How Using A Niche Job Board Increases Your Prospects

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Although your job hunt should never solely focus on job boards, using a targeted niche job board can prove to be very helpful.

These boards are usually much smaller than the major ones, but they do hold some job gems.

You’ll also stand a much higher chance of being hired, as potential employers who use them usually have a smaller pool of candidates to choose from.

If you apply via a targeted board, you’ll also earn ‘respect points’, as high quality job seekers usually use a niche board.

Use a Board with Endorsements

There are loads of niche boards out there, but some are definitely better than others.

According to, you should keep a look out for ‘success stories’ on the job board site.

  • Do companies in your industry have good things to say about the board?
  • Have a look at the banner ads: Are they from well-known organisations?
  • Does the job board have a good reputation within your specific industry?

Another thing to look out for is links.

If reputable trade publications or organisations have a link to the niche board on their websites, it means that they endorse it. also recommends that you start with the most popular niche boards, as sites that get the most traffic will be a good bet.

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More Likely to Find a Job If You Niche

According to, the large boards often don’t aggregate all the job listings, and the smaller niche boards usually have jobs that don’t show up on the major sites.

Sometimes the smaller boards even display hiring managers’ contact info, which is an added bonus as you can contact them directly.

You’ll also compete with fewer candidates on a niche board, and hiring managers will have fewer applicants to sift through.

By applying through a niche board, it will also show potential employers that you know the industry and that you’re a high quality candidate, as niche applicants tend to have more specialised skills.

Watch Out for Spam Sites

According to, some job boards exist only for traffic reasons, with the owners making money off Google Ads.

You should generally avoid these types of sites, as they won’t be very helpful.

Be wary if the board has a lot of unrelated job ads.

A reputable niche board will have relevant and targeted job postings, and will feature well-known companies.

They’ll also often have a quality blog, or useful links and industry-related articles. also advises that a reputable board will have good customer service; for example, they answer emails promptly and they know their products.

Biggest Advantages of a Niche Job Board

Using a niche job board in your job search can be a great tool, as it can point you in the right direction (and potentially get you hired).

Even if you don’t nab a job directly through the board, it’s still an excellent way to get a good feel for your industry, to see who the reputable players are, and to get your foot in the door.

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