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New Career Videos and A Note About Our Niche Job Site

We have a couple of YouTube channels as well as a niche job site — all focused on bringing you as much information as possible in one location.

We won’t even try to bring it ALL to one location. :-)

One of the tools we update are videos related to career management and job searching skills.

Below is a partial list of what we have available in our YouTube Channel The HRIS Career World

Career Management Related Videos


click here for the ADP playlist

One Question – Seattle
Experience ADP Major Accounts Sales – Marques
The ADP/Cobalt Dream Team – Do the Right Thing


click here for the CareerBuilder playlist

Tips for job seekers: Advice for recent job loss pt. 3
Tips for job seekers: Advice for recent college graduates
Tips for job seekers: The purpose & benefits for references
Tips for job seekers: How to research a company before your job interview
Tips for job seekers: explaining previous employment issues
Tips for job seekers: Advice on switching industries mid-career
Tips for job seekers: Networking advice for your career pt. 1
Tips for job seekers: Ways to stand out during your job search pt. 1
Tips for job seekers: Timeless style & money saving tips
Tips for job seekers: Workplace fashion Dos and Don’ts
Tips for job seekers: How to accessorize for the workplace
Tips for job seekers: Building a versatile wardrobe
Tips for job seekers: The ideal interview outfit
Tips for job seekers: Top traits and skills employers are looking for pt. 1
Internship tips: What I learned this summer at CareerBuilder
Tips for job seekers: Advice on personal branding pt. 1


click here for the HRBartender playlist

Is It OK to Lie On Your Resume?

Job Market

click here for the Job Market playlist TV – provides the latest information and trends weekly in the job market

10 Must-Have Skills for IT Architects
Register on and leave that bad tech job behind
Tech T-Shirt Tribute from
Health IT Employers May Not Be So Picky Anymore
How to Prove Your Skills During an Interview
The Truth About Personality Tests
Is a Startup Right for You?
Tips for Building Employer Brand
Big Data for Recruiting and Building Employer Brand
PepsiCo’s Surprising Results from Mobile Job Seekers
Is it possible to go up against an Employer Brand like Apple?

click here for the playlist

Monster interviews the PT Awards HR Team of the Year 2012
SeeMore SMB
Working for The Marussia F1™ Team: Newest Member Gives Inside Look
The Marussia F1™ Team Prepare for Austin, Texas
Monster interviews the PT Awards HR Director of the Year 2012
Monster interviews the PT Awards HR Team of the Year 2012 – old
Monster interview PT Awards Rising Star of the Year 2012
BeKnown Guided Tours Company Profiles
Timo Glock – From Karting to the Marussia F1™ Team
Marussia F1 Team driver Charles Pic talks about the importance of working as a team
BeKnown Helps Get Your Foot In The Door
Monster and The Marussia F1™ Team join forces to fill Partnership Manager Role
The Marussia F1™ Team Says Racing is in their DNA – What’s your Career Passion?
New recruits at the Marussia F1™ Team talk about the first day — you could join them!
#SMDriver Social Media Driver Wanted for the British Grand Prix
Monster and the Marussia F1™ Team Search the Globe for Talented Engineers
Career Ad Network |
Monster – Find Better
Make Your CV More Effective |
The Marussia F1™ Team of Engineers – Interested? Apply now through Monster!
Marussia F1™ Team is hiring – Apply now through Monster
Why You Should Create a Public CV on Monster
Introducing_BeKnown – from Monster
See More with 6Sense – From Monster
6Sense from Monster

RobertHalf International

click here for the RHI playlist

If you like the lighter side of some serious topics, RHI knows how to deliver – so you will remember…

The Quarterly Report
The Coach
The Office Coach
Bad Gym Coaching
Reality Bites
The Shepherd and Her Flock
The Self-Promoter
The Campaign
Office Attack Ad
I Did It

Our Niche Job Site

If you are a job searcher, be sure to visit our niche job site at From the largest job opportunity database in the world, we have can bring you more than 10,000+ new postings daily for…

Cloud Computing :





HR Technology :

IT & HRIS Project Management :

Just click any one of the above links to have the latest opportunities listed in a new window.

You will also find search links at the top of each page should you desire to change which niche to be exploring.

Do note that the database is LARGE — which means there are recent jobs located in several pages, usually consecutively and at the top.

There are some things we can control, other things we can only manage — this is one we can only manage.

Once the vendor provides a means to bring all the latest jobs to the front, we will rectify this situation immediately.

For now, we post job opportunities only for the USA — we will be expanding this reach to Europe, Latin, and South America later this year… followed by more countries and regions next year.

To post your job for 45 days, the cost is US$75 — just click the button below to get started!

Let us know! If we are missing something that is of value to your career management, or you feel something could be added (or removed) from our YouTube Channel and/or our niche job site, let us know in the comments section below!

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Author Bio and Latest Posts

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Garrett O'Brien

Garrett O'Brien

Garrett is the Chairman of the Executive and Advisory Boards for
The HRIS World Research Network

With 20+ years in roles as a client executive sponsor, project manager as well as functional / technical lead, Garrett is sought for his expertise globally.

He has been involved in large-scale and complex implementations since 1991 and has recently moved his operations to be with his wife in Brazil.

Garrett has had the pleasure of working with some of the greatest talents in the industry, and constantly shares his experiences and knowledge through content and webinars.

He has managed somehow to be fluent in Portuguese, German, French and English along the way.

When not working, you will have to be adventurous to stay up with him as Garrett loves motorcycling, gunnery, boating, sailing, flying, and sports fishing.

Garrett’s current roles…

  • Publisher, editor, writer, and owner of 6 leading HRIS system and career blogs which are read by 50,000+ monthly visitors monthly in 90+ countries, 40%+ the audience being decision-makers in their organization (and about half of that being C-levels!).
  • Serves on the Advisory Board for the CoreHR, HRIS and Payroll Community
  • Is the CEO for CGServices USA, focusing on multi-provider, multi-line implementations for HRIS systems
  • Is a Council and Education Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council, helping institutions of the world leaders meet, engage and manage experts across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

In the news...
HR and the Cloud

Isabella Chan of HR Matters talks to Garrett O’Brien about the growth of cloud computing and building a technology strategy around HR.

Your Invite to Contribute

If you'd like to provide a post, a series of posts, or even be a regular contributor to any of The HRIS World blogs, you can use our contact page or reach us through our social media for details...

You can always contact Garrett via email, social media, or by leaving a comment below...

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