Any Clue How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Search Results?

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If you don’t have an account with LinkedIn, I have only one thing to ask…

Why not?

Not only is LinkedIn finally “coming of age” as a recruiting tool (and some people will contest this!), but it is also recognized as a marketing tool.

Meaning, without it, you are waisting a powerful, free resource in your marketing plans.

Keyword being FREE.

Recently, LinkedIn recognized those that were first at some level — my profile came in the top 1%…

Now, 1% of 200 million is still a lot (2 million) — but 200 million is also a lot potential contacts as well.

Some scoffed at the 1% because, for them, it was not all that exclusive — and to a point they are correct.

But for me I have learned never scoff at the view from a mountain top, even if it is crowded… Least you find yourself looking up from a valley again.

That said, if you’re in a valley, how many contacs are going to favor me — or you — if you are not higher up in the ranks?

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How to Get to The Top

OK, for those that have a LinkedIn account, many wonder why they aren’t listed near the top of searches, wonder why they are needing to be labor intensive to gain resources… while others seem to have people knocking down the door to gain their connection.

Well, there’s this new tool on the internet — great mechanism!

Works wonders when you have questions like this, or need to do a little research.

They call it Google…

For those that haven’t used Google before, here’s a token for a free search… Honestly! It’s free!

google search coupon 468x324
do not use sharp objects on your monitor, it’s not very nice!

OK, enough of the jokes, let’s get to work on getting you — correction, assisting you — in getting a better profile…

Your Headline

This is the most attraction item leading to your LinkedIn profile.

It’s at the top of your profile — meaning it has prime real estate to your profile.

It holds the most value because it’s the first thing people see when they do any type of search on LinkedIn, so you need to have web marketing within your headline.

You could say, “I’m a web marketing strategist that helps small businesses do X,Y and Z.”

Or you could share your latest writings, book(s), presentations, other accomplishments — just remember it’s your headline, not the history of your entire life.

Use it to promote you!


Be sure you are using keywords that will work well with the search engines — do some research with your keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask… See what comes up.

If you are really serious about keywords, then use Google’s keyword analytics tool to sort things out.

Current Work Experience

This is the 2nd most relevant thing because it’s what you’re currently doing in business.

This means LinkedIn puts more emphasis on this section than anywhere else besides the headline, so you need to have web marketing in the description of your current work experience.

Again, keywords are important — don’t be afraid to use the same keywords from your headline as well as derivations thereof…

Along with being the 2nd more relevant piece of real estate in your profile, it is also used by the search engines during their queries…

If you’re needing some visuals, here’s an excellent video on using this tool — and fair warning, research is boring (you know this already), but it has high dividends.

The producer of the video was creating this for website keyword searches — however, search engines could careless if you are building a website, or building a profile.

However, the principles are the same, capiche?

Past Work Experience

You have to have your keyword in your past work experience — as this will determine where you will be placed in the search results.

Look at this way, if you just changed careers, then some, many, if not all, of your work skills are transferable to your new job.

Without the keywords in both your past and present work experiences, you will slide down the rankings of the search results.

Why? Logically speaking from the queries ‘perspective’, no work experiences carried forward means new work experiences being gained.

You have value in your skills — be sure that is transferred into your past as well as present in your profile.

Your Profile Summary

Throughout your summary, obviously, you want to formulate and update it in a way that you’re talking about your goals, who you help, how you help them, and how people can get in contact with you.

You are, after all, fulfilling a need in exchange for being paid for your ideas.

Here as well, add your keywords, peppering them throughout your summary.

If you performed a keyword analysis in for your headline, you will want to be sure the top rated (not necessarily highest rated) keywords are used.

There are some keywords that hold value as they are on the top of a smaller “pile” of keywords as opposed to being in the middle of a larger “pile” of keywords…

Which means you will come out on top when others are searching the small pile and not on the other…

Keep researching your keywords until you see those that are on TOP of the pile…


Here, you want to liven-up your keywords a bit with some description.

Web marketing? or Web marketing strategist? Or even small business web marketing coach?

Whatever you do, keep your keywords in there a couple of times.

Just in case you forgot, here’s another one…

google search coupon 468x324


As you build your profile, perform a search on yourself on those keywords and see where you rank.

Visit some of the top ranked and see what they are doing — but NEVER plagerize by copying and replacing the nouns and keywords!

This is YOUR profile — not a clone of someone else.

This is, after all, an exercise in being — and developing — yourself…

Everyone else is already accounted for – account for yourself.

What Are Your Thoughts??

  Getting to the top is the easy part (really!) — what you do with your career to keep it there is another. Be sure to keep it updated — have you been doing this on a regular basis?

  Every thing you do for a place of employment of for a client is a skill being traded for payment — and payment is an agreement for work accomplished to their overall satisfaction. What skills, presentations, accomplishments are NOT on your profile yet?

  Are there other points we missed? Is there something we can help you with, when it comes to your profile?

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.

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Credit to Lewis Howes for the LinkedIn tips

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