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About The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ #thwCES

This series is focused on approaching HRIS Project Management from outside of the box as experienced and documented by Garrett O’Brien of CGServicesUSA Inc as well as Lauren Gander of HR Software Solutions, Inc.

Let’s be clear right up front that we are not ditching any of the methodologies of Project Management. Instead, we are taking a look at just why some projects go so well while most others do not from our own experiences as well as those documented elsewhere. From there we are focusing on the successful elements that seem to be missing from most Project Management methodologies. The projects that do not go so well happen more frequent than not and it seems most Project Managers just give in to timeline extensions and over budget occurrences as being part of the learning curve to gain for the next project as well as being part of the job.

Garrett did as well until his 5th project and decided there was more to making a project come in on-time and within budget than just luck and more likely the cause of missing skills as well as incorrect perceptions. If some Project Managers could run most if not all their projects on time and within budget while most others could not, then we sought out to find out why some could consistently do so well.

We look into what contributed to those consistent successes in our entire content series The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ with the first 6 posts sharing the professional experiences of Garrett O’Brien. These 1st 6 posts are the foundation of most of this series and it is highly suggested you give them a good read. They are easily found with the short URLs to /thwCESintro6 as well as in the listing of related content in the toggle box at the end of all posts related to this series.

All other content arrives from contributors like you as well as the sharing of experiences from Lauren Gander’s company. Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to contribute some your thoughts via a post by clicking the contact us button on the lower right of any page.

Feedback, debates, discussion, collaboration and conversation are always encouraged in the comments section below... For more information about this series, use the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to contact us -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

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Project management professional or PMP certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is recognized in various parts of the world.

In addition to getting international recognition, the professional credential will further help you in building a successful career in project management fields.

But you have to invest time, efforts, and money to prepare for and pass the PMP Exam.

An aspirant has options to get PMP training through several traditional and online training providers.

If you are already working as a project manager, your busy work schedule will not allow you to attend classes on a regular basis.

So you have to consider joining an online PMP Exam Prep course to acquire the knowledge and skills required to clear the certification exam.

However, you must keep some important points in mind, while comparing different PMP training providers.

Course Duration and Schedule

A simple web search will fetch you information about a large number of institutions offering online PMP Exam Prep courses.

But the learning style and course schedule will vary from one training provider to another.

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Also, the duration of the training provider will also differ based on the option selected by you.

That is why; you must spend some time in understanding the duration and schedule of the courses offered by each institution.

You need to choose the course that allows you t0 acquire the relevant knowledge and skill at your own pace and convenience.

Credibility of the Online Training Provider

While evaluating the PMP Exam Prep courses, you also need to concentrate on the professional reputation and credibility of the training provider.

You can find many training providers registered with the PMI.

Here is a listing of some recent recommendations…

It is always advisable to choose an institution with long experience in offering project management training and high success rate.

You can even evaluate the reputation of an institution based on the word of mouth of the professionals who have already availed training from the institution.

Assistance of a Dedicated Trainer

You can join an online course to obtain the training without attending regular classes.

But you will still need the assistance of a qualified and experienced trainer to clarify your doubts.

So you must choose an institution that allows learners to interact with in-house trainers through emails, voice chats and phone calls.

The in-house trainer can further monitor your progress and suggest you techniques to enhance your skills.

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Consider Money Back Guarantee

It may sound odd to choose an online PMP training provider based on the money back guarantee offered by it.

But the guarantee will enable you to appear multiple times for the exam without incurring any extra fees.

Also, when an institution offers a money back guarantee to the learners, the same indicates the quality and effectiveness of its training methods and techniques.

Many institutions allow learners to repeat the certification test without paying examination fees, whereas other offer additional instruction time to prepare you for the second attempt.


When you are appearing first time for the PMP Exam, it is important to gather information from various sources.

You can even choose the right PMP Exam Prep course based on the feedback and suggestions received from other designation holders.

What Are Your Thoughts??

If you haven’t started your PMP Certification, what are your concerns with a Prep course (besides what is listed by Sandhya)?

If you have obtained your PMP Certification through a prep course, what recommendations can you add?

Please share your thoughts in our comments section below!


Available in The HRIS World Resources

Book Description

Publication Date: April 1, 2009 | ISBN-10: 0972967346 | ISBN-13: 978-0972967341 | Edition: Fourth Edition, Fourth edition

A study guide for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification exam, this book provides all the information project managers need to thoroughly prepare for the test.

Review materials cover all the processes, inputs, tools, and outputs that will be tested, and extra help is offered with insider secrets, test tricks and tips, hundreds of sample questions, and exercises designed to strengthen mastery of key concepts and help candidates pass the exam on the first attempt.

About the Book Author

Andy Crowe is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt and the founder of Velociteach, a company that provides project management and certification training.

He is the author of Alpha Project Managers and The CAPM Exam.

He has taught classes in C++ for Microsoft University and advanced technology courses for the U.S. government and served on Microsoft’s .NET international advisory committee.

He lives in Kennesaw, Georgia.

This is a guest post by Sandhya Sriya, writer

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