About The HRIS World AI & NLP Series™ #thwAI

Everyone has been hearing about AI, some have been hearing about NLP - and everyone has an opinion, belief, or thought about AI. However, that opinion, belief, or thought about AI (and/or NLP) is fully dependent upon the voices of whom everyone has chosen to listen. We are at a stage in our rate of change of technology where we have to let go of how we learned things in the past -- and step into a new stage of keeping ourselves always available to learn, no matter what we believe and/or think.

We cannot, more than ever before, solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them (said Albert Einstein nearly 100 years ago!). We are also going to be seeing all the analytics, management, performance, and recruitment aspects of HR becoming glued together through an entirely different, much faster means of inputting, managing, and retrieving data. This is not happening in a few years, it is already happening.

Our series provides the understanding, questioning, and ideas of AI so you can start learning how to think, learn what questions to ask, and discover for yourself what you need before you need it.

Feedback, debates, discussion, collaboration and conversation are always encouraged in the comments section below... For more information about this series, use the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to contact us -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

What You Need to Know About AI and NLP When It Comes to HR
Soumyasanto Sen and Raja Sengupta

Text analysis is possibly the most familiar tool known HR. Almost everyone in HR/ recruitment is hands on with Boolean keyword searches for identifying good resumes and of course the oft humorous results and typical frustrations associated with it. Natural Language processing (NLP) basically takes text analysis to a much higher level of detail, granularity and accuracy. Acute insights from NLP were a technological constraint in the past but there have been major strides of late. This has primarily been aided by the development of distributed computing (cloud) and intense research in NLP applications by academic and professional bodies around the world.

AI and NLP
Why After AI, NLP Needs to Be the Next Conversation In HR
Garrett O'Brien

AI Is the Conversation Today We recently shared some of our thoughts on LinkedIn updates about HR and AI (artificial intelligence) being the latest conversation nearly everywhere... Given the propensity for disruption of the last decade, many may believe this is another replacement to the what-and-how we do things. We may not be the first to say this, but we will -- AI is not a replacement technology, instead AI is and will be pulling all the technologies today together, in its wake creating a faster, easier environment in which to work... Notice we did not say there will not be mishaps, discoveries and a learning curve for us -- there always is with technology. We are definitely entering an era where new ways are supplementing not replacing the latest means - which also means people analytics / HR analytics, big data, and cloud computing are staying, not going away...