How to Use Pinterest to Find Your Dream Job

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Still looking for that dream job?

You’ve used Pinterest to make plans for your dream home, your dream wedding, and your dream car.

So why not use it to make your dream job a reality?

Put your pinning skills to work and use Pinterest to help you find your dream job.

Over 11 million people and companies use Pinterest every day, so connecting to employers and businesses is easier than you think.

Create Your Resume

Turn your Pinterest board into a creative and dynamic resume.

While the competition uses those same old boring Word-based resumes, you can be a standout with a visually stunning and creative pictorial map of your career experience.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Start by pinning photos of the places you went to school or where you worked or interned.

Write small captions under each photo to add more information about yourself.

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Add in photos and descriptions of your hobbies, interests, honors, and special skills.

Before you know it, you will have an entire board dedicated to your dream job search.

Don’t forget to highlight your strengths and talk about yourself.

What makes you a perfect fit for your dream job?

Show your future employers why they need you on their team.

Create a Portfolio

Nothing can highlight your experience better than a portfolio.

Don’t just “tell” people what you did, “show” them.

Show the world what you are capable of with a pictorial portfolio on your Pinterest board.

These are especially great for professionals in an art or design field, but written documents can also be scanned to create a visually stunning portfolio that is readily available on your Pinterest page.

Start Connecting

Find Pinterest boards for your dream employers and connect with them.

Leave comments on their pages and invite them to see your board.

You can also pin photos from their sites to share on your board or try to start a conversation.

Perhaps you are starting a business.

No problem – just find other professionals in your area of expertise and connect with them.

Use your resume and professional portfolio to show them why you are a standout in your field.

Start conversations and spread the word that you are ready for business.

Link your Pinterest account to your other social network accounts so you can begin building a network of professionals and employers in your field of interest.

Make them take notice of you.

Keep it Professional

Now that you are using your social networking sites like Pinterest to connect to employers and other professionals, keep your posts and pictures professional.

Maybe you found a funny photo of a cat with a bad hair day?

Resist the urge to post it to your site.

You don’t want to turn away potential jobs with random photos or unrelated comments.

Make your Pinterest resume site your professional page and keep it totally clean.

Leave the random photos or comments to your personal site.

Make it Secure

Afraid to show the world your personal information on your resume?

No problem – just be sure to adjust your security settings so only your contacts can see your Pinterest resume and portfolio.

Security settings can change occasionally, so make sure you check the Pinterest site for updates or security changes.

Keep it Fresh

Don’t forget to update often.

It shows people you are passionate about your job search or your new business.

You will attract more people if you update information and connect to other professionals at least a few times each week.

Nothing is worse than a stale Pinterest site — keep it fresh and fun!

Have you used Pinterest as part, or even all, of your CV or resume?
If you did land a job due to your use of Pinterest, please share with us your pointers in the comments below!
Photo Credits: bunchesandbits, whimsy_girl

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