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Own Your Own Success: The Value of a MBA for Women


A LOT of attention has been drawn on leadership lately, especially in the forms of Sheryl Sandberg (COO, facebook), Marissa Mayer (CEO, Yahoo!).

They are not the first women in leadership positions — Susan B. Anthony and Golda Meir are a couple to note. There are many more names that could be added to this list, be sure to note and share your favorites in the comments below!

What Are Your Thoughts??

   There is no doubt that the MBA is still the “degree of degrees”, more so when a woman is involved. We tend to put more weight on things that are unequal than equal — but we also tend to stereotype gender roles. What do you think will change this?

   History peppered with women leaders — is this an exception? or a choice?

   The Forté Foundation is aiming to have 20% of the boardrooms run by females — what commitments needs to hold for this dream to come true?

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.

More on This Topic

Gain access to top MBA programs like Wharton, Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg and Chicago. See successful MBA application essays that gained access to Wharton. Learn to refine your personal message and powerfully put across your story for business school Admissions Committees.

In 50+ Successful Wharton Business School Applications, learn how to grip the admissions committee’s attention, put your best foot forward and gain access to the world’s top business schools.

The business school application process is getting increasingly competitive and hard to navigate. Top schools like Wharton, Harvard and Stanford have seen applications steadily increasing for a limited number of spots. The essay component of the business school application is an absolutely critical element to gain access to a top business school. With all of the pieces that go into an application, the essays are the only variable still entirely within your grasp – make sure you get it right!

Cut through the hype and see the diversity of life experiences and writing styles of over 50 successful Wharton Business School applicants. These students from around the world, with experiences ranging from strategy consulting to acrobatics, demonstrate what it takes to communicate the essence of who you are and what you are passionate about in just a few short essays.

This book will serve as a powerful tool in your arsenal to help achieve your goal and gain access to a great business school.

[easyazon-block align="none" asin="B008J3S9SA" locale="us"]
[easyazon-cta align="none" asin="B008J3S9SA" height="28" key="amazon-us-wide-orange" locale="us" width="176"]

More About the Author of the Book

Bredesen (Brett) Lewis was born and raised in New York City. He pursued his undergraduate studies at McGill University. Following McGill, Brett completed his MSc in International Political Economy at the London School of Economics (LSE).

After graduating from the LSE, Brett pursued his interest in strategy and private equity at Bain & Company. At Bain, Brett worked extensively on private equity due diligences, post-acquisition turnarounds, and corporate strategy.

After two years at Bain, Brett sought to devote more time to the social sector, a lifelong passion, and took a leave of absence to move to San Francisco and work for The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit consulting firm. After Bridgespan, Brett returned to Bain as a Senior Associate Consultant.

Brett is pursuing a joint Wharton-Lauder MBA and MA in the class of 2013. He speaks French, German and Portuguese and enjoys venture capital investing and entrepreneurship, having interned at Monashees Capital, a Brazilian venture capital fund.

All feedback, questions and comments are welcome at and please follow on Twitter @bredesen.

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Garrett O'Brien

Garrett is the Chairman for the Executive and Advisory Boards for The HRIS World Research Network

With 20+ years in roles as a client executive sponsor, project manager as well as functional / technical lead, Garrett is sought for his expertise globally.

He has an extensive background in implementing multi-product, multi-line HRIS environments using a systematic and needs-focused approach that provides a smoother transition from legacy to new systems.

Garrett’s previous clients include ADP, Case New Holland, Cushman & Wakefield, Honeywell International, Lubrizol, MAHLE, Sodexho USA, and many others ranging from SMB’s to the Fortune 50.

Currently, Garrett works from his home office near São Paulo, Brazil as the publisher and editor for The HRIS World Research Network. Also, he contributes articles for various other IT, Cloud, and HRIS blogs.

Garrett’s current roles…

♦ Publisher, editor, writer, and owner of 6 leading HRIS system and career blogs which are read by 45,000+ monthly visitors monthly in 90+ countries, 40%+ the audience being decision-makers in their organization (and about half of that being C-levels!).

♦ Serves on the Advisory Board for the CoreHR Community

♦ Is the CEO for CGServices USA, focusing on multi-provider, multi-line system for HRIS systems

♦ Is a Council and Education Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council, helping institutions of the world leaders meet, engage and manage experts across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

In the news…
HR and the Cloud

Isabella Chan of HR Matters talks to Garrett O’Brien about the growth of cloud computing and building a technology strategy around HR.

Your Invite to Contribute


If you’d like to provide a post, a series of posts, or even be a regular contributor to any of The HRIS World blogs, you can use our contact page or reach us through our social media for details…

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More articles by Garrett O'Brien...

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