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With this post we are launching with our new features and services – there are features for everyone, features for our members, as well as services for vendors.

We are also officially relaunching with a new server, new theme, along with a ton of work performed on the back end.

You will be introduced to the features for everyone in this post, and in our next post you will be introduced to the features for our members and a third post for our vendor services.

features for everyone

And before we get started, we do want to offer our apologies to all for the abrupt downtime this month – the previous theme broke something resulting in not being able to accomplish anything on the back end without resorting to another theme during the process, bouncing back to the original and/or massaging the database.

We already had the theme you see now started in our development environment, so we bit the bullet, threw up the maintenance page, dug in — only to have the dang bullet go off on us on day two.

It seems the server did not like the cPanel update which now includes a PHP distribution (getting geeky here, aren’t I?), so the server had to be addressed as well.

This resulted in an anticipated 3 days theme change turning into a 3-1/2 week complete server upgrade and testing.

All said and done, we’re here and more than ready to get back to what we should be doing — informing you and providing services you need and could use!

Features for Everyone – Our Communications Options

Our first features for everyone focuses on how we can converse with each other.

post continues after these featured free offers

Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
Recommended by Recommended by NetLine
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On the lower right of your screen, you should see a blue button, planted vertically, with the words ‘contact us’ — use it ANY time you need or want to converse with us.

features for everyone

You have 2 options – (1) set up a scheduled call where we call you (there is 24 hour buffer) or (2) send us a message via webmail.

We also have a Skype Chat link on the sidebar of our posts where you can reach out at any time.

With these features for everyone, you should feel free to contact us at any time of the day — if we’re not at our desks, the computers are on until we sleep (we do that occasionally).

If we are not available, we will get back to you shortly, usually within 12 hours or less.

The exception with major U.S. holidays and October. October is pretty much touch and go due to Brazil’s laws requiring employees have a minimum of 20 days vacation consecutively in one month, though the vacations are usually is 30 days.  MUCH too long for my blood but my wife is Brazilian and accustomed to such lengthy vacations so she’ll take the 30 days, I’m usually back to work after 10.

There is also an email link at the top left of any page which will use your email service to contact us.

Final option, send a Direct Message (DM) to our twitter account by using the link at the top left of any page, to the left of the email link we just mentioned.

The HRIS World Content Series

Next up for our features for everyone is The HRIS World Content Series.

For those that have been with us for a while, you are probably familiar with Series.

These features for everyone focuses content on 7 verticals…

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series The HRIS World Project Management Series The HRIS World HR Dog Series The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series

The HRIS World Content Series, can be found by hovering over the Content Series link in the top menu, which will list the following 7 verticals for you:

The HRIS World Next Gen Vendors Series:
The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight (#thwVS) – focused at the the SMB level, bringing to light the latest software overviews as we discover them or as the vendors provide them to us.
The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series (#thwVIS) – what the decision-makers are thinking, planning for their company as well as their vision for the future.
The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options (#thwESO) – All enterprise, sharing the latest options and developments for the market with very demanding needs.

The HRIS World HR Dog Series – focused on one question: Why is the technology tail still wagging the #HRdog? We inspect all levels – leadership, end-user, learning and more.

The HRIS World Project Insights Series (#thwCES) – Why do some projects and project managers always come in on time or earlier as well as on budget or less? A look into why we keep failing project methodologies and what we can do to come out on top.

The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series (#thwSIS) – Who are these people we see on stage and everywhere else? What are they really like and what do they see for the future of our industry? A continuing series on the latest and greatest speakers than can affect our industry, your career, your life.

The HRIS World Transformational Leadership Series (#thwTLS) – Transformation is always happening and should always be happening least we like seeing the tail lights of change. There are leadership proven principles that have been with us for centuries and for the most part have been abandoned; we discuss what they are and how to utilize them.

You can also catch ALL our content from the 7 Series as well as that focused on groups within our audience by clicking the ‘All Our Content’ link in the Content Series drop down menu.

If you are a vendor, you can reach us be emailing us at the above hashtag plus (example, the email for hashtag #thwVS would – again, you can use the email link above or the contact us button to the bottom right of your screen).

If you prefer to remain updated on our features for everyone via our newsletter, click here to stay updated on anything we are working on — you even get to chose what updates to receive!

Open a Toggle Box to See What Content The Series Presents!

If you are interested in contributing to any one or more of our series, whether just one or several posts, just use the ‘contact us’ button to the lower right of your screen to get started! We will reply shortly!

THW Project Insights Series
features for everyone

More Content In This Series…

THW Transformational Leadership Series
features for everyone

More Content In This Series…

THW Vendor Spotlight Series
features for everyone

More Content In This Series…

Online Learning

The latest additional features for everyone focuses on keeping you up-to-date on knowledge and skills.

With all the disruptions and changes lately, it has become necessary to remain honed and/or pick up a new skill along the way — and for some, the need to do so is almost continuously as well.
features for everyone
We have an affiliate relationship with Udemy who provides the latest topics for study in many fields of endeavor, not just the topics we provide:

Their courses can be viewed on any mobile unit as well as laptop, notepad and/or PC.

Udemy also provides a 30 day refund policy for each course to allow you to discover its value.

Course prices range from US$20 to $200 and all prices are displayed in your local currency — they have sales occasionally as well, making it a great time to signup for several courses, verify if they are what you before the 30 days refund window expires and study at your pace, wherever you want, whenever you want.

Once enrolled in a course, that course is yours for a life time and you can continue your lessons – again on any machine, at any time, at your own pace.

We update our page weekly with new courses visit often!

Discover more about our courses here!


Coming Up Next – Our Member Features

That’s everything for our features for everyone – and we emphasize: for now.

We will be adding more features in the coming months.

Later this week, we will be providing the features our members receive!

Both public and member features will have more services provided in the coming months – however the value will be with our free memberships.

As per our privacy policy, The HRIS World does not sell lists nor do we buy them — we keep you information confidential and nothing is released without your permission.

Stay tuned for this post later this week or click here to stay updated via email!


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