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MOVE Guides Shortlisted as Finalist for 2017 SaaS Awards
Garrett O'Brien

MOVE Guides Shortlisted as Finalist for 2017 SaaS Awards International Software Program Announces Finalists SAN FRANCISCO and LONDON (August 2, 2017) – MOVE Guides is a finalist in the 2017 SaaS Awards Program in the category Best SaaS Product for HR or Recruitment. MOVE Guides has developed the world’s first cloud-based talent mobility software platform, defining and driving the future of global talent management and workforce planning. Brynne Kennedy, founder and CEO of MOVE Guides, commented, “Competition in the global SaaS marketplace is extremely intense. MOVE Guides is honored to be short-listed for our Talent Mobility Cloud solution, which has been embraced by enterprises seeking better global talent management.” MOVE Guides is honored to be short-listed for our Talent Mobility Cloud solution, which has been embraced by enterprises seeking better global talent management.” With awards for excellence and innovation in SaaS, the Software-as-a-Service Awards program accepts entries worldwide, including the US, ...

MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Kennedy Named a 2017 Workforce Magazine Game Changer
Garrett O'Brien

MOVE Guides CEO Brynne Kennedy Named a 2017 Workforce Magazine Game Changer Kennedy Recognized for Disrupting How Organizations Approach Global Talent Management and Mobile Workforce  SAN FRANCISCO, CA and LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – (July 18, 2017) – MOVE Guides, a technology leader that helps HR teams move their employees around the world, today announced that founder and CEO Brynne Kennedy has been named a 2017 Game Changer by Workforce magazine. The distinction honors Kennedy as one of the 25 leaders under the age of 40 making a significant mark on the HR profession. Kennedy founded MOVE Guides in 2012 after experiencing a series of cumbersome relocations and went on to launch the first enterprise software platform and employee support model for managing the global mobile workforce. Since then, the company has experienced astronomical growth, nearly tripling in 2016 while earning a significant market share in the U.S., Australia, Europe and ...

Now Automate Your Billable Time or Payable Hours via Passive Timekeeping
Garrett O'Brien

Simplify Your Tracking Your Time with "Passive" Timekeeping! You may have noticed a new item at the top of our sidebar promoting Chrometa, promising to simplify your life -- well, we are going to tell you how it can do that! Most importantly, Chrometa is easy & 100% accurate! The software captures your time for you as you work on your PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android. And there is no need to start or stop timers as all that's done for you. Seriously, it's like having your very own personal timekeeper. Chrometa also works great on cell phones  - no missed billable or payable minutes (or hours)! Working flex-time or on multiple projects? BINGO! No lost time, no confusion! Every email you write, every call you make or take, every minute you work gets recorded and "automatically" put on your time sheet.

Riding the tide
Giving Small Business a Competitive Advantage with the Cloud
Jon Smith

Jon Smith is a regular contributor to The HRIS World. Anyone involved with technology and business is hearing about the cloud -- what many do not know is how the cloud is giving small businesses a competitive advantage. As technology changes, which it so rapidly does, it is important that small businesses keep up-to-date with the latest trends opening up opportunities to innovate, diversify, gain, and keep a competitive advantage. Cloud computing is one of these trends it is extremely cost-effective for small businesses, reducing IT costs and increasing efficiency in the process. Cloud services are extremely secure and provide small businesses with flexibility, allowing users to access and update records wherever they are in the world. It implies that the digital infrastructure of a small business can be housed externally and can provide a versatile alternative to keeping servers on site. Servers can be very costly to maintain, in ...

An Update On Our Launched Programs and Projects
Garrett O'Brien

Projects and Programs Launched Our newsletters, news magazines, as well as our Content Series, have been launched, focusing on several verticals to give you and our audiences a choice on what to focus on. Our newsletters provide several options, including any choice(s) of our Content Series (or the entire Content Series), podcasts, and/or webinars as well as the option to receive everything we publish. Our current topics in our Content Series include AI and HR Millennials Vendor Spotlight Vendor Interviews Enterprise Software Options Leadership Project Management Insights HR Dog (why is the technology tail still wagging the HR dog?) Our  15+ News Magazines have been launched through Flipboard and are fed from RSS feeds and alerts we have set up across the internet and cover the topics in our content series as well as HR management, HR Technology, Analytics, Conferences, Learning, the industry as a whole, Future of World and a couple of side magazine on Economics and ...

How to Improve Project Management by Using Time & Attendance Software
Our Audience

This article on project management is from guest blogger Erica Bell, writer -- her post reviews available types of software As a Human Resources (HR) professional, time management is key to performing your job well. With the constant stream of tasks from hiring to figuring out payroll services, things can sometimes become overwhelming. Time and attendance software can help you save time and money. There are a number of options currently available to match the needs of your company, whether you work with a small business or large corporation. Here are 3 common types of software systems to take into account as you consider time and attendance software for your office...

Seeking Cloud-Based Project Management Tools?
Biljana Dimovska

Yes, supervising a project can make people go crazy. It is most likely true when we don't use the suitable project management tools to do our job. However, for regular people, sticky notes, office suites, small notebooks and to-do applications are already enough for them. On the contrary, people who work for big companies, particularly the project managers, need more than that; they need something that is all-inclusive. This article will help you in choosing the best and most used Cloud-hosted project management tools. Options for Free Cloud Project Management Tools These tools have more detailed features and provide one strategy to administer all your projects without a challenge. Here's a listing of the top 6 popular project management apps...

managing your talent workforce workforcegrowth.com
Does Managing Your Talent Have to be Strenuous?
Hafsah Nazir

This post contribute by Hafsah Nazir, HR Analyst. Talent has different meanings to different organizations. A hi-tech industry will refer to as talented to someone who understands the latest developments in technological world and brings about the changes to the organization accordingly. However such a talented hi-tech expert will be invaluable to a fashion industry. Therefore in my opinion the first step is to define the talent is... related to and needed by you, particularly for your kind of industry being sought by your competitors and should be hired by you

Top 5 Absence Management Systems For Small Businesses
Garrett O'Brien

This article is from guest blogger Orson Daymond, writer. Many a time business owners and companies are confused about the software to utilize to manage absence. Here is our list of some of the best software to use based on the features, design and consistency of the results they have produced in their application. Here is a summary of the top 5 absence management systems best suited for small businesses...

Time Tracking Software For Freelancers and SMBs
Our Audience

This article is from guest blogger Christine Jones   The internet has made it possible for any freelancer to work from his/her own home and make money. They seek employment over the internet through freelancing. They become virtual employees of an employer who’s perhaps halfway across the world. Many are catching up to the idea, and a lot of web designers and web developers are taking advantage of this great opportunity to get work. One of the key tools required for a virtual freelancer is a time tracking software. The requirement is to fulfill the need of keeping track of the time of the work you do for your clients. Here are 4 recommendations...

What They Don’t Tell You Before Obtaining A New HRIS System
Garrett O'Brien

The market for HR / HR technology / HRIS software is trying to keep pace with the demand and for good reason -- a LOT of systems are getting old, which means the technology and the means for reporting are already old (5 years or more is considered old). This also means the demands and means to search for a system, solutions and/or software is also growing -- where there is a need, there are those willing to fill the need. This includes, but is not limited to, blogs and companies that focus specifically on the pros and cons, ins and outs, as well as bells and whistles of the latest versions of various systems. As these resources are already available to you, what we are NOT going to do is tell you with this post is what to buy nor are we going to tell you if integrated or best-in-class ...

How a Small Business Can Benefit from the Cloud
Garrett O'Brien

For our parent company CGServices USA Inc, most of their clientele are the Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies. Yet it is the small company makes up nearly 80% of the U.S. economy. To this end, we include small businesses as well enterprises in our promotions and articles. A small business is usually considered to be any company with few than 50 employees. Where does the number 50 come from? No clue -- what does matter is that any small business usually has a full-deck of things to do to maintain and/or establish growth without being burdened by systems they do not need. In today's economy this is ESPECIALLY true. Fast rising fuel costs, inflation, government regulation heavily burdening the overhead, national healthcare costs to be factored in, not to mention the threat of higher taxes. As a small business owner, you definitely feel the economy and the government is conspiring against ...

Selecting a Global HR System: Essentials Check-List for SMB’s
Sue Lingard

If you are reading this article, chances are you are one of the many thousands of mid-sized and growing organizations doing business around the world. You’ve probably found that with international growth, comes the need for an international workforce, and with an international workforce comes international headaches! The rise of modern, affordable Cloud HR software means there are now global HR solutions available to fit companies of every size and every budget. Unfortunately, while most HR vendors claim their systems are global, many of them only solve part of the problem. Rather than really supporting a global deployment, their international HRIS functionality is only skin deep. Since these HR systems are delivered online, in the Cloud, it’s true that employees can log on from anywhere; and perhaps see screens in their chosen language—using familiar terminology or date formatting. However, when it comes to key areas, like helping you comply with ...

Mitigating and Overcoming Common Hazards of Building an Efficient Recruitment Process
Garrett O'Brien

Trust Driven Efficiency! When we think about in-house recruiters, we think about a group who are normally amongst some of the busiest people in the organisation. It truly is a juggling act keeping HR, internal clients and candidates happy at all times. This is why when asking recruiters to engage with a technology solution that helps the business track and measure HR effectiveness; it’s vital that the solution makes their life easier. To set this blog apart from the typical “How to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiters”, I thought I’d highlight common hazards to be mindful of when building an efficient recruitment process. Mitigating and overcoming these key challenges will help you to become more efficient and effective in the future.

What is HR data really all about — metrics? Or INSIGHTS?
Garrett O'Brien

Your Future Is Already At Hand What if I said that you could predict the future? No, not by using time travel or a psychic, (as I’m sure the lottery numbers might be more on your mind), but by using insights in your HR data, to predict behaviour, trends and relationships in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. So with this in mind, why do so many organisations overlook using insight in their recruitment process?

How To Improve the Journey for your Candidates and Hiring Managers
Garrett O'Brien

Now we’ve all applied for jobs, not that first paper round you did or even the bar you worked in at Uni. I’m talking about the jobs that mattered to you. The Graduate programme, or the career switch, the situations where making the right decision felt like everything. The jobs where you are desperate to find a company with the right fit, to secure right role. But getting these jobs from my own experience is not easy; it takes days, weeks, even months going through different applications with numerous companies. You find yourself lost and frustrated amongst a sea of process and administration, completing web forms, adding profiles, completing online tests. No two organisations processes are the same and so often little or no feedback for all your efforts. Applying for my internship I went through over 50 different application processes, where only 20 companies even came back to me ...

img cr LatinBusinessToday.com
Top 10 Cloud Apps for Your Small Business

According to Google, a cloud app is: a software application that is never installed on a local machine; it’s always accessed over the Internet The advantage of using cloud apps for small businesses is that it allows for improved organization and collaboration, as well as access to data and portability. With cloud apps, you can log in from home, or work from different locations. Your data will not go out of sync, and can be easily shared and viewed by employees or clients. Below is a tabbed box of 10 cloud apps that can really support your small business, just click the name on the left for the description (it will play automatically for you when your mouse is not on the box)...

With Cloud Computing, What Do You Need to Know About IaaS?
Ben Jones

With Cloud Computing, What Do You Need to Know About IaaS -- and several other forms of cloud computing. Regular contributor Ben Jones discusses the various forms of the cloud system and provides a few suggestions for cloud providers in Europe.

Top 5 Small Business Payroll Software Progams 500x328
Top 5 Business Payroll Software Programs
Laura Burkey

  Keeping the books straight is imperative to any company’s success. Whether there are 3 or 300 employees, there are 5 payroll software programs that are the best option for your business. The list was created by comparing various aspects and expectations of such software, including ease of use, sustainability, cost, and features. Most small business owners don’t have time to keep track of the books. Everyone needs a little help once in a while. Check out the following top-rated programs, which are listed from least to most expensive....

Do You Know What to Look for in Good HR Software?
Sarah Ambler

This is a guest post by Sarah Ambler, writing for Cezanne OnDemand     Choosing a HR software system can be a challenge - particularly if you are a first-time user or haven’t explored the market for some time. Significant changes in computing have led to an array of new products and a variety of delivery models and it can be difficult to pinpoint the solution that will best suit your business. This list will help you identify the key issues to consider and features to look out for...

VidCruiter Continues to Innovate

VidCruiter Continues to Innovate and Will Help You Find the Best Person for the Job! 92% of companies continue to rely on their gut instincts when hiring VidCruiter has made it easy to double your recruiting success From the beginning, VidCruiter’s mission has been to help HR managers and recruiters hire the best candidates in the most efficient manner. To date, VidCruiter’s video interviewing platform has received multiple awards based on its level of innovation, customization and automation. With the launch of their Digital Structured Interview application, VidCruiter is once again revolutionizing the way organizations hire.

More Cloud-Based Services You May Be Using
Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a regular contributor to The HRIS World. Editor's note: Ben continues his discussion here from his previous article, Have Any Clue What Cloud-Based Services You Already Use?, where he shares systems many are using but may not be aware of that they are using a cloud system. Here, he groups more systems into their functional categories, giving you some means to associate each type of cloud system. Be sure to catch his other article as well!...

Exploiting Innovative Technologies in BI and Big Data Analytics
Garrett O'Brien

BI and Big Data Analytics Infographic from SAP Analytics Click the read more button to discover more...

From SMB to Enterprise: Top 5 Major European Payroll Software Vendors
Cara Aley

  When considering the selection of a payroll software vendor, there are numerous factors to evaluate. Among the most important for SMB's as well as Enterprise end-users are ease of use, fees associated with the payroll service provider, and features provided with the software. Taking all of these factors into consideration, here is a list of what we’d consider to be the top five most prominent payroll software vendors in Europe...

MOVE Guides for Your Talent Mobility
Poppy Marshall

As more and more companies go global, the number of employees dealing with relocations to new offices in new places continues to rapidly increase. As those employees undergo the stress of adapting to new living environments, workplaces, and sometimes drastically different cultures and languages, support from HR can be the make-or-break element to a successful transition. MOVE Guides is a company dedicated to optimising that success. We caught up with Marketing Communications Manager Claire Beckenstein, at the HR Tech Europe Conference London last March to get the full story behind the business...  

talentia: Consolidated Technology Aligns Financial Data With HR Activity
Denis Barnard

Trading firm aligns financial data with HR activity through the use of consolidated technology from UK software specialist Talentia Software, the award-winning supplier of business management solutions, has enabled an international trading organisation based in Saint Kitts and Nevis to effectively manage its performance and people through the combined use of web-based finance and HR systems. Used in tandem, these will provide greater financial visibility and a robust alternative to spreadsheets...

Top 5 Open Source Software for Human Resource Management
Joy Maiywa

  In today's global market, it is vital for companies to hold on to their most vital asset, which is the human resource, if they are to remain relevant in spite of the aggressive competition all around them. This is because the success chart for any company not only depends on factors such as technology, strategies, and products, but also on its labor force to a large extent. The following is a list of some of the top five open source apps available for human resources...

metaphor.com: Boosting Empowerment – Can Empowering Employees Really Affect Change?
Andrew Leong-Fern

The theory and practice of empowering employees in the workplace has been around for decades yet it still is often just a catch phrase with no real meaning behind it for many employees. As with many core changes to how a company operates, empowerment needs to be felt and embraced by individuals, not just as corporate philosophy. If employees do not truly understand what empowerment means or if the systems in place do not nurture empowerment, it becomes just another useless word that managers throw around. Giving Empowerment Meaning Empowerment in the workplace should be more than just words...

Open Source HR Software? or Closed Source? Which Shall It Be?
Garrett O'Brien

  Search With Discernment In our earlier post, Top 5 Open Source Software for Human Resource Management, our contributing author shared 5 great Open Source systems to consider as an option to Close Source Systems. The decision process to use an Open Source System or Open Source Software should not be black and white -- like it or not, there is a LOT of grey area of which to be concerned. The good news -- usually a lot of grey area is a good sign  of needing to take your time, ascertain your needs thoroughly so you will come out on top. What works for one environment does not mean it works in all environments, or even similar environments -- your business processes and in many ways your corporate cultures are huge factor in what system and/or software will work within your business. There is no mistake about it -- it ...

4 HR Management Systems For Your Small Business (think Cloud)
Kyle Lagunas

  HR in small businesses has for years been relegated to managing spreadsheets, paper forms and an endless number of filing cabinets with employee records. As many can attest, such systems are chaotic, inefficient, and difficult to train new employees on. The emergence of web-based HRIS, however, has bridged the gap, and now small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMB) have a more cost-effective way to access the HR technology that was once only available to big-budget enterprise businesses. The number of vendors offering HRMS solutions to small businesses continues to grow, and finding the system that’s right for your organization can be a serious challenge. To get you started, I’ve put together a list of a few of the more popular HR systems for small businesses. I tried to include a good representation of market veterans and newcomers, but this is in no way an exhaustive list...

A Beginner’s Guide to Cloud Applicant Tracking Systems
Kyle Lagunas

  Managing an organization's growth is no walk in the park . The process of reviewing resumes, interviewing candidates, and hiring/on-boarding is time-consuming. When searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack, a recruiter's least concern should be keeping organized. Thankfully, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and your hiring headaches can easily become a thing of the past. Due largely in part to the emergence of web-based Software as a Service (SaaS), organizations of any size and budget can tap into feature-rich web-based applicant tracking software (ATS) and streamline their hiring process. If you think you are ready to retire your Rolodex and recycle those paper resumes, here’s what you should know about ATS...

GigPlug – A New Channel for Talent Acquisition
Poppy Marshall

“We are a new channel for talent acquisition.” That is Chris Dobson, Director at GigPlug, summarising their product and services at the HR Tech Europe London conference last March. The idea of “digitalising” was a key conference topic and the online recruitment application GigPlug sits at the heart of this developing trend. GigPlug has expanded internal business processes incentivising employees for candidate referral by leveraging social media. Chris discussed its inspiration and contributions to the recruitment process with Poppy Marshall at the London conference...

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight #thwVS
Renishaw and Talentia HR Software
Denis Barnard

Following on from their Press Release MEDIA CASE STUDY SYNOPSIS: How Renishaw Achieves Global Data Visibility Through Talentia Software’s HCM System, Julie Windsor, Managing Director of Talentia Software UK was able to answer some questions put forth by HRcomparison...   Could you describe in a little more detail how Renishaw management use the HR information? Renishaw’s UK-based central HR team currently manages the human resource function and maintains associated information for the rest of the company worldwide, covering a total workforce of almost 3,500 staff. This central team runs regular headcount reports for the whole company; these reports are provided to the Board and the data is fed into SharePoint. The data includes: hierarchies; reporting lines; location; department and salaries, as well as absence and sickness information. This data informs Renishaw’s training and recruitment needs and other strategic decisions.

How Basecamp Impacts Project Management Execution
Garrett O'Brien

There is a Principle That Magnifies the Positive Affects of Basecamp When Used with Project Management Getting stuff done requires re-thinking how you are doing things now This is the 2nd of what will be 2 articles of the software Basecamp. Our first article, Basecamp Will Definitely Change the Way You Do Project Management, we discussed how 37Signals claim, "Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day", exceeds everyone's expectations when it comes to Basecamp (actually, ALL their web-apps do but we're focused only on one... for now). With 8+ million projects already under its belt, this software is definitely the software you wish you had on your past projects. In today's article, we will continue this series by discovering what principles have been developed by this software at SoftwareAdvice and who designed these principles. We will also discuss the principles behind Basecamp that makes it unique -- and ...

Basecamp Will Definitely Change the Way You Do Project Management
Garrett O'Brien

How Long Has It Been Since You Said "WOW!" About Any Software? A series on re-thinking how Project Management is managed When you land on the home page for 37signals, a company already renowned for its customer-centric collaboration software, you are greeted with Making collaboration productive and enjoyable for people every day.   From reading some of the reviews of their customers, and in talking with Robert Bellovin, the Media Relations and Editorial Coordinator at SoftwareAdvice.com, there is no mistake 37signals stands behind what they claim. Their most popular software is Basecamp and is heralded as "the Project Management tool you wish you had on your past project." When was the last time you even thought that? Never mind thought that for Project Management software? Experiences with traditional project management tools usually results in always shifting Gannt charts, almost always sliding timelines, and tasks that fall through the cracks only to be discovered ...

5 Reasons Why Users Deem Linux as the Best OS
Andrew Lisa

Windows And Apple Are Predominant However Linux Has Gained Much Stablility is mandatory once anything reaches high speeds - car, motorcycle, planes... computers... While Linux doesn't have a share of the market that comes anywhere near Windows or OS X -- or even a share of the market that could reasonably be called mainstream -- those who do use it tend to be dedicated, advanced users who are part of powerful institutions such as governments, major corporations, and scientific organizations. Linux users aren't many, but they are a loyal, knowledgeable bunch. Here's why...

Here’s a Thought: How About Using SharePoint to Actually… Share?
Jennifer Marsh

Collaboration is a major part of the new business economy. Small to mid-sized businesses are hungry for solutions that make collaboration easier across multiple platforms. This is why more companies are turning to SharePoint. Among SharePoint’s many features, its ease in collaborating is one of the major selling points. Guest post by Jennifer Marsh.

Creating Value in Managing Documents By Using SharePoint
Jennifer Marsh

Microsoft SharePoint is an easy-to-use document repository for Windows server networks. Jennifer Marsh discusses the various factors involved in setting up SharePoint to manage changes and storage of your documents.

Have You Thought About What to Look for In a SharePoint Consultant?
Jennifer Marsh

As organizations have increasingly conducted business online, the need for effective data management has grown and evolved. Part of that evolution has demanded that content management platforms be developed with greater infrastructure and a more advanced ability to be integrated with other applications and digital tools. Microsoft SharePoint has been one of the leading web application platforms to help businesses realize those goals. Guest post by Jennifer Marsh.