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London, 19-20 March : 2013 HR Tech European Conference and Expo

In London next week?

Then know HR Tech Europe is having their HR Tech European Conference & Expo 2.013 at Kings Place London!

Tuesday and Wednesday, 19-20 March

Keynote Speakers include…

Matthew Hanwell
Event Chairman
Jason Averbook
CBINO, Appirio
Jeremy Shapiro
Executive Director,
Morgan Stanley


Euan Semple
Social Media
John Sumser
Editor, HRExaminer
Lee Bryant
Managing Director,
Dachis Group

Message from Marc Coleman, Peter Russell
Directors, HRN Europe, Pan European HR Network

One of our growing observations is that benchmarking risks making companies more alike and more ordinary. HR Departments need to look and feel like their business, they also need to understand what differentiates, innovates and drives the business forward – one size does not fit all. The reality today is that in a world of increasing transparency and democracy, HR has to know the answers to the bigger people questions linked to the business – that means having the right data and having the right analysis of that information in real time.

Our growing experience is that some of the great practitioners in HR are coming from outside the function – Finance, Operations, Marketing, etc. – you do not need a CIPD qualification to qualify or be the best. Over the years HR has naturally downsized as a function while growing in complexity, which is why technology is the single biggest opportunity HR has available to it right now.

Currently, in your company there are capabilities and competencies that you don’t have a deep insight on despite having the data. But, by identifying, triggering and bringing the data to life you not only achieve innovation, operational performance and efficiencies; you can also create a powerful People CRM system that will allow you to effectively enable your people to achieve their career aspirations and goals. The results will be evident in Retention, Succession, Team Dynamics, Hot Spots, predicting where to expect innovation, etc.

The nature of organisations and the roles they need to perform is fast changing; the future belongs to companies that can grow in agility and flexibility in the way that they leverage and enable their workforce. Although we may employ people for one particular role, which is their primary responsibility, there are possibly greater opportunities to be uncovered by the analysis of information (HR, Social, Performance, etc) that examine in a smarter way how we manage our workforce in real time to leverage their unique skillsets, interests and life experiences in multiple ways, to better define the predicted career trajectories and employee lifecycles.London builds on the foundation and success of our flagship annual gathering in Amstedam (October 2012). The gathering has been inspired by new research and strong recommendation from member organisations. HR Tech Europe Spring Warm-up will educate HR Professionals on how data analytics can predict the future behavioural patterns of talent working both inside and outside your organisation. Matching internal workforce data with external information gathered from customers and candidates etc. will enable you to better gain competitive advantage over your competition.


Why Attend the HR Tehc Europe Conference & Expo?

Understanding technology, the information and the patterns it reveals about people and processes makes it the hottest topic in global business today and one of the biggest opportunities for HR and IT.

By 2020, IBM sees helping businesses understand Data as their single biggest source of revenue, the amount of data on the planet has grown 8x since 2005 to approx. 1.2 zettabytes (a zettabyte is a billion terabytes) and is further expected to grow to an astronomical 35 zettabytes by 2020.

In 2 days more information is collected than everything we know pre-2003!

Agility, speed and flexibility are key in an unpredictable world.

Our networks, of people and data, can unlock this agility, enabling us to form novel connections, discover new opportunities, spot patterns and build teams to deliver against opportunities (and not just challenges).

They offer option value, delivering benefits that will be described as serendipitous or lucky after the event.

Use Data to Improve Predictions

It’s a simple formula: Using data leads to better predictions, and better predictions yield better decisions around recruitment, succession, skills gaps, etc.

Employee Social Network Analysis

Socialize your way to success by capitalizing on the power of social and collaborative tools & tactics to reinvent business processes & products, forge stronger partnerships and enable your employees.

Employee Data Protection is the New Competitive Advantage in Europe

Build valuable communities of smart people in your company who trust each other. The cultural challenges are enormous, and of course, privacy concerns are only going to become more significant.

The Secret to Better Talent Management

Activating analytics on specific recruiting, retention, career, learning, etc. strategies to manage the escalating talent wars.

Elevating Business Performance

Spurring innovation across your business functions to place your company in pole position for dynamic growth.

Speeding-up, Calibrating & Synchronizing Efforts

Executing the right strategy for your business and technology infrastructure to optimize and control costs, drive additional acceleration and operational efficiency, and improve service responsiveness.

Talent Intelligence

Developing talent community programmes that derive efficiency gains and reduce operating costs in an uncertain European economy. 57% of European companies struggle to recruit the right talent despite high unemployment. 92% cite retention of top talent as extremely difficult.

The New (Real) Face of Engagement

Knowing your workforce and creating mobile & optimization strategies to manage the rise of enterprise mobility.

Links for registering and recommended hotes are available…
See More in Our Webinars|Conferences page!

Videos from Last Years Event…

Garrett O'Brien

Garrett is the Chairman for the Executive and Advisory Boards for The HRIS World Research Network

With 20+ years in roles as a client executive sponsor, project manager as well as functional / technical lead, Garrett is sought for his expertise globally.

He has an extensive background in implementing multi-product, multi-line HRIS environments using a systematic and needs-focused approach that provides a smoother transition from legacy to new systems.

Garrett’s previous clients include ADP, Case New Holland, Cushman & Wakefield, Honeywell International, Lubrizol, MAHLE, Sodexho USA, and many others ranging from SMB’s to the Fortune 50.

Currently, Garrett works from his home office near São Paulo, Brazil as the publisher and editor for The HRIS World Research Network. Also, he contributes articles for various other IT, Cloud, and HRIS blogs.

Garrett’s current roles…

♦ Publisher, editor, writer, and owner of 6 leading HRIS system and career blogs which are read by 45,000+ monthly visitors monthly in 90+ countries, 40%+ the audience being decision-makers in their organization (and about half of that being C-levels!).

♦ Serves on the Advisory Board for the CoreHR Community

♦ Is the CEO for CGServices USA, focusing on multi-provider, multi-line system for HRIS systems

♦ Is a Council and Education Member of Gerson Lehrman Group Council, helping institutions of the world leaders meet, engage and manage experts across a wide range of sectors and disciplines.

In the news…
HR and the Cloud

Isabella Chan of HR Matters talks to Garrett O’Brien about the growth of cloud computing and building a technology strategy around HR.

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More articles by Garrett O'Brien...

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