Is Your HR Management Strategizing for Success?

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Human resources has grown beyond the traditional functions of its youth.

No longer solely responsible for managing employee records or benefits, HR professionals are now focused on developing strategies for developing the workforce.

Largely made possible by innovations in software technology, this trend towards growing and managing talent—what most analysts refer to as strategic HR—can make a significant impact on your organization’s success.

But what exactly is strategic HR?

Redefining Instead of Re-Engineering HR

HR professionals are taking on broader roles to act as organizational advocates, coaches and consultants.

This new breed of HR functionality oversees three core strategic HR functions:

  • Talent Management focuses on acquiring, on-boarding, and developing talent through employees’ entire life-cycles within organizations.
  • Learning Management focuses on managing the process of developing hard and soft skills, monitoring certifications, and rolling out training courses.
  • Workforce Management focuses on processes managers rely on to manage daily staffing tasks such as time tracking and shift scheduling so they can focus on big picture operational needs.

A key driver in the development of strategic HR has been the adoption of web-based HR software.

HR software solutions focused on best practices in newly emerging functions (talent management, learning management, workforce management) involve both managers and employees in important processes like hiring and performance reviews.

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By automating core HR functions, managers have more time to focus on improving performance and efficiency.

Furthermore, organizations are better able to take a strategic perspective on big-picture practices such as hiring better people, setting performance goals and improving talent effectiveness.

Results of Attaining World Class HR

Although it’s no cakewalk, organizations that have mastered the traditional and the strategic HR functions see a positive impact on their organizational effectiveness.

In a 2007 study conducted by The Hackett Group, HR Best Practices, found that organizations executing “World Class HR,” had several key outcomes as a result

  • lower labor costs
  • increased HR efficiency and
  • drastically reduced turnover


Making the Change

Organizations that are serious about transitioning into strategic HR should be prepared for some growing pains.

Safeguard yourself and your organization, and take time to put in your due diligence now.

If you do your homework, research best practices and compare software to find what best fits your unique organization, you can ease this transition.

Establishing an effective, strategic HR framework that can grow with your organization over time is no small task, but it’s undoubtedly worthwhile.

Editor’s Note / Update

Since Kyle’s contribution of this post, an additional factor to a successful HR management strategy is HR Analytics, or more correctly dubbed by Josh Bersin, People Analytics.

The evolution of the cloud, big data (terabytes or bigger), the shrinking workforce, and the ever accelerating rate of change of technology that is now on the upward leg of its logarithmic pace, has forced the hand of HR — it is and must evolve from being a policy enforcer to an active contributor within an organization.

HR owns most, if not all, of the non-profit overhead data that has now become critically important to an organizations profit line.

This has also thrown the

need to learn to ask the right questions

importance of performing a detailed needs assessment before any project is undertaken

critical importance of the learning how to think instead of learning what to think

gaining and retaining the most relevant talent that is working in their right environment

gaining and maintaining a competitive edge while working with fewer human yet more effective technical resources

into the limelight all at the same time.

Without a doubt this is a tall order even for the best equipped.

Rising to the challenge is what sharpens us — how we do that will come, why we need to do that needs to be maintained in our vision.

The HRIS World Content Series™ focuses on several of the verticals involved in keeping a competitive advantage, some of which are listed below, all of which you will find in out top menu.

Please feel free to browse and bookmark as well as use our MyLibrary feature to keep up the latest information relevant to your needs readily available from any computer or mobile unit you use.

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Let’s be clear right up front that we are not ditching any of the methodologies of Project Management. Instead, we are taking a look at just why some projects go so well while most others do not from our own experiences as well as those documented elsewhere. From there we are focusing on the successful elements that seem to be missing from most Project Management methodologies. The projects that do not go so well happen more frequent than not and it seems most Project Managers just give in to timeline extensions and over budget occurrences as being part of the learning curve to gain for the next project as well as being part of the job.

Garrett did as well until his 5th project and decided there was more to making a project come in on-time and within budget than just luck and more likely the cause of missing skills as well as incorrect perceptions. If some Project Managers could run most if not all their projects on time and within budget while most others could not, then we sought out to find out why some could consistently do so well.

We look into what contributed to those consistent successes in our entire content series The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ with the first 6 posts sharing the professional experiences of Garrett O’Brien. These 1st 6 posts are the foundation of most of this series and it is highly suggested you give them a good read. They are easily found with the short URLs to /thwCESintro6 as well as in the listing of related content in the toggle box at the end of all posts related to this series.

All other content arrives from contributors like you as well as the sharing of experiences from Lauren Gander’s company. Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to contribute some your thoughts via a post by clicking the contact us button on the lower right of any page.

Feedback, debates, discussion, collaboration and conversation are always encouraged in the comments section below... For more information about this series, use the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to contact us -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

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The HRIS World HR Dog Series™

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An in depth look at why, metaphorically speaking, the technology tail is STILL wagging the HR dog for more than 30 years.

Today, there are a lot of changes occurring simultaneously and not just in technology and Human Resources -- and unless you know where to go to fully unplug for the rest of your life, the changes are affecting everything we do, everywhere we go, and at all levels

On top of all the changes, the rate of change in technology is the highest of all rates of changes -- if you don’t like seeing taillights, then you need to

    Learn how to think instead of what to think -- and learn this rather very quickly...
    Learn how to discover what are the right questions, not just good questions as well as discover who they should be asking, even if not connected with him or her yet...
    Learn how to discern influential and effective differences that will provide the most effective results as oppose to just discerning differences...
    Constantly learn what principles create the most effective changes as well as provide the best directions (principles which are not, by the way, taught in the world of academia)...
    Constantly discover where to find the most influential and wise counsel they can get, again even if they are not connected yet...
    Learn how to find, research and discover the context of a problem, situation, and/or content and not just know the content -- a dying art of which many are not aware is even dying...
    Learn what an entity must do to protect itself from misuse of technology at any level

Notice all this has nothing to do with the knowledge anyone needs to apply their trade(s) and/or skill(s)...

There is also a massive confusion over means and ends -- especially within leadership. Though their focus needs to be on the well-being and sustainability of their business, the rate of changes happening in nearly all arenas is forcing even their hands away from the thoughts and practices of the past to something new. Yet most do not know what that new something is, only that they need to change -- resulting in unwise actions that are more than costly.

We highly encourage your participation in this series as it is all about the Future of Work as well as the future of education, technology, leadership, even our personal lives.

Start a conversation in the comments and/or if you have some thoughts to share in the form of a post then just reach out to us by clicking the contact us button on the lower right of any page.

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Kyle Lagunas

Research manager, emerging trends and technologies -- talent acquisition and staffing at IDC

Kyle Lagunas is research manager for IDC's emerging trends and technologies in a newly created talent acquisition and staffing practice.

In this role, Kyle leads IDC's research on the most recent developments in recruiting and staffing software, services, and consulting.

This research puts talent acquisition into the broader context of an integrated talent strategy.

He’s an avid tech enthusiast and GenY advocate and his work has been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, Business Insider, Information Weekly, The Huffington Post, and many other sources.

You can reach Kyle via email, social media, or by leaving a comment below...

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