, you control everything you do or don't receive as well as what you choose to optin or optout from our offers as we present them.

When you are logged out both the LinkedIn Login and the MyLibrary links will appear on the top left. After clicking the LinkedIn Login link and completing the authorization process, your profile with us is automatically updated to that in your LinkedIn Profile.  You will also notice that only the MyLibrary link will be displayed as the LinkedIn Login disappears once logged in (you will also notice a black WordPress menu along the top as well).

Once logged in, all our features are available to you. Please note that any of our newsletters do require you to subscribe - the LinkedIn Login provides only the most basic of membership privileges. We have several newsletters to choose from, just click the button below to bring up the newsletter enrollment form and choose which newsletter(s) you wish to received...

What Is MyLibrary?

MyLibrary - At the beginning and end of every post is a means to keep your favorite content on our site in a centralized location, making it much easier to reference and research at a later time. You control what is in your MyLibrary from any machine you are using - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile unit- just by clicking the orange MyLibrary text. The page will refresh and the text MyLibrary will now be blue, indicating it is stored as one of your favorites (there is a full explanation in the toggle button labeled 'What is MyLibrary' - just click the plus sign to open it).

How do you know what you have saved to MyLibrary? You will see the last thee posts you have saved to MyLibrary on the sidebar, just below the MyLibrary favorites icon.

What if you save more than 3? Not a problem! A link just above your last 3 saved favorites (Click here to view your whole library) will open a new page listing all your favorites.

How many posts can you save to MyLibrary? Well we have way more than 500 posts, so go for it - it will keep all of them noted as your favorites!

How are your favorite posts saved? As a non-member your selections are saved to your browser's cache of your current machine and will remain there until you clear your cache. However, as a The HRIS World member, your selections are sent to our database and ready for you whenever you login from any location, any machine.

Is there any means to organize a lot of posts saved to MyLibrary? Well... Not yet. If we see a several accounts with pages of saved posts then well hire a programmer to help out but for now we are not expecting too many MyLibrary accounts to be overwhelming in number.

Privacy policy? The HRIS World does not purchase lists nor sells any of our members information without the firm commitment of their approval prior to such an event.


Multiple Newsletters to choose -- from our Content Series to rambling thoughts, something to bring value to your day and your work, or elect to get everything we publish!. Future options will include following your favorite author or authors, specific category or categories. Your membership provides a newsletter profile page that permits you to opt-in or opt-out at your convenience - perfect for searching for content for your best liking. Just click the image below to start getting your newsletter(s)!

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Print to PDF for Download or eMail


All our posts can be downloaded in PDF format or sent via email as a PDF attachment.

Open the toggle box for quick directions on hot to get the most from this feature.

QuickGuide for Print2PDF

Quick and Easy to Use

What To Expect

To use this at any time, be sure you logged in - the fact that you are reading this says you are.

Click the green 'Print PDF' button to get started...
Your document will open in a popup application (you will need to shut this popup to view the documentation correctly)...
Edit Tools

Your edit tools are along the top and should be self-explanatory...

  • the 'PDF' and 'Email' buttons will send the document to the appropriate action
  • you can adjust the text size as well as image sizes - the changes should be witnessed immediately
  • any reverse actions can be made using the Undo button - the changes should be witnessed immediately
  • 'X' box to close the popup

You can clean up the document from unwanted images and text by clicking on the text or image...

  • just hover your mouse over the text or image to be deleted
  • text areas will yellow highlight the areas to be deleted; images may or may not display the yellow highlight
  • click the area and it will be deleted
  • use the Undo button if you delete the wrong areas

Once done, scroll back to the top and either save as a downloadable PDF file or you send it to an email address.

That's it!

Any problems, contact on Skype or use the blue 'contact us' button on the lower right of your screen to send us a message or schedule a call.

To see what else we have planned, you can join as a member just by clicking the LinkedIn Login located at the top left of this page.

Use Papaly?

What is Papaly?

Papaly was created to make your web browsing a little easier by helping you save and organize your bookmarks into collections called boards.

Inside each board, you can have multiple categories with related links.

You can use these boards to build a collection of bookmarks related to a topic, a collection of your favorite blogs or blog posts about a subject, or perhaps a collection of bookmarks about science and technology.

You choose how to build your board to make the board convenient for you.

Papaly is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Palo Alto, California.



click image for larger presentation

Our Papaly Boards

The HRIS World -- our primary board focuses on our website, our entire website! Much more convenient for navigating everything we have for you!

The HRIS World Research -- links to various top-end industry and research blogs, inquire if you want your blog listed!

The HRIS World Incoming RSS Feeds -- RSS PR feeds from PR Newswire, Business Wire and PRweb - all focused on business and HR

Once arrived to one, you can easily navigate to the others from the top left category of any board as well as to any of your favorites you keep on the left side of the board!

It's free and makes us convent for you, saving you time for the more important things in life - get started here!

To find our latest content or to discover what we have in our Content Series, see our menu at the top of the page by Clicking Here


Last updated: 2-February-2017