About The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ #thwCES

This series is focused on approaching HRIS Project Management from outside of the box as experienced and documented by Garrett O’Brien of CGServicesUSA Inc as well as Lauren Gander of HR Software Solutions, Inc.

Let’s be clear right up front that we are not ditching any of the methodologies of Project Management. Instead, we are taking a look at just why some projects go so well while most others do not from our own experiences as well as those documented elsewhere. From there we are focusing on the successful elements that seem to be missing from most Project Management methodologies. The projects that do not go so well happen more frequent than not and it seems most Project Managers just give in to timeline extensions and over budget occurrences as being part of the learning curve to gain for the next project as well as being part of the job.

Garrett did as well until his 5th project and decided there was more to making a project come in on-time and within budget than just luck and more likely the cause of missing skills as well as incorrect perceptions. If some Project Managers could run most if not all their projects on time and within budget while most others could not, then we sought out to find out why some could consistently do so well.

We look into what contributed to those consistent successes in our entire content series The HRIS World Project Insights Series™ with the first 6 posts sharing the professional experiences of Garrett O’Brien. These 1st 6 posts are the foundation of most of this series and it is highly suggested you give them a good read. They are easily found with the short URLs j.mp/thwCESintro1 to /thwCESintro6 as well as in the listing of related content in the toggle box at the end of all posts related to this series.

All other content arrives from contributors like you as well as the sharing of experiences from Lauren Gander’s company. Feel free to reach out to us if you wish to contribute some your thoughts via a post by clicking the contact us button on the lower right of any page.

Feedback, debates, discussion, collaboration and conversation are always encouraged in the comments section below... For more information about this series, use the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to contact us -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

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Optimizing Your Company as Well as Your Business Processes
The King of ROI is Beyond Knowledge and Great Skill Sets
Garrett O'Brien

The King of ROI is Beyond Knowledge and Great Skill Sets Have many thoughts concerning business processes being used to optimize the economic strength of a company in today's economy and found the following on PNMSOFT and could not really summarise nor say it better myself... Paramount Needs Automating administrative and repetitive processes to increase the ROI, improve risk management and make it easier to track and report on financial decisions is paramount to a streamlined, efficient, and effective HRIS system. If the company's business processes have not been refined well enough to the information flow of their systems AS WELL AS the systems honed to the culture of the company, you will have headaches...

An Update On Our Launched Programs and Projects
Garrett O'Brien

Projects and Programs Launched Our newsletters, news magazines, as well as our Content Series, have been launched, focusing on several verticals to give you and our audiences a choice on what to focus on. Our newsletters provide several options, including any choice(s) of our Content Series (or the entire Content Series), podcasts, and/or webinars as well as the option to receive everything we publish. Our current topics in our Content Series include AI and HR Millennials Vendor Spotlight Vendor Interviews Enterprise Software Options Leadership Project Management Insights HR Dog (why is the technology tail still wagging the HR dog?) Our  15+ News Magazines have been launched through Flipboard and are fed from RSS feeds and alerts we have set up across the internet and cover the topics in our content series as well as HR management, HR Technology, Analytics, Conferences, Learning, the industry as a whole, Future of World and a couple of side magazine on Economics and ...

How to Learn the Art of Negotiating Your Contract
Garrett O'Brien

Whether you're an independent contractor (IC) just starting out or been doing this for a while, negotiating rates requires flexibility and professionalism and are the keys to acquiring new clients as well as creating repeat clients. For the sake of your professional reputation, it's very important to learn how to negotiate your contracting rates. All IC's want to be paid adequately for their time and services, but clients need to be able to afford your rate. This article will provide information on how to ensure a profit while making sure clients don't feel as though they're being overcharged.    

Why The HRIS World?
Garrett O'Brien

When I finished writing our pillars, I always felt something just wasn't complete. The pillars provide an insight into who we are, what we stand for, our values, even the value of knowledge... Wisdom... Discernment... and Principles... And much thanks to Simon Sinek's teachings, I was able to discover what that feeling was, what made me feel the pillars weren't complete. I never addressed the why...

agile development
5 Strong Reasons Your Company Should Move to Agile Development
Garrett O'Brien

This guest post is being republished and was originally submitted by Chris Bell - writer, VP, Software Engineer. Unfortunately, that is all we have on him right now as his information was lost when our database corrupted. Agile development (also known as scrum development) is the practice of designing and releasing software features in frequent intervals. Rather than releasing a final version of a software application at one time, agile teams are continuously releasing new iterations of an application, adding new features and refining the user experience. Using agile practices, companies can enjoy a range of advantages beyond the traditional methods of software development. Here are just 5 of the many benefits created by agile development...

workforce analytics
HR and IT Need to Combine Efforts on Workforce Analytics
Lauren Gander

Editor's note: this is a repost about workforce analytics from the HR Software Solutions Inc. blog A recent article in Computerworld by Michelle Rafter inspires our latest thoughts on the HR Software Solutions blog. She writes...

Picking the Right Project Manager
Tips On Picking The Right Project Manager
Garrett O'Brien

Picking the right project manager is a process that involve making many very important decisions -- and the outcome of these decisions can mean the success for your project, or its failure. Moving forward with the selection process for the right project manager for your business means knowing the right qualifications to have in mind for the person you will be choosing, as well as knowing the right questions to ask. Your discernment during this process needs to be focused as well as relying upon the feedback of others as well as your gut. That said, here are a few attributes to look for on your search...

Is Your HR Management Strategizing for Success?
Kyle Lagunas

Human resources has grown beyond the traditional functions of its youth. No longer solely responsible for managing employee records or benefits, HR professionals are now focused on developing strategies for developing the workforce. Largely made possible by innovations in software technology, this trend towards growing and managing talent—what most analysts refer to as strategic HR—can make a significant impact on your organization’s success. But what exactly is strategic HR?

The Myths Many Believe About Home Office…
Garrett O'Brien

  Let's start off with the reality of the hours involved in being a consultant... One of my former clients, who was local (a rare occurrence), required all consultants to work onsite -- for me that involved arriving between 7:30 and 8 am and leaving after 6 pm. My commute adds another 2-1/2 to 3 hours to the day. Total daily time involved was 12-1/2 to 13-1/2 hours, weekly that would be between 60 to 65 hours. Actual time working? 45 to 50 hours, if there was lunch (usually consumed while working). That's between 17 and 25% of the time just traveling, unproductive time as it's not good ethics to be making confidential and personal data available to prying eyes in a public area. Now before this gig, my average commute to distant clients required me to travel which would involve flying on Sunday night or Monday morning, 5 to 7 hours average. home door to destination airport. Many ...

Big Data for Predicting Job Performance: Big Dollar$? or Big Whup ?
Tom Janz

It’s hard to crack open a business magazine or click on a human resource blog these days without coming across the phrase ‘Big Data’ in the headline. Most definitions of ‘Big Data’ center around words that begin with the letter ‘V’– Volume, velocity, and variety. Volume means big, not surprisingly. Where Megabyte used to mean ‘big’ and now Gigabyte means ‘big’ now, Big Data is measured in terabytes, petabytes, and zettabytes (a trillion gigabytes). Yet when it comes to predicting job performance, we seldom have had more than a few megabytes of data. The largest meta-analyses that combine the data from hundreds of studies that include data on the performer’s mental ability, personality, bio-data, training courses, work experience, and credit history, in order to predict important performance outcomes such as supervisory performance ratings, attendance data, customer satisfaction scores, production and wastage data would still have a hard time exceeding a ...

img cr Bersin March 2012 Slideshare
What Is the Key to Fully Utilizing Big Data in HR?
Lauren Gander

In spite of mounting evidence that the use of Big Data allows human resources professionals to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations in a number of forward-looking ways, many HR departments are failing to take full advantage of this relatively new technology. "Big Data might seem like an HR buzzword, but it is one that will not go away -- and one that HR should not ignore" writes former HR trade journalist and current Forbes contributor Karen Higginbottom.   img cr: Bersin by Deloitte | Slideshare March 2012  

How Do You Know When You Are Asking the Right Questions?
Garrett O'Brien

With the economical challenges every business is facing, trimming costs and maintaining a watchful eye on overhead and project costs is paramount for all businesses, whether SMB’s or international enterprises. The economics landscape is changing drastically -- and ideas, innovative or not, need to be focused on providing more return for their investment… This includes an increase in efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, a well-defined ROI is imperative to keeping costs under control and effective training that reduces the learning curve after the implementation.

Just What Is HRIS? (Intro Part 1 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

Well, simply stated, HRIS is an acronym for Human Resources Information Systems... HRIS is also known as HRMS... Human Resource Management Systems... Or HCM... Human Capital Management... But this only enlightens you to acronyms and tells you nothing about HRIS...

Is The Rate of Change in Technology Initiating Legal Concerns?
Garrett O'Brien

With the rate of change in technology, legal concerns are building up everywhere. Both cannot keep pace with how fast things are suddenly happening. And given Moore’s Law, this pace is not about to slow down either — which also means there are going to be some headaches as well as opportunities in dealing with the legal circles. No matter how fast anything changes there are some constants that must be taken into account. As cloud computing gets its name from the fact that everything you do seems to be available anywhere, then where is your data really located? How is it being stored? Who is responsible for its security? Laws are usually based upon entities and/or sovereignties and it creates boundaries in which the protection of the law is supposed to be applied. Given the nature of cloud computing then, a key question about cloud computing remains unresolved in ...

Performing a Needs Assessment on Project Management (Intro Part 4 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

In our first 3 articles of this series, we provided an introduction to What a HRIS sytem is in "What is a HRIS system?" Rethinking beyond the traditional project methodologies in our post BEFORE Searching for a new HRIS system when selecting a HRIS system during the implementation of a HRIS system As well as taking a a systematic, efficient selection and planning process to your HRIS project As with any methodology, it is inevitable there would be a need to strengthen any weaknesses. Most methodologies and processes evolve in cycles, usually resulting from the needs that grow as the result of new technologies and from evidences that certain aspects of the processes needs improvement. Complexity and change always magnifies weaknesses as well as strengths. The more complex the project, the more the weaknesses and inefficiencies become magnified.  

The Role of a Product Owner in Agile Projects
Steward Copper

  Who is a Product owner? Which functions does this role embody? What place does the role of a product owner take within Agile project? To find out the answers Steward has for these questions, click the read more button...

Can You Name the 7 Steps to Effective Project Management?
Michael Deaven

These are very basic points that can assist any PM -- Whether it’s your first project or your hundredth. Many times it is the simplest and basic of things that have tripped us up and caused more harm than good. Guest blogger Michael C. Deavon discusses 7 basic things the novice as well as veteran can use.

Your Guide to Effectiveness: 5 Top Process Improvement Books
Cara Aley

Regardless of where you are in your career, which function you hold, and what your day-to-day responsibilities are, being a process-oriented individual is critical for optimal success. Processes create efficiencies, improve communication, give an organization a sense of structure, can guide companies through the toughest of times and the best of times, can prevent chaos from erupting in all types of scenarios. If a key employee leaves, if a company is scaling quickly, if a company is downsizing quickly, or if a new client is brought on board—all of these are scenarios in which having clear processes in place prior to the event will help transitions happen far more efficiently and smoothly, and keep business running as usual otherwise. If you don’t have appropriate processes in place for events like these, chaos can ensue quickly. Cara Aley provides some fabulous project management and process-oriented books that are well worth reading ...

Is Your HRIS Up to Par?
Chris Martin

A human resources department is only as good as its HR software. Even if the group's members are highly skilled and knowledgeable about HR practices and processes, it won't mean anything if the HR software cannot implement their initiatives effectively and in a timely manner. So how can you tell if your human resources integration software is meeting the needs of your organization? Here is a checklist that can help you answer that important question...

Reassessing the Management in Project Management (Intro Part 5 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

In my previous article, Performing a Needs Assessment on Project Management, a discussion was presented to look at the effort and resources consumed throughout the project (including the budget). A comparison of these two variables to the project phases provided the following diagrams, using the same timelines…

Need Help Searching for a Payroll Service Provider?
Debbie Allen

Micro & SMB's Have Unique Payroll Needs 3 Tips for Finding the Ideal Payroll Service Provider for Your Company Accuracy and Compliance Every business owner can attest to the fact that payroll is a frustrating and time-consuming part of business management. Keeping track of employees’ hours and worrying about tax regulations and laws can be a full-time responsibility. It’s not surprising that most businesses, small and large alike, seek the help of a qualified payroll service provider to help them with this task. Click the read more button to discover how working with these companies is a great way to turn the work over to someone else...

HR Undercover: Buying Software (Part 2 of 3)
Garrett O'Brien

Editor's note: The stories you are about to read are true, only the names have been changed,to protect the innocent as well as that of the author. The stories have been verified as accurate and trueand the author is a well known person in the HRIS industry. We are humbled that we have gained their trust.There are 3 parts to this series, each to be published monthly, second Thursday of each month. Feel free to start a conversation below the storyperhaps you can validate some of this with your own experience..   I have been working as an HR troubleshooter for the last 25 years. During that time, I have met and worked with some of the smartest -- and dumbest -- managers around. I’ve seen fortunes wasted on the wrong HR software system, the wrong people asking the wrong questions and watched open-mouthed as money flew out of the ...

No Time to Document Business Processes? Really??
Garrett O'Brien

Quite often the instructions on or plans for something needs to be accomplished is well documented. Instructions for recipes, for directions, for medicines – they are everywhere... Recipes: what ingredients are needed for making a cake, how much of each ingredient to add, how long to bake the cake, at what temperature the oven should be. Directions (such as in MapQuest): where to turn, how far to travel a street or highway, sites along the way, landmarks, restrooms. Medicines: what ages qualify, what dosage to take for each age group, how often you should take the medication, when you should stop, warning signs to look for. In many cases, we already familiar with the instructions as we have been using the item or doing the process for a while – and the process involved has not changed. Occasionally we will recheck the instructions – and most times discover they are ...

img cr braincorpinc.com
Avoiding Common End-User Training Mistakes
Lauren Gander

  Adopting the right HRIS software is a crucial step in helping human resources professionals do their jobs more effectively and efficiently, as well as providing a business or organization’s employees with the tools they need to manage their benefits. However, the process does not end after the purchase is made. Equally important to evaluating and buying new HR software is the training process that accompanies rolling it out...

Should You Try to Learn Six Sigma on Your Own?
Debbie Allen

Process Improvements Through Six Sigma Are a Must to Bring Into Line Effectiveness and Efficiency But is this something you can learn on your own? In case you are not familiar with Six Sigma, it is an approach to creating and delivering near perfect services and products. The technique was developed by Motorola in 1986. Since then, it has been used by some of the most successful and progressive companies in existence. The concept of the approach is based on the idea that if ‘defects’ in processes can be discovered and systemically eliminated, the end result will be near perfection or close to zero defects. This is obviously good for business and, therefore, certification in Six Sigma can make a job candidate very desirable to an employer. With that in mind, many people are making the decision to learn Six Sigma. Click the read more button to discover more...

Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma – Which Is for You?
Debbie Allen

Improved Quality is the Goal of Both Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma What is the difference that makes Lean Six Sigma, lean? Although most people are at least somewhat familiar with the concept behind Six Sigma, many are not clear on the differences between Lean Six Sigma and the more traditional Six Sigma system. Both approaches strive to reduce any problems or defects in products or services, which of course, results in improved quality, but Lean Six Sigma has a focus on streamlining. Click the read more button to discover more...

Looking at Project Management From Outside the Box (Intro Part 6 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

This is the last of 6 articles looking at Project Management from a perspective outside the box. In the first article, Performing A Needs Assessment on Project Management, we asked questions that focused at the whole process of obtaining and implementing a HRIS system. Questions such as, Is it really necessary to… change what is working? improve upon what is working? change what is not working? change what is not working well? In my second article, Reassessing the Management in Project Management we discussed the improvements that can be made that will result in greater flexibility within the project without impacting the budget and timeline possibly even a lowering project budgets by shifting and honing a few priorities and making some budgetary changes what are we assuming that should be challenged? what should we be questioning that we are not? The 3rd in a series of articles continues...

How Cloud Service Interruptions Are Only Symbolic
Garrett O'Brien

It's More Than an Interruption, it is IT Cloud service interruptions are symbolic of what is not working and provides conclusive evidence that something was overlooked, ignored, sacrificed, traded, or just simply not known way before the interruption occurred. They are also symptoms of a much greater problem (sorry about the symbolic thing, it has a higher Google rating then symptoms 🙂 ) As many of you are aware, a few weeks ago, storms in Virginia knocked out Amazon Web Services data centers, interrupting service for many sites including giants like Instagram, Netflix & Pinterest. There was at least one service that was not impacted while the others were scrambling to maintain damage control....

img cr ctstraining.com
The Key Components of Solid End-User Training
Lauren Gander

Rolling out new HR software can pose a challenge for human resource administrators and company employees alike, and there is often a period of adjustment. Effective end-user training is essential to minimizing the inevitable learning curve, and to making the most of the investments (of both time and money) your company has made in selecting a new software solution. Deb Shinder of TechRepublic offers the following advice for rolling out end-user training and decreasing the chance of a decline in productivity...

How to Ensure A Successful HRIS Implementation – Part 2 of 2
Lauren Gander

In her previous post, Lauren initiated a conversation on the value of a Client Executive Sponsor for your HR technology project. If you missed the first half of this article, we highly suggest clicking here before continuing with her discussion below.

Open Source HR Software? or Closed Source? Which Shall It Be?
Garrett O'Brien

  Search With Discernment In our earlier post, Top 5 Open Source Software for Human Resource Management, our contributing author shared 5 great Open Source systems to consider as an option to Close Source Systems. The decision process to use an Open Source System or Open Source Software should not be black and white -- like it or not, there is a LOT of grey area of which to be concerned. The good news -- usually a lot of grey area is a good sign  of needing to take your time, ascertain your needs thoroughly so you will come out on top. What works for one environment does not mean it works in all environments, or even similar environments -- your business processes and in many ways your corporate cultures are huge factor in what system and/or software will work within your business. There is no mistake about it -- it ...

A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Applicant Tracking Systems
Kyle Lagunas

  Managing an organization's growth is no walk in the park . The process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and hiring/on-boarding is time-consuming. When searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, a recruiter's least concern should be keeping organized. Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and your hiring headaches can easily become a thing of the past. Due largely in part to the emergence of web-based Software as a Service (SaaS), organizations of any size and budget can tap into feature-rich web-based applicant tracking software (ATS) and streamline their hiring process. If you think you are ready to retire your Rolodex and recycle those paper resumes, here’s what you should know about ATS...

What is Business Process Reengineering?
Lauren Gander

  Editor's note: Seems nearly every time we quote, mention or even suggest content that is more than a few years old, our emails and social media accounts become populated with those who like to point out something is irrelevant due to the source's time of publication...  To these same we offer this: if you think teaching an old dogs new tricks is tough, just wait until you try teaching a young dog old tricks... Education changes, technology changes, even how we do work changes, even people change... What most forget are discernment and principles have never changed over time -- and those that follow discernment and principles have seen countless times how every time someone abandons either, or both, they repeat the same mistakes that have have already been learned by others... But that's just my take on it all...  🙂 In a 1990 article for Harvard Business Review , ...

How Mobile Technology Can Improve Your Recruitment Process
Lauren Gander

The youngest two generations do MOST of their work on mobile -- are you ready for them? As the need to recruit efficiently and cost-effectively becomes more prevalent, recruiters are increasingly relying on technology to streamline the process.> According to Kiran Kumar's recent article The Future of recruitment technology in the Business Standard, the time to adopt a strong mobile recruitment strategy is now. Kumar reiterates the findings of a 2013 Simply Hired survey, which indicate that 70% of job hunting occurs on mobile devices. But employers aren't necessarily keeping up with the times...

Manage Your Project’s Expectations Before They Manage You — In Court…
Garrett O'Brien

For the past decade, there has been an increase in the number of law suits involving poorly run projects. One only has to Google 'lawsuits resulting from poorly managed projects' to see just how expensive the rewards are, never mind the cost of the trials and litigation. For some, the fact that these matters are now heading to the courts is surprising, and for others not surprising at all. They have seen this as something inevitable, given the trends of the past decade or so... There has always been court cases, but the number has been increasing at an alarming rate...

Managing Conflicts Within Your Team
James Bentham

Managing conflicts within your team can arise for a number of reasons. However, with careful management and great communication, project managers can stay on top of a project and reduce conflict within their team by identifying potential problems early. Recruiting people who are likely to get on well with existing members of your team is very important. With careful recruitment, you reduce the chances of conflict arising due to personality clashes alone. This isn't always avoidable when you need a specific skill-set, but thinking about whether a potential recruit will mix well with current team members is just as important a consideration as identifying whether they have the skills to do the job. img cr cxotoday.com

How Big Data Can Refine Recruiting
Lauren Gander

A slew of studies and articles in recent years have indicated that Big Data can and should be harnessed in order to improve rates of successful recruitment for all types businesses and organizations. Proponents of using Big Data to make hiring decisions argue that it takes the guesswork out of making decisions that, more often than not, turn out to be fallible simply as a result of the unintentional biases behind them. In addition to neutralizing some of the preconceptions that have influenced hiring managers in the past, using Big Data to analyze job applicants may provide insight from unlikely sources. "For instance," The Economist reported in an April 2013 article... img cr nisharaghavan.com/

Would These 2 Things Make a Difference in Your Projects?
Garrett O'Brien

Editor's note: This post is prefaced by another where we examine the questions Can Feasibility Studies Be Contributing to Implementation Pains?... It's not required you start there -- but you will most likely be glad you did! If you could breakdown your previous projects, what 2 things made -- or could have made -- a huge difference early-on for your projects? Every post-project analysis we have been involved in, and most that we have read, have pointed to the early stages of a project. The lack of the importance and value given to the early stages more prevalent than most think. Many believe they are giving the early stages the attention it deserves but even in these situations, they discover just how much more importance they should have given the early stages of the project. Most of the time, there were only 2 parties to the project - the client, ...

Can Feasibility Studies Be Contributing to Implementation Pains?
Garrett O'Brien

A feasibility study is the textbook approach to the beginning of any project. And textbooks are great -- just as long as most, if not everything, in the project falls within the context of the textbook. Sooooo... Just when does THAT happen? Instead of utilizing a feasibility study or feasibility assessment as a tool that can assist to bring the defined desire results, too many rely upon it as a means to an end. And as Aldous Huxley put it so well... “The end cannot justify the means, for the simple and obvious reason that the means employed determine the nature of the ends produced.” You can buy a tradesman a wrench, but if he needs a hammer then it was a wasted effort, yes? When he needs is a hammer, what he needs is a hammer... not a wrench... So, give him a hammer! And make it a great ...

Managing A Global Workforce
Lauren Gander

The Internet has made it possible for companies to scatter employees around the world and to station them in locales that facilitate business deals and productivity. This globalization of the workforce does pose a challenge for human resources departments, however, which must create strategies for managing a company's employees regardless of their physical location. In an article published by Boston.com, Andrew Graham recommends prioritizing the following aspects of global workforce management in order to provide the best resources possible to remote workers...

The Importance of Keeping Users in Mind When Adopting New HR Tech
Lauren Gander

When adopting a new HRIS system, human resources teams follow a basic sequence that includes researching products, testing out demos negotiating a fair deal and rolling out the new system According to Robin Schooling of SilverZebras, the end users' needs are sometimes forgotten during this process. In her post on TLNT, "The Neglected Child of HR Technology Evaluations: The User", Schooling recommends keeping the following in mind when evaluating and implementing a new HRIS system...

Analytics Can Help Keep Your Company Strong
Lauren Gander

There are numerous ways that analytics software can empower human resource professionals, from freeing up time previously spent on synthesizing raw data to enabling the most objective decision-making possible. As the technology used to manage and analyze data improves, it's becoming increasingly apparent that HRIS software gives recruiters and human resource managers an edge when it comes to using their organization's time and money most effectively. Analytics provide a clear picture of your organization's trends regarding the cost of recruitment and benefits per employee, turnover rates, and recruitment success rates. img cr staffwithease.com

Will Technology Take Over Recruiting?
Lauren Gander

As HR technology becomes more advanced, its evolution raises questions about how involved people will remain in the realm of hiring. In The Future of Recruiting and Hiring Technology, an article for Inc.com, staff writer Adam Vaccaro explores the possibility that humans will play a secondary role to technology in the future of recruiting. img cr technologyrecruitingsolutions.net Vaccaro writes...

Why All the Pain When It Comes to Implementations?
Garrett O'Brien

Every project has its pain points – some more so than others. Yet none are without pain… For the scope of this article and as pain is an emotional experience, let’s remove the systems and machines and look at just the human factor. We will look at pain as experienced from two human factors --- knowledge and beliefs. And we will make an assumption that from these two human factors, all other aspects of the project will evolve. If you believe there are others, please feel free to start a conversation below – that is why we have blogs, yes?    

The Evolution of HR Technology
Lauren Gander

"We are seeing one of the most tumultuous times ever in the evolution of the HR technology market” per Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte wrote in a report published October 7, 2014. The report, titled “HR Technology for 2015: Ten Big Disruptions Ahead”, the management consulting firm identifies the changes that will have a significant impact on HR technology and offer advice on how best to adapt. Deloitte considers the shifting purpose of HR technology to be “perhaps the most profound issue.” While HR systems were previously used to automate, store and manage data, and “were, in effect, back-office HR process automation systems.” That model is changing, however, and employees as well as managers (and possibly job candidates) now expect to have access to a system that provides them necessary resources. For example, job applicants want to be able to apply to jobs from their mobile devices -- or ...

Why Are Implementation Costs Higher Than Initial Estimates?
Garrett O'Brien

Portions of this post provided by the thoughts of John McGrann, Director at Kirsean Consulting Inc and owner of "Drive ERP" group on LinkedIn.com From my 20+ years HRIS implementation experiences, budget overruns can all be traced back to a lack of proper planning and to a lack of proper perspectives from the very beginning. Scary part is, most believed they were on the right track in the first place and weren't listening to any recommendations, not matter what their experience. What I witnessed was seeing the whole process leading up the RFP not thorough enough as well as not drilled down enough with the right mindset as well as with the right questions. More often than not, a needs assessment involving an objective interview with the key end-users was done haphazardly, and in many cases not at all... The 'reason' given for this approach? Not enough in the budget... ...

HR Undercover: Replace Your System Not Your Staff (Part 3 of 3)
Garrett O'Brien

Editor's note:The stories you are about to read are true, only the names have been changed, to protect the innocent as well as that of the author. The stories have been verified as accurate and true and the author is a well known person in the HRIS industry. We are humbled that we have gained their trust. There are 3 parts to this series, each to be published monthly, second Thursday of each month. Feel free to start a conversation below the story perhaps you can validate some of this with your own experience.. I have been working as an HR troubleshooter for the last 25 years. During that time, I have met and worked with some of the smartest -- and dumbest -- managers around. I’ve seen fortunes wasted on the wrong HR software system, the wrong people asking the wrong questions and watched open-mouthed as money flew out ...

Systematic & Effective Planning for Your HRIS Project (Intro Part 3 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

In my last posting, BEFORE searching for a new HRIS system, several reasons were presented for rethinking the approach to obtaining a HRIS system... ...

BEFORE Searching for A New HRIS System (Intro Part 2 of 6)
Garrett O'Brien

Whether you are considering a new system or want to replace your current HR, payroll, timekeeping, benefits management and / or self-service system, here's one quick tip... Stop everything you are doing! NOW! Though many will approach acquiring a HRIS system as a top-down process, there is a much better way to approach this project that will provide more benefits than most, if not all, traditional project methodologies that most embrace...

The HRIS World Project Insights Series #thwCES
RFP? Or Scenario? Which Shall It Be?
Garrett O'Brien

The scenario approach as well as the RFP approach have been around a lot longer than any of us -- think Leonardo da Vinci... As long as the needs of the object (in this case, HRM) are being met (as opposed to desires and wants), scenario thinking has created many innovative approaches, solutions, services and products. And so hasn’t a well formed RFP…

HR Undercover: Challenge and Change (Part 1 of 3)
Garrett O'Brien

Editor's note: The stories you are about to read are true -- only the names have been changed, to protect the innocent, as well as that of the author. The stories have been verified as accurate and true -- and the author is a well known person in the HRIS industry. We are humbled that we have gained his their trust -- there are 3 parts to this series, each to be published weekly. Feel free to start a conversation below the story -- perhaps you can validate some of this with your own experience.. I have been working as an HR troubleshooter for the last 25 years. During that time, I have met and worked with some of the smartest -- and dumbest -- managers around. I’ve seen fortunes wasted on the wrong HR software system, the wrong people asking the wrong questions and watched open-mouthed as money flew ...

The HRIS World Project Insights Series #thwCES
How Do You Reduce the Implementation Pain Points? (part 2)
Lauren Gander

As discussed in the first segment of this article, nearly 75% of all major companies are planning to implement a new HRIS system before 2016. Implementing such a system is a significant, long-term investment, so it’s critical to choose the system that will work best for your company. Any system change can seem overwhelming, considering the familiarity and knowledge of the current state and the effects that change can have on the internal structure. This is especially true with Human Resources, a structure that touches each and every employee in the organization. Today’s ever changing HR systems market landscape can make the process of selecting and implementing a new system overwhelming. Most companies avoid changing their HR or Payroll systems too often and, therefore, lack a complete knowledge of the current capabilities of systems and the corresponding (and, lately, a very dynamic) market landscape. Selecting the ‘right’ system is critical ...

The HRIS World Project Insights Series #thwCES
How Do You Reduce the Implementation Pain Points? (part 1)
Lauren Gander

Every implementation brings with it excitement, surprises, challenges and pain points– as well as some common ground. Implementing any HR system is a significant long-term investment. Several common factors come with each implementation, not to mention each interested party having their own unique views. In this 1st of 2 articles, we are going to address some of those common factors. However, along with the common factors, we will take a good look at the pain points, what is causing them, and what you can do to minimize them.

Embracing Agile Business: Is Your Company Agile Enough to Thrive?
Chris Martin

Are you concerned that your company is becoming less effective at achieving its goals? Are you frustrated by the cumbersome bureaucracy that's leading to frequent and lengthier delays on your processes? Are you constantly pushing back deadlines and causing angst for both your employees and your clients? Do you get the sinking feeling that your company is falling behind your competition? Then maybe it's time for your company to become agile.

How to Ensure A Successful HRIS Implementation – Part 1 of 2
Lauren Gander

  Is DIY Really Best? Imagine that you have just received a phone call from the VP of Sales with the HR systems vendor that you have been using to maintain all of your employee information and payroll for the past eight years. You learn that they have decided to discontinue supporting the current software program and as a result, you will need to move to a new system by the beginning of next year. You might be wondering... Where do I start? How will I know what are the best options for my organization? Do I need to make these decisions alone and what choices do I have? Do I have the necessary resources to select and implement a new HR system? How do I know that I am selecting the “right” solution for my company?   Any systems change to a company can seem over-whelming at first, considering the familiarity and ...

How to Obtain A PMP Certification While Maintaining Your Work Schedule
Our Audience

Project management professional or PMP certification awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI) is recognized in various parts of the world. In addition to getting international recognition, the professional credential will further help you in building a successful career in project management fields. But you have to invest time, efforts, and money to prepare for and pass the PMP Exam. An aspirant has options to get PMP training through several traditional and online training providers. If you are already working as a project manager, your busy work schedule will not allow you to attend classes on a regular basis. So you have to consider joining an online PMP Exam Prep course to acquire the knowledge and skills required to clear the certification exam. However, you must keep some important points in mind, while comparing different PMP training providers.

Can You List 5 Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Using Six Sigma?
Debbie Allen

5 Ways Learning Six Sigma Can Help Elevate Your Business Reputation To eliminate product and service problems, the process to get there needs to be assessed first. Six Sigma is not a new concept. In fact, it was developed in the 1980s by Motorola. Six Sigma is a management philosophy that focuses on specific initiatives. For instance, the primary objectives include setting goals or objectives, the collection of data, and detailed analysis processes. The theory behind Six Sigma is that if you can detect flaws or defects in a process systematically, you can find ways to eliminate the problems. In effect, this will result in perfection – or as close to it as possible.

You Need to Find the Ideal Data Integration Software Provider, But How?
Brian Flax

Picking a data integration software provider is a big decision for any company that relies on big data or the tracking of customer information. Finding the ideal provider depends on the industry you're in, the features you're looking for, and the price you're willing to pay. When picking a data integration provider, it's important to ensure that what they can offer works for you and your business. If you're not comfortable with the process, you need to know they have support that can help you from start to finish. Let's take a look at a few tips that can help you find the best data integration software provider for you and your business.

How Basecamp Impacts Project Management Execution
Garrett O'Brien

There is a Principle That Magnifies the Positive Affects of Basecamp When Used with Project Management Getting stuff done requires re-thinking how you are doing things now This is the 2nd of what will be 2 articles of the software Basecamp. Our first article, Basecamp Will Definitely Change the Way You Do Project Management, we discussed how 37Signals claim, "Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day", exceeds everyone's expectations when it comes to Basecamp (actually, ALL their web-apps do but we're focused only on one... for now). With 8+ million projects already under its belt, this software is definitely the software you wish you had on your past projects. In today's article, we will continue this series by discovering what principles have been developed by this software at SoftwareAdvice and who designed these principles. We will also discuss the principles behind Basecamp that makes it unique -- and ...

Basecamp Will Definitely Change the Way You Do Project Management
Garrett O'Brien

How Long Has It Been Since You Said "WOW!" About Any Software? A series on re-thinking how Project Management is managed When you land on the home page for 37signals, a company already renowned for its customer-centric collaboration software, you are greeted with Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day.   From reading some of the reviews of their customers, and in talking with Robert Bellovin, the Media Relations and Editorial Coordinator at SoftwareAdvice.com, there is no mistake 37signals stands behind what they claim. Their most popular software is Basecamp and is heralded as "the Project Management tool you wish you had on your past project." When was the last time you even thought that? Never mind thought that for Project Management software? Experiences with traditional project management tools usually results in always shifting Gannt charts, almost always sliding timelines, and tasks that fall through the cracks only to be discovered ...

Why Add Customer Feedback to the SLCD?
Zyma Arsalan

Customer Feedback Is the Strongest Source of Guidance Introducing customer feedback into the development phase could keep the end product from being off-target One of the most challenging aspects of delivering project solutions and getting a sign-off is to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the delivery of the solution. However, that is the million dollar question. Developing a strategy and execution is critical to the project closure in a satisfactory way. As lead trainers in project management, we have realized that organizations, people and especially project managers forget the basic ingredient to successful service and product delivery execution. The answer is simple... Add customer feedback into the overall life cycle development. Click the read more button to discover more...

Applying Six Sigma to Transactions and Services
Debbie Allen

Transactions and Services Become Effective Instead of a Process Though originally created for manufacturing, Six Sigma has proven to be just as effective for organizations as well. Manufacturing businesses and those that focus directly on customer or client care are quite different in many ways, including the way the principles of Six Sigma can best be utilized. In a manufacturing company, the culture is very different. It is very easy to focus on defects in business operations. This is partly because the business operations rely heavily on machinery and tools. Thus, it is quite simple to put the blame of a defect on a machine or other business system that depends greatly on the use of a tool or inanimate object. In comparison, transactional and service processes are greatly dependent upon human decisions. This distinction is what makes applying Six Sigma to businesses that focus on transactional and service processes ...

Great Project Management? Strategy and Vision, Not Ownership of Results
Zyma Arsalan

3 Critical Attributes to Ensure During Finalizing Project Management Team Players You have selected your team but there is still one more thing to do before officially starting Working with complex delivery solutions, it is critical to have a team that realizes the importance of timely delivery and sustainability of the project. One of the greatest hazards faced in any project is lack of teambuilding and poor team coordination. The teams that have individual players with outstanding performance achievements can hinder in developing, enhancing and maintaining quality and customer service delivery. A leading human resource expert and works extensively with project management human resource professionals, Emily Cashione clearly states that leaders believe that since they own the strategy and vision, they own the results. And this is a false notion. Leadership is all about team building and ownership.   All projects require sound and professional team players. You have ample ...

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Why Process Management and Improvement is Becoming Paramount
Debbie Allen

Steps for Becoming Certified in Six Sigma Today's economic long-term outlook demands effectiveness as well as efficiency at all levels Debbie started the series by discerning the difference of Lean Six Sigma vs. Six Sigma – Which Is for You? and continues here by discussing steps for becoming certified in Six Sigma. Next week we will have a couple of more articles on whether you should try to learn Six Sigma on your own as well as applying Six Sigma to transactions and services. Learning the basis of the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control approach is the foundation of learning Six Sigma. Training is the first step, but getting certified in Six Sigma requires much more. It should be understood that there are various levels of Six Sigma certification, namely, Yellow, Green, Black, and Master Black Belts. Most Six Sigma programs offer online or in-house exams for Yellow and ...

Are You Learning Project Management the Right Way?
Our Audience

Knowing and thoroughly understanding the skills of project management can help in a diverse array of fields and roles. However, learning the information is not as simple as just making the decision to become a project manager. In order to really know what you are doing, consider the following tips...

How Do You Overcome the Change Management Process?
Michael Deaven

Change management is one of the trickier aspects of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Without proper planning and communication, managing change can quickly become a quagmire of objections and employee resistance. Careful planning prior to implementing change management strategies helps ease staff into new ways of thinking. Guest bloger Michael Deavon shares his insight into managing change without changing management.

Troubleshooting and Business Processes in the Cloud Are… Different
Garrett O'Brien

With new technology comes -- sometimes -- a need for a new approach to handling your business processes as well as handling your troubleshooting. Are you thinking, "Why is troubleshooting part of business processes?" Then continue reading -- otherwise, if you already know this you can skip to the next section. Business processes are just -- processes... And troubleshooting is a what? shot in the dark? If you answered anything but a process, then you probably try to resolve things with emotions (yes, I am guilty of this as well) instead of through some sort of rational or process (which is where I go AFTER the emotions don't resolve anything -- sound familiar?) OK, so most of us are used to using the standard "computer / server / internet" setup -- where the cloud is more like "computer / internet / server". So what happens when something not-so-nice happens? Changes ...

Need a KPI Template? We Have More than 15,000 KPI’s for You!
Garrett O'Brien

One of our LinkedIn members posted a discussion in our group The HRIS WorldLI that caught our attention. With 2500+ members, it's not often we see something like this so we contacted him concerning his recent publications that contain tens of thousands of KPI's. His name is Rachad Baroudi, PhD and he has worked with KPIs while assisting many government entities when he discovered the need of such a book as well as website. However... What is in the KPI Mega Library? 6600 ORGANIZATION KPIs (32 Industries) Agriculture | Banking & Investment | Communication & PR | Compliance | Construction | Consulting Services | Contracting | Customer | Service | Education | Energy Supply | Engineering | Financial | Health & Safety | Healthcare | Hospitality | Human Resources | Information Technology | Insurance | Internal Process | Leisure & Recreation | Livestock & Dairy | Management | Manufacturing | Procurement | ...

What Can Happen When the RFI is Overlooked
Garrett O'Brien

Many projects start with much anticipation and highly constructive energies between vendor and client. Some clients end up rolling forward quite readily with their project while others -- well, they are trying to figure out how everything cooled off with their vendor to the point where they feel like they are standing in the middle of a large empty room holding a full bag of empty promises.

How PMP Certification Can Enhance Career Prospects
Our Audience

This is a guest post by Kishore Mishra, content writer PMP Certification can enhance modern businesses to develop a high quality product within a predetermined timeframe and stipulated budget. The growing competition among the companies also often forces them to complete a project with limited resources, manpower and equipment. So most companies prefer hiring qualified and experienced project managers to plan, monitor and control the time, cost and scope of individual projects. So the project management professional (PMP) certified professionals are hired by reputed multinational companies by paying a high pay package. Once you obtain the PMP certification, administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), the same can vouch for the formal education, skills and experienced acquired by you on various aspects of project management. If you are unaware of the professional project management certification, it is time to understand some of its prominent benefits in enhancing your career prospects.

Get – and Keep – Your Project Management Certification
Our Audience

This is a guest post by Hans Rao, writer Important Aspects of Project Management Professional Training and Certification Each organization wants to deploy the qualified and experienced project managers to manage and complete its projects. So the project management professional (PMP) certified professionals are recruited by companies to complete the project within the predetermined timeframe and using the allocated resources and cost. The professional project management certification is issued by Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI is a non-profit association of project management professionals. The members of PMI and certified professionals reside and work in more than 170 countries. So the individuals aspiring to pursue careers in project management must complete the PMP training program and acquire the certification to get lucrative job offers. Significance of PMP Certification The PMP certification is considered as the culmination of education, training, experience and testing in project management. The PMP certified professionals use their ...