About The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series™ #thwSIS

For insights into your favorite event speakers, we provide The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series to promote their companies, products, services, and visions.

Attending a webinar, event, or conference provides more information in a short time span, giving you more time to leverage new information, develop new skills, and develop a new perspective to your career, your life.

By seeking the best speakers possible for you, we are aiming to provide some insights into their work beyons the podium and stage. (disclaimer: some speaker are VERY busy and we need be more assertive as well as wise in how to gain their attention!)

Have a favorite speaker we have not interviewed? Are you are a speaker wanting to contribute to either the series via a post or interview? Click the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to let us know how we can assist -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

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How to Master Speaking Confidently for Presentations
Garrett O'Brien

From a marketing perspective, having an event that you can use to promote a business, product or service is a very smart move. This way you can get people feeling involved with your business, you can generate excitement using showmanship, and you can ensure that everyone is in a good mood and feeling receptive when you break the news (free food and drink can have this effect). Often the most important part of this will be giving a presentation where you will announce your product or service, and you will probably also be required to speak in various other capacities too – as you welcome everyone to the event and as talk generally as the host. This is a problem then if you struggle to speak in front of crowds and if you are nervous to stand up in front of an audience. Rather than letting this stifle your ability ...

Call for Sponsors
Garrett O'Brien

Our Call for Sponsors is now open! The HRIS World is looking for all the open minded companies that would like to support our site help us maintain the free cost for everyone who visits our site promote yourself and reach out to a significant number of relevant influencers and professionals within the HR and HR technology industry All announcements will be made through our social media accounts: LinkedIn (company page, our groups, public feed) twitter (7 accounts) Google plus Flipboard (more than 30 magazines) scoop.it StumbleUpon Tumblr paper.li

Why The HRIS World?
Garrett O'Brien

When I finished writing our pillars, I always felt something just wasn't complete. The pillars provide an insight into who we are, what we stand for, our values, even the value of knowledge... Wisdom... Discernment... and Principles... And much thanks to Simon Sinek's teachings, I was able to discover what that feeling was, what made me feel the pillars weren't complete. I never addressed the why...

Our Top 25 Viewed Posts for 2016
Garrett O'Brien

From Whence We Came While scanning over our top 25 viewed posts for 2016, I was humbled yet amazed we did as well as we did this year. They say it's not the fall that matters but that it is the bounce that counts. We bounced good! It always helps to step back and measure where one has grown, maintained ground... lost ground... As well as assess just how high we bounced. Truthfully, the last 2 years have been a huge challenge as many projects we started failed before they could even take off, or they took off and crash landed. We knew the risks for trying a lot of new things at the same time - not the most conducive environment for stability so thankfully we get bored easily here! For those that make themselves available to learn during the process, doing a lot of things at the same time builds character, strength, insight, discernment -- ...

Introducing Our Features for Everyone
Garrett O'Brien

With this post we are launching with our new features and services - there are features for everyone, features for our members, as well as services for vendors. We are also officially relaunching with a new server, new theme, along with a ton of work performed on the back end. You will be introduced to the features for everyone in this post, and in our next post you will be introduced to the features for our members and a third post for our vendor services. And before we get started, we do want to offer our apologies to all for the abrupt downtime this month - the previous theme broke something resulting in not being able to accomplish anything on the back end without resorting to another theme during the process, bouncing back to the original and/or massaging the database. We already had the theme you see now started in ...

Speaker Interview Series: Martin Oest
Garrett O'Brien

  Martin Oest, Head of Workforce Planning & Analytics at The Metropolitan Police (U.K.), spoke at the HR Change & Transformation 2015 in London last October. During his presentation, he shared how he set up Workforce Planning and Analytics at the Met Police and provided his expert advice on how you can do the same at your company, on a limited budget and capability, and how to overcome the many hurdles along the way… You can see his profile here... Before his presentation at #HRCT15, we had the privilege of speaking with Martin Oest...

Speaker Interview Series: Karolina Lewandowska
Garrett O'Brien

Our Interview with Karolina...

Organizations Don’t Tweet, People Do – Euan Semple
Garrett O'Brien

A Manager's Guide to the Social Web Practical advice for managers on how the Web and social media can help them to do their jobs better Today's managers are faced with an increasing use of the Web and social platforms by their staff, their customers, and their competitors, but most aren't sure quite what to do about it or how it all relates to them. Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do provides managers in all sorts of organizations, from governments to multinationals, with practical advice, insight and inspiration on how the Web and social tools can help them to do their jobs better. From strategy to corporate communication, team building to customer relations, this uniquely people-centric guide to social media in the workplace offers managers, at all levels, valuable insights into the networked world as it applies to their challenges as managers, and it outlines practical things they can do to ...

Speaker Interview Series: Max Blumberg
Garrett O'Brien

  Editor's note: We met Max Blumberg through Tucana Global's HR Change and Transformation conference in London 2015. Due to circumstances beyond our control, his interview was shared with the Tucana Global blog and is now reposted here. At the Tucana Global conference, Max shared his thoughts in a presentation titled A Global Salesforce Transformation - Successfully Bridging Countries and Cultures You can see his profile here... Let's see what he has to contribute to our interview...

Speaker Interview Series: Euan Semple
Garrett O'Brien

  Second up in our Speaker Interview Series™ is Euan Semple.   And now, our interview with Euan...

Speaker Interview Series: Sharlyn Lauby
Garrett O'Brien

The first up in our Speaker Interview Series™ is Sharlyn Lauby. And now, our interview with Sharlyn...

The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series™

Garrett O'Brien

Somewhere in the preparations for 2015's major conferences in London and Paris, the idea of interviewing the speakers before their appearance at the conference took form. We worked with both Marc Coleman's group HRN Europe 2015 as well as Barry Swales at Tucana Global in lining up our first group of speakers. Though the original idea included video, podcast and post platforms for the interviews, outside circumstances way beyond our control limited the first several interviews via an email questionnaire. We will, as time goes along, start incorporating all the platforms available to us as we know you, our audience, have different preferences in how you like to obtain your information (that doesn't mean the speakers will be submitting on all the available platforms, it does mean the speaker gets to choose what platform works best for them)...