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Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing is more like Much Ado About Everything…

Our lives, if we stand back long enough, are comedies that, like Shakespeare’s play, combines elements of mistaken identities, love, robust hilarity with more serious meditations found on honour, shame, and court politics.

Yet nothing seems no longer irrelevant and everything seems to be relevant to everyone…

We are busier, hopefully more productive, better organized, more knowledgeable, than any society before us thanks to technology.

Yet at the same time, we are less regulated in our personal behavior and in the use of our tongue.

We need to return to ground zero and see what needs to be rebuilt…

6 Pillars





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Raising the bar of expectations has never resulted in lower quality of anything – yet for many leaders, that bar keeps slipping.

Not going to raise quality or even maintain it without raising the bar of expectations, are you?

Without establishing sound character, change is going to be more of a challenge without than with sound character…

Whose Voice Do You Listen To?

Whose voices you choose to listen to will decide
– What you believe…
– What doors will close on you…
– What doors will open for you…

Facts and truth are irrelevant to any of the above.

Unavailable or Available to Learn?

You decide to when make yourself unavailable or available to learn – the facts and truth will sort themselves out as you keep yourself available to learn.

And not available at the levels you choose, but available at all levels.

Many times, if not most of the time, you will rely on information that makes you feel comfortable and not on information that challenges you
– to assess your beliefs
– to rethink your beliefs
– to change your beliefs

That can cause you more problems, more missed opportunities, more closed doors than you really know.

The Only Thing That Doesn’t Change is Change

In 2010, Eric Schmidt announced that every 2 days we now create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003 [1]…

In 2013, knowledge was doubling every 12 months – with the build out of the IoT (Internet of Things), IBM has assessed that will change to every 12 hours [2]…


Are you more productive since 2010? 2013? Or are you merely busier?


Busy? Or Productive?

Where have you really focused with all the latest gadgets you have at our disposal?
Developing economic gain?
Gaining more knowledge?
Learning to think differently?

Or are you creating whirlpools of busy-ness that only sucks the life out of you while you abandon

Are you truly getting ahead with technology?
Or is your technology getting ahead of you?

Most everyone knows Albert Einstein [3] – many of his thoughts and theories are still being proven, some nearly a CENTURY after came up with them, other thoughts of his are still in progress of being proven.

And he did all his thinking about the universe, physics, life…
without a computer – as it hadn’t been invented yet…
without a smartphone – as it hadn’t been invented yet…

Yes, he was gifted — which is exactly my point when combining technology, knowledge, discernment, even character…

We have the technology that can help us the way it couldn’t him…

The Ways and Means of Change

David D’Souza hits upon many of these points in his interview on BBC’s Radio 4 The World Tonight [4 – time marks 35:17-36:34, the entire topic stars at 31:31and is well worth a listen].

Ths topic on Radio 4 focuses on the effect smartphones have had on our lives in the last 10 years — and unfortunately working more efficiently has not been one of the realizations…

“With 10 years of the modern smartphone, we haven’t seen the productivity gains that you might expect that has been transformed in someways in the ways we work and transformed the way we live but has not transformed our economic fortunes…

“What proliferations of email allows you to do is to circulate information more effectively, and more rapidly, and to more people.

“That doesn’t necessarily, in and of itself, create economic value.

What we are doing is making ourselves busier but we are not necessarily making ourselves more productive.

“Smartphones allow us to do things that we couldn’t do before, what they don’t do particularly well is regulate our behavior.

“Being able to communicate all the time just increases the amount of noise in an organization, it doesn’t increase the output.”

The ways David focuses upon isn’t productivity and being busy, as both are the ends.

The ways he focuses upon is the actions you choose, the actions we choose: ‘making ourselves

What you choose in doing with your technology is resulting in making yourself busier, or making yourself productive…

These choices are seeds for what you create, what you produce or just plainly not and remain a busy body…

Whether you are being busy or being productive, the rate of change of technology around you could not care less — the rate of change of technology is growing logarithmically no matter which you choose to do, so you are left with having to do what you can to change with change… or get left behind.

And the only way to change with change is by being productive, being selective in what you want to be productive about so to leverage your direction and future accordingly.

No society, no culture ever got ahead by being busy.

Forget the What, Learn the How

Albert Einstein once shared that we cannot expect to solve our problems using the same thinking we used to create them, lest we bury ourselves in more problems.

You have been trained by our present education system, which has been enforcing the same thing for more than a century now, to teach everyone to learn what to think…

With the rate of change of technology, this type of teaching and the rate of education can’t keep pace with the rate of change in technology – and truthfully, education is already getting left behind.

Think about that — education is already getting left behind.

That means you need to abandon being told what to think, you need to abandon learning what to think — and you need to learn how to think, with everything.

This is not something new — before the education system we have had for the last century or so, we had to learn many dry things like principles… laws…. morals… ethics… trustworthiness… respect… responsibility… fairness… caring… citizenship… all of them seeds that lead to learning how to think, learning how to build character.

And they were learned them in a mixed-level school room — as well as at home.

You will be hard pressed to find busy-ness and learning how to think in the same room…

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