Pairing Your Wine and Food, Simple Yes? Perhaps now, yes!


We’ve all been there, wanting to pair-up a food with a wine, and…

: : :   c h i r p i n g  :  c r i c k e t s   : : :

From most of my experiences, everyone picks something they like — and that’s a good thing.

For a great thing, a simple lesson in pairing will help boost your enjoyment of your paired wine and food. has provided such a ‘simplfied’ chart…

Everyone has their own tastes, but Madeline Puckette, the owner of Wine Folly, has provided a chart that should start you on the right track.

Just click the graphic for a larger image, and watch your pop-up blocker if you are using one as this will open in a new window.

img credit :

Madeline Puckette, owner; Wine Folly

Madeline Puckette, owner
Wine Folly


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