Our Top 25 Viewed Posts for 2016

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From Whence We Came

While scanning over our top 25 viewed posts for 2016, I was humbled yet amazed we did as well as we did this year. This is our fourth year (started in late March 2012) and they say it’s not the fall that matters but that it is the bounce that counts. We bounced good! It always helps to step back and measure where one has grown, maintained ground… lost ground… As well as assess just how high we bounced.

Truthfully, the last 2 years have been a huge challenge as many projects we started failed before they could even take off, or they took off and crash landed. We knew the risks for trying a lot of new things at the same time – not the most conducive environment for stability so thankfully we get bored easily here! For those that make themselves available to learn during the process, doing a lot of things at the same time builds character, strength, insight, discernment — and an opportunity to test principles under duress. One can never sharpen a knife with a sponge – it takes practice, a hard and right type of surface, as well as time. Add to all this one technical issue after another we were experiencing – some self-inflicted, others total head scratchers even for the professionals – yet we still have a large audience with us, more than 50,000 viewing more than 530,000 pages in the past year.

About Our Listing

In our listing below of our top 25 viewed posts for 2016, we haven’t included numbers as in October and part of November our server was acting up – the front end was working just fine so most hadn’t a clue. The backend however slowly became unusable as we could not do much without some hard core programming for the simplest of tasks. During this slow death of the back end, the process to track the stats was just not responding to much of anything. All this meaning we had traffic for about 5 weeks but no way of knowing how often anything was being viewed. So we are going by the numbers we have been able to drill down and pull out of the database. For us, 2016 was statistically equal to 2015 as well as 2014 — so through it all, though our audience size has not grown, we have learned how to bounce back onto our feet, we have at least maintained the quality of our content, initiated several new programs, developed several content series, and initiated some new campaigns. And for everyone that stuck with us throughout all this, we are very humble and very grateful!

The following are listed by the most viewed by category with descending order by both category as well as posts within category. There are some surprises – such as the interest in our pillars! The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight has proven to be of interest as well as our Speaker Interview Series, two of the 7 series in total we launched in 2016. Look for these series, as well as the entire Series, to be quite busy in this new year. Not to mention our member services as well as expanding total line of services in the coming months. Thanks for being with us — let’s get the new year rolling!

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight

This has proven to be VERY popular with you! We will definitely be expanding on this Series in the coming year! Hashtag: #thwVS

Top 5 Open Source Software for Human Resource ManagementJoy Maiywa
4 HR Management Systems For Your Small Business (think Cloud)Kyle Lagunas
How Small Business Can Benefit from the CloudGarrett O’Brien
Exploiting Innovative Technologies in BI and Big Data AnalyticsGarrett O’Brien
Online Service for Booking SAP ConsultantsGarrett O’Brien

About The HRIS World

Apparently what one dreams, stands for and commits to are important to our audience…

The HRIS World Pillars

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
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Social Media

We maintain a vigilance on topics that can affect your focus, energies, learning, development and direction. Though we haven’t focused too much on Social Media, look for more content coming through on this topic.

How Facebook Affects Your CommunicationJennifer Lewis


The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series

We had a dozen or so speakers lined up and liking our idea – and only 6 jumped in! Which is too bad as this series was tough to beat by those listed above.  We intended to run each speaker for only 3 months but they are still being viewed, with a renewed campaign this year to see what else they have to share as well as other speakers. We do have a backlog started so watch for more coming soon! Hashtag: #thwSIS

Sharlyn Lauby – the one and only HR Bartender!
Martin Oest – recipient of the People Analytics 2016 Individual Achievement Award
Max Blumberg – one of the 2014 Top 10 HR Analytics Influencers as noted by David Greene
Karolina Lewandowska – Google’s Change & Transformation Manager, UK
Euan Semple – if we have to introduce this guy, you have either just arrived to Earth or have been living under a rock, either way – welcome!

We do have to give honorable mention to Jo Dodds as she provided us with a video interview that started very well but unfortunately fell victim to our technical glitches. For that, our sincerest apologies to Jo! You can look for her video interview being promoted in the coming weeks.


Euan Semple’s book proved to be very popular and we were more than happy in promoting his book. The announcement of our renewal with Lauren Gander and her company HR Software Solutions took us as a bit of a surprise – and it is still pulling in a lot of traffic! We will be sure to make future announcements of our renewals as well as new vendor relationships this year as well – a few of which are already in the initial stages!

Promotional post for Euan Semple‘s book Organizations Don’t Twee, People Do
Our Preferred Vendor, HR Software Solutions Inc., for vendor management, system selection, project management, and system implementation.

Cloud Computing

For the technical minds in our audience…

Will The Cloud Replace Grid Computing Forever?John Sz

Workforce Management

With a reduction in our workforce that has been happening for the past 4 years and expected to continue until 2020, managing the workforce has become very important. True intelligent and wise workforce management doesn’t start with the mid or lower levels — it starts with the leadership of the organization. With that in mind, The HRIS World is addressing the leadership needs on several fronts – the principles of leadership, the insights of project management, and the means and ways of people and technology. All this trickles down to how every organizations’ workforce operates. Though there are only a few listed here, 3 of our new Series focuses on the leadership needed for a balanced and focused workforce:

  • The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series – a look at the principles and character needed to keep a leaders fully available to not only learn but to mentor others in doing the same. Knowledge is definitely power, but it pales in comparison in learning wisdom and discernment. Hashtag: #thwTLS

  • The HRIS World Project Insights Series – Projects are usually ongoing in an organization, making projects just as susceptible to the changes today as anything else, If anything, a company’s future could be hinged or unhinged on the outcome of a project. In our Project Insights Series, we go beyond the methodologies and into the thinking behind successful project. Basically the series is focused on one question and the principles in play that provide a positive response to this questions: Why are some PM’s always coming in under and/or on budget as well as on time while others are not? Hashtag: #thsCES

  • The HRIS World HR Dog Series – Since the inception of HRIS, it seems the technology tail has been ever increasingly wagging the HR dog, We focus on how the ways and means have lost focus, what questions we should be asking but aren’t, challenge our thinking process, and share some tools along the way to break the old habits of being told what to think and get into to the habit of learning how to think — if you make yourself available to learn, that is. Hashtag: #HRdog

All 3 were started last year and were shelved until we could get past our technical issues — we have, and new content in each of these series will be arriving more frequently in our posts. In spite of the minimal effort placed on the the HR Dog Series, a couple of posts did make it to the top 25 and are listed below.

Performance Reviews: Thoughts from a Gen Y’erKyle Lagunas
5 Ways to Motivate Employees to Hit TargetsRosie Symonds
Why Your Business Should Build an Enterprise Mobile App StoreGarrett O’Brien


The World’s 6 Largest Conference CentersGarrett O’Brien

Recommended Reading

Your Guide to Effectiveness: 5 Top Process Improvement BooksCara Aley

Mobile Recruiting

The Impact Of Mobile On RecruitingShayla Ebsen


How Using A Niche Job Board Increases Your ProspectsGarrett O’Brien

The HRIS World HR Dog Series

Symptom? or Problem? Know How to Use Big DataGarrett O’Brien
Why We, Not Technology, Are the ProblemDavid Chaney, Garrett O’Brien


ESL: E-Learning A Second Language Is Vital To the Business BottomlineGarrett O’Brien

The Year of What’s Next

With 2017’s arrival, we have launched a free membership which will offer more than what is available to the general public. The free price does have a catch – we need your email address! How else are you going to get what we have to offer our members, yes? Per our privacy policy, any and all information you provide us is held in strict confidence. The only time any information is shared is upon your approval. We do not buy nor sell lists of any sort – everyone is here of their own free liberty and will.

As for what’s coming up, we have a dedicated page to let everyone know what we have available and planned for public services. Only our members receive the same notice of what is available for them however are they are the only ones privy to what is planned for them. We have already launched an online learning center, affiliated with Udemy – with their 30-day guarantee and lifetime ownership of each course you purchase, their frequent sales should make it easier on your time as well as wallet. Their courses can be studies anytime, on any machine, anywhere there is an internet connection.

We are planning for a banner year for 2017 and we are focused on making even better that the first four – you can see what’s next by viewing the Overview page of our Member Services from the main menu, or just click here.

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Garrett O'Brien

CEO, Chairman, Publisher, Editor at The HRIS World Research Group

Garrett is the publisher, editor, writer forThe HRIS World Research Group, which includes The HRIS World, The HRIS World Research, The HRIS World Jobs, The HRIS World News, The HRIS World NewsMagazines, and The HRIS World Videos

With more than 20 years in roles as a client executive sponsor (#thwCES), project manager as well as functional/technical lead, Garrett is sought for his expertise for project insights, thought leadership, and team management globally.

He has been involved in large-scale and complex implementations since 1991 and has recently moved his operations to be with his wife in Brazil.

Garrett has had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest talents in the industry, and constantly shares his experiences and knowledge through content and webinars.

He maintains his fluency in Portuguese, German, French, and English with his various endeavors and contacts..

When not working, you will have to be adventurous to stay up with him as Garrett loves motorcycling, gunnery, boating, sailing, flying, and sports fishing -- and accompanying his wife on her various likes

About The HRIS World Research Group

The HRIS World blog, which is read by more than 50,000 from more than 160 countries monthly, manages to have more than 550,000 pages viewed monthly. 40%+ of the audience are decision-makers in their organization (and about half of that being C-levels!).

As CEO for CGServices USA Inc, he focuses on multi-provider, multi-line implementations consultation for HRIS systems

Council and Education Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council, helping institutions of the world leaders meet, engage and manage experts across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

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