About The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series™ #thwVIS #NextGenVendors

For vendor insights, we provide The HRIS World Content Series: Next Gen Vendor to promote their companies, products, services, and visions -- the Next Gen Vendor insights consists of 3 series...

    The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight focuses on the different aspects of the SMB / SME vendor, their services and software

Our 2nd series,

    The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series focuses on the SMB and Enterprise vendor’s decision makers alike, their thoughts for the future of work as well as their own company, and what they see as the challenges coming up in the industry

The 3rd series,

    The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options focuses on the different aspects of the Enterprise vendor, their services and software

All 3 series can be found through the second menu at the top of any page under The HRIS World Content Series™

The Vendor Interview Series is provided in email, podcast and video interview format while the other two series are provided in a mix of the three to supplement the content.

You will find various aspects of a vendors business as well as any announcement of webinars, group demos, and conferences a vendor may be conducting.

If you are a vendor wanting to contribute to either series via a post or interview, feel free to click the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to let us know how we can assist -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

Call for Sponsors
Garrett O'Brien

Our Call for Sponsors is now open! The HRIS World is looking for all the open minded companies that would like to support our site help us maintain the free cost for everyone who visits our site promote yourself and reach out to a significant number of relevant influencers and professionals within the HR and HR technology industry All announcements will be made through our social media accounts: LinkedIn (company page, our groups, public feed) twitter (7 accounts) Google plus Flipboard (more than 30 magazines) scoop.it StumbleUpon Tumblr paper.li

Introducing Our Features for Everyone
Garrett O'Brien

With this post we are launching with our new features and services - there are features for everyone, features for our members, as well as services for vendors. We are also officially relaunching with a new server, new theme, along with a ton of work performed on the back end. You will be introduced to the features for everyone in this post, and in our next post you will be introduced to the features for our members and a third post for our vendor services. And before we get started, we do want to offer our apologies to all for the abrupt downtime this month - the previous theme broke something resulting in not being able to accomplish anything on the back end without resorting to another theme during the process, bouncing back to the original and/or massaging the database. We already had the theme you see now started in ...

HR Software Solutions Renews Its Relationship with The HRIS World
Garrett O'Brien

One of our means to keeping The HRIS World going is to provide marketing support to vendors. And one of those vendors is our Preferred Vendor for HRIS services focuses on providing vendor management, system selection, project management, system implementation and HR outsourcing. Their name? Well, their logo says it all... About HR Software Solutions, Inc. As a professional services firm, HR Software Solutions Inc. was founded with the mission of developing trusted business partnerships through mutual trust and respect. They were founded in 2006 with the goal of providing businesses with the resources needed to run an effective implementation while helping them achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Founder and President, Lauren DeFilippo Gander, is a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years experience in all aspects of Human Resources working with both medium and large organizations, private and public sectors alike. Prior to starting HR Software Solutions, Ms. ...

Porter Williams: The Candidate Interviewing Process With Technology That Keeps Pace With Business
Poppy Marshall

Away from the buzz of the HR Tech Europe exhibition hall, I had a one-on-one discussion with Porter Williams, Director of Client Services at HireVue. It was clear from our conversation that HireVue is a company committed to evolving the way candidates and companies connect, obvious not just from Porter but from the company as a whole. The Candidate Interviewing Process For companies and candidates alike, the traditional interviewing process can be complex and cumbersome. What if a business was equipped with the insights and tools to make more effective hiring decisions? HireVue’s digital video interviewing platform allows companies to make better, faster and more informed hiring decisions. It allows employers to conduct on-demand digital interviews with applicants – anywhere in the world, at any time. The result?

The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series #thwVIS Marie Claire Poitras VidCruiter
Marie Claire Poitras: A Simplified Way to Video Interviewing
Poppy Marshall

Last March at the HR Tech Europe conference in London, you were not short for the latest tools and devices for recruitment, development, talent mobility, referral, the list goes on. A perfect example from the day is VidCruiter. The tool takes a different approach by revolutionising how recruiters evaluate candidates and rank applicants. The process provides a simplified way to video interview candidates whilst still being engaging and worthwhile.

The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series Saylor Frase Nuspire #thwVIS
Saylor Frase: 4 Things About IT Security That HR Needs to Know
Saylor Frase

The Fast-Changing IT Landscape Requires A Fast-Changing Security Mindset Some net technology maybe needed, but technology can never replace discernment in managing security IT security is on everyone’s minds these days. With news of IT security breaches and cyber threats ripped from the daily headlines, most businesses face challenges maintaining an IT infrastructure free from vulnerabilities. HR Information Systems bring with them their own unique IT security issues. Enterprise-wide applications such as Payroll, Benefits, Human Resources, Compensation, Talent Management, Applicant Tracking, Timekeeping and other business systems are the lifeblood of the organization.