LatAm Is Turning SMS Into A Recruitment Tool

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In 2014, more than 2 million blue-collar workers in Brazil got opportunities for job interviews, even though the only communication technology they owned was a smartphone.

18% of those interviews led to jobs.

This was the result of a start-up that is opening the recruitment process to a massive demographic in Latin America: phone-only job candidates

SMS recruiting is bridging the gap in Latin America,

where many people connect online through only their smartphones.


A New Kind of Company for a New Latin America

As discussed in the article “Latin America’s SMS Employment Boom,” Emprego Ligado is a company that is trying to capitalize on two things at once:

  • the thirst for work by Latin America’s burgeoning job market and
  • the explosion of smartphone use throughout Latin America, which has connected millions who don’t have computers or tablets

The startup’s mission is to find local work for people that is close to their homes in a country where enormous commutes are the norm.

Latin America, Smartphones and the Job Market

Smartphone penetration in Latin America grew from just over 7.5% of the population in 2011 to nearly 25% in 2014.

That number is expected to continue soaring through 2018.

With smartphones comes mobile Internet access and SMS messaging.

It is this two-front dynamic that appears to be propelling Emprego Ligado past Brazil’s notoriously broken human resources system a the height of Latin America’s employment boom.

Signing up takes just a few minutes, and caters specifically to phone-only users.

An Alternative to Traditional Job Boards

Job boards exist in Brazil and across Latin America.

But, as in the United States, those job boards require resume uploads and other time-consuming elements that demand access to a traditional PC.

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Emprego Ligado dodges that reality by using SMS messaging, a technology that has swept Latin America and the developing world as the proliferation of smartphones exploded across emerging markets.

The result?

18% of users report getting a job offer on the very first day they join,

30% landed a job during their first week and

a full 60% found work in their first month with the service.

Smartphone penetration more than tripled
in Latin America between 2011 and 2014.

The Last Word

A Brazilian startup that raised just over $7 million dollars is poised to change the way Latin Americans find work in one of the biggest job markets in the world.

These achievements are the result of Emprego Ligado’s ability to follow an age-old formula for good business: find a gap in the market, exploit it by finding a solution, and own that solution until it becomes your niche.

The problem was a divide between companies and job seekers.

The solution was SMS.

The result is a new player in the Latin American economy.

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