Our Survey Results -- and Some Change Announcements!
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Our Survey Results — and Some Changes Are Coming!

Our survey results have some pleasant surprises!

And we want to thank all who participated!

We have no clue who did participate as web analytics was not part of the link to our survey nor was the SkyDrive page everyone landed on.

But we do want to thank everyone that did participate!

We received some excellent comments as well as suggestions for our blog and the discussions we should be having — more about this in a moment.

And there are some pleasant surprises in our survey as well.

We do know that many from outside the USA answered — apparently the Yes / No responses were translated to the home language. Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, French, Dutch, and Spanish were some of the languages we discovered were used when translating the Yes / No responses.

Audience Profile Per Web Stats

Several sources have provided us where you are located, when you visit, and how often you visit our blog and website.

As for our groups, we don’t have the ability to track anything but comments and where you are located.

As of June 2012, the world map for The HRIS World looked like this…

The HRIS World map 500x266 June 2012
click on the image for a larger view (opens in new window)

We can say that we are being consistently read in 93 countries, and have been visited by as many as 168 countries.

Our traffic will see 10,000+ with only a 17% bounce rate (meaning someone arrived and left just as quickly).

Our average visitor will read 3 or 4 pages and will be online between 2 and 3 minutes — both of these numbers like to fluctuate but the remain in this range for the most part.

You have a yen for the latest HRIS software and trends, especially comparisons.

But you also love the surveys we have been able to publish from Forrester, Gartner, Deloitte, and others.

From that, we knew what you wanted and where you were are — but we had not clue, until now, where you have been, what you are doing now, and where you want to go…

So with that, let’s get to that survey and the stats…

Audience Profile Per Our Survey

Our first set of questions mainly focused on providing us a profile of our audience. This will help us decide what would be relevant and even needed by you, our audience.

We do maintain an “open-door policy”, where you can use our contact page to reach us in any manner we have available for you.

If not a face, we can at least give you a voice to all this to let you know this is indeed run by humans. :-)


Male 38%
Female 63%

What can we say, we didn’t poll for anything else here — the ratio here is near the norm for the industry as a whole.

01 gender

Marital Status

Divorced/Widow   3%
Married 58%
Single 39%

No matter how you look at it, this is a good sign…

02 marital status

Age Group

19-29 yrs 17%
30-39 yrs 23%
40-49 yrs 30%
50-59 yrs 30%

This was one of our surprises — we were expecting a higher percentages in the 30-39 age group and lower in the 50-59 age group.

What we are seeing is not a bad thing — it is actually good, as it supports our next surprise, collectively as well as when we reviewed that responses line-by-line.

We have started adding more videos as well as electronic versions of our information (instead of hard copies) as

03 age groupthe younger group is accustomed to this avenue.

Our YouTube channel has been getting a boost in attention as well as playlists, with many of our playlists surpassing 300 views in the past month.

We’ll keep working on more video playlists as we go along.

Work Profile

Company / Business Size

Enterprise (5000+) 25%
Large (500-4999) 22%
Medium (100-499) 17%
Small (50-99)   9%
Micro (1-49) 27%

As indicated by Bill Kutik’s article What Does SMB Really Mean?, the size of the company is relative — everyone, including the IRS, has a different definition of company size.

Here, we tried to keep this in perspective as we are a global blog. A number of companies in the USA tend to be much bigger than those elsewhere. Example, in Brasil, a large enterprise is considered to be 6,000 while the average is less than 200.

In Brasil, there are only 3 companies larger than 6,000 employees, and there aren’t that many in or near the 6,000 mark.

04 business sizeFrom our survey we see about half our audience works for a company that has 500 or more employees.

HRIS is not limited to this size of company, as both Denis Barnard of HRcomparison.com (UK) and Deborah Scroggin of CompareHRIS.com (USA) have been able to help many companies below the 500 population mark.

We did have many in the Micro range note in the comments that they were consultants — that was another pleasant surprise.

Decision Power

High 41% manager, director, c-level, consultant, self-employed
Medium 28% reports to someone, others report to you
Little 31% reports to someone

OK, this was a big surprise!

Since early last year, we have been slowly moving to attract the attention of decision makers.

From several communications and informal questioning, we thought that decision makers comprised between 20 and 25% of our audience, while the rest of our audience were at the medium and little ‘report-to’ levels.

As you can see, we have a lot more decision makers in our audience than we thought — and a good split between the medium and little ‘report-to’ levels.

From our emails, we know we have your attention — we just didn’t realize we had the attention of so many!

If you fall in the decision maker category, always feel free to reach out to

05 decision powerus if you are needing any information or are promoting something — that’s what we are here for!

We do have free and paid services that we have not yet advertised, mainly because — until now — we didn’t know if our audience would want or need them.

Why not a flat-fee service structure?

More about that at then end of this article…

There’s still a good portion of you who are not decision makers and we tell you the same – feel free to reach out to us!

Whether it be an article on something that may help clear the air on a topic or you are just curious, we’re here to help you!


< 2x (<30k US$) 19%
2 to 5x (30k-75k US$) 33%
6 to 10x (75k-150k US$) 34%
11-15x (150k-225k US$)   9%
15x+ (>225K US$)   5%

Again, having a global audience, we had to be flexible as to what constituted each level.

We are all too aware that pay scales vary from country to country, never mind inside a county.

With that in mind, when we constructed the survey we tried to level the playing field, realizing we would top-end the results in the developed countries and bottom-end the developing countries…

We set ‘x’ as being the minimum wage in that country, and hoped for the best.

We can see that we have many in what would be the middle range (2 to 5x, and 6 to 10x).

However… we may have messed up here

06 incomeon the question as I don’t believe we were clear enough on what the ‘x’ represented and the amount show in US dollars may have been a barometer for those not in the U.S.

If that’s the case, then this definitely skewed the results — our apologies, and we be sure we are clearer about this next time.

With 41% of the Decision Power being at the decision maker level, and the income for the 11x or more being 14%, we believe (but can’t prove) that many of the decision makers are outside the U.S. as well as from the U.S.

In the Past Year…

This helps us determine where our audience has needs as well as what you have been up to — in a very general sense.

Number of Books Read

no books   3%
1-5 books 45%
6-10 books 16%
10+ books 36%

We wanted to keep the survey simple so we didn’t ask for any book titles, or author’s names. So any book could apply here.

Based on what we have seen purchased through our store on Amazon, we can guess what some of you want and need.

Again, feel free to let us know if there is something we are not providing, in general, even with the books.

Our aim is to make you as educated as possible without having to spend a lot of

07 books readtime at it.

After all, the average visitor to our website is only here for 2 or 3 minutes before moving onto another website (which is normal for any website).

But somehow you still manage to squeeze in 3 to 5 pages per visit as well…

Hope you are all great skimmers!

Number of Courses Taken

no courses 28%
1-3 courses 50%
4-6 courses 16%
6+ courses   6%

Another very big surprise!

Half of you have taken at least 1 course in the last year — which is excellent!

If you are seeking credits towards you PHR, SPHR, or GPHR, we have presented a couple of webinars will provide credits towards these certifications.

You can view these webinars on HR.com, there are descriptions of each on the pages…

The Cloud and HRIS: is this a good marriage? (fair warning & our apologies: visual & sound quality not the best, a quiet, darkened area will be needed to listen) — originally broadcast 29-May-2012 : http://j.mp/HRISandTheCloudHRdotcom

08 courses takenThe Cloud Will Soon Be Overhead — originally broadcast 21-Feb-2013 : http://j.mp/CloudsOverheadHRdotcom

The webinars are good for credits up to one year from the original broadcast date.

As for other courses, again, we tried to keep this simple, so we have no idea what anyone classified as a course.

We will, however, be providing courses as we find them and as they are presented to us.

Employment Elsewhere

Did not look 66%
Did look 34%

You’re a stable lot!

In an unstable economy, most tend to stay put and wait things out.

Not sure if this is the case here, but this does give us a few ideas for future articles.

09 other employment

Actually, everything here gives us some ideas for some future articles…

Number of Internet Purchases

no purchases   6%
1-3 items 27%
4-6 items 22%
7-12 items   8%
12+ items 38%

This is not much of a surprise, especially as internet purchases increases with the younger generations…

10 internet purchases

Plans for the Future…


No training 20%
Pursue training 80%

This is a VERY strong number — and given the changes coming in the next 3 to 5 years, you may already know what courses you want, and then again, maybe not.

11 training

We will be keeping you updated on what we know is available, whether for training, courses, or even for fun.

Survey Comments

We had some interesting comments — like this survey was too personal? The admitted the lied on the answers, so we removed that row from the stats — so why take the survey in the first place? Beats us…

A few of you did leave a comment we are doing a great job, and to that we say a great big

“Thank you!”

There was one comment with one word… ‘widgets’…  not sure where we are supposed to go with that one, but if you’re reading this, click here to let us know what you were trying to say…

We did have a few that provided a very good glimpse at what some of you are looking for, and one person was able to capture what you all (if you’re from Texas, that would be “y’all”) were trying to say individually…

“Integrating HR tech with HR strategy.

“Many of us find ourselves on both sides and want to strengthen both but find it difficult to identify those types of articles / training opportunities.

“Future of the cloud, HRIS, payroll, and the system administrator.”

These type of responses are what we live for!

We have this pasted to the top of our To-Do Lists as a longer-term focus — and whoever wrote this, thank you!

We will definitely be pursuing some research and articles along this line.

Anyone else have some ideas, share them by clicking here to reach our editor via email.

Survey Method

The method was hardly scientific — we posted a requested and you volunteered to answer.

It was kept generic as possible and designed to be as quick ad possible while also giving us enough information to determine the profile of our audience (at least the portion that responded) as well as what we believe you may be needing.

The HRIS World is your resource — not just a blog.

We aim to bring this publication and our services to the next level or even higher within the coming years.

Changes for 2013

Publications and Webinars

Along with our webinars, (2 more to be produced this year), anticipate 2 or 3 books to be published by and from The HRIS World staff.

The topics will be on emerging trends and technologies in the next 3 to 5 years, our

webinars give only a glimpse of what to expect with the books.

We do provide publication services if you have anything you wish published — contact our accounting department for more information.

The domain www.thehrisworld.com is an umbrella for several works…

The HRIS World logo The HRIS Career World logo The HRIS Career World Jobs - USA logo The HRIS World Research Network logo Sigma Projeto Brasil logo The HRIS Career World Store
The HRIS World The HRIS Career World The HRIS Career World Jobs – USA The HRIS World Research Network Sigma Projeto Brasil The HRIS World Store

There could be a point, later this year, where all will be spun-out to their own domain.

We say ‘could’ as we are not sure what to use for a ‘breaking point’ — that is, knowing

when they need to be spun-out.

Anyone have any suggestions, or has been through this, contact us and let’s chat.

Membership Changes

Some of you may have noticed we no longer use the word ‘subscription’ — we just have too many services to offer to keep this as a subsription.

So, for now, we are offer our free membership.

Free, meaning there will be a paid membership arriving — and arriving soon.

The paid membership will provide more services and publications, as well as cover some of the cost of operating this service.

Some of what we offer now will be moved into the paid membership — especially Research Network articles.

In the beginning, there will only be one fee.

We are looking to keep our paid membership at or under $6 a month, $15 a quarter, or $50 annually — please note this is a soft price and is still under consideration, final membership fees could be higher or lower.

The excerpts from all the paid articles will be available in the free section, giving everyone an expectation of what a paid membership will provide.

Articles that cover the basics will be in the free membership, while anything ‘meaty’ will definitely be in the paid membership.

As we add more features, we will be tiering the membership — added features will include, but not be limited to…

  • books published by The HRIS World will always be discounted (30-70%)
  • webinars good for HRCI credits
  • research papers from your peers
  • discounts as provided to The HRIS World (beyond the standard discounts provided to publishers)
  • exclusive interviews, where possible
  • exclusive publications and/or prices, as writers provided them

The biggest thing that will be missing will be vendor-sponsored programs and articles — we will provide reviews of vendor products and services, and they can be either from the vendor themselves or from you, our audience.

But we will not accept payment from vendors to promote their product — that will keep the favoritism minimized and allow you to provide feedback based upon your own usage and thoughts.

Industry related advertisements from anyone will be accepted — but any strings will be scrutinized closely.

Our aim is to provide you a voice without interference — the vendors have their own website to promote their own product as they so desire, we aim to keep to keep it that way.

Your thoughts and/or suggestions are always welcome — constructive thoughts and/or suggestions.

Vendor Connections

Through our Research Network, we have initiated, on a limited bases, connections with several vendors…

 JustCloudfavicon   JustCloud.com Unlimited Storage

 PayChexfavicon   PayChex

 Patriot Software   Patriot Software

 UHRMfavicon   UnicornHRO

With the exception of UnicornHRO, all are affiliate marketing programs — but like UnicornHRO, we are looking to move this into a  more personal interaction between those making the inquiry and the vendor.

We have talks going on with several companies, as well as with Denis Barnard

and Debborah Scroggin, of HRcomparison.com and CompareHRIS.com — we want to work with everyone to expand what is happening and definitely want to make this a win-win situation for everyone.

What this will look, we will let you know as soon as we know.

That should be enough for now… if you made it this far, then thank you for your devotion and attention!

What Are Your Thoughts??

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.

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He has been involved in large-scale and complex implementations since 1991 and has recently moved his operations to be with his wife in Brazil.

Garrett has had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest talents in the industry, and constantly shares his experiences and knowledge through content and webinars.

He has managed somehow to be fluent in Portuguese, German, French and English along the way.

When not working, you will have to be adventurous to stay up with him as Garrett loves motorcycling, gunnery, boating, sailing, flying, and sports fishing.

Garrett’s current roles…

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  • Is a Council and Education Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council, helping institutions of the world leaders meet, engage and manage experts across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

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