How Your Knowledge Of English Can Influence Your Career Prospects

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Even though both Hindi and English are the national languages of India, the Indian economy and its industrial counterparts seems to give preference to candidates with fluent English speaking and writing capability.

It is a fact that you need to possess English knowledge if you want to come across as a marketable candidate for job portals and someone worthy hiring by employers.

Sadly, not everyone is fluent in English and this becomes a stumbling block in career.

In this article, we articulate few reasons to make you understand the importance of English, hoping that it will motivate you to learn the language as well.

Opens More Employment Opportunities

It is not secret that if you are fluent in English, you will get a better preference over a non-English knowing counterpart.

I know this is a biased thinking as knowledge of language does not make up for skills, knowledge and talent but this is the brutal reality.

If you are weak in this field, it is recommended to join a reputed English speaking and writing course to increase employment opportunities.

Better Chances of Promotion

Again, this is a biased thinking with the industrial world but when you know English and can communicate via the language, you are seen as more capable and worthy.

Everyone appreciates and praises you.

Sometimes, this knowledge becomes a stepping stone towards a better career, that is, you are considered for promotion within the company first and then come the non-fluent in English colleagues.

Increases Travel Opportunities

Whether you want the company to send you abroad on assignments or whether you want to go abroad and work, knowledge of English is mandatory.

English is the global language of communication.

Therefore, you must possess at least knowledge of business English to become worthy.

Business English is slightly different from the English used on a daily basis.

It is called “business” English because it focuses on communication processes and mediums used by working professionals.

In fact, some English teaching institutes specialize only on business English.

Nonetheless, if you want to go abroad, first brush up your English knowledge and learn to read, speak, and write in English.

Provides Better Pay

We do not know the exact reason behind it but upon observation, it’s always that the person with better knowledge of English is considered to be more worthy of a higher pay package.

Call it bias or whatever, this trend exists in some companies.

However, you will not see this kind of bias in government institutions because there the pay scales are fixed, and both Hindi and English are the languages of communication.

Impression as a Global Individual

When you know English and can use it for communication, it instills in you a confidence and makes you a part of the global conundrum.

The 21st century is the era of globalization and the way businesses are done, English has become mandatory.

English is the “global language” and most often used for business communication.

Therefore, your knowledge of English will heavily influence career prospects.

Necessary for Technology

Between 2000 and 2013, the world has seen immense advancements in technology.

This technology is steadily adopted by industries and companies, and implemented in their business model.

English is the prime language of communication in our technologically enhanced world and thus, you need English knowledge to understand and use technology.


All in all, if you want to have a good career and go high, knowledge of English is a must, anywhere and everywhere.

Editor’s note: World history has shown that the Great Nation of Great Empire of that time usually dictates the language of trade being used. English was not always the trade language. In both the eastern and western cultures, this has been changing through the centuries. Even the languages themselves go through transitions. In the western hemisphere, Greek Roman, eventually Portuguese, Spanish, and then French have had their turns at being the trade language. Now it is English.

How long will English be the trade language? Probably as long as all of us live, it will be. China has adapted English as their second language and is mandatory in their schools. Will it be long before there will be more English spoken by Chinese than there are in the world? Will most everyone be speaking two language? Don’t know, but I do know their embracing of the English language will result in English being around for a very long time.

What Are Your Thoughts??

  If you have realized new opportunities with the use of English as a second language, what recommendations do you have?

  Sometimes the benefits of speaking a second language don’t appear until we see a door open, an opportunity realized — perserverance is important in learning a second language. What suggestions do you have to make learning English easier?

  The HRIS World publishes aritcles from our audience and they are located through-out the world. Feel free to submit an article in your language, accompanied by an English translation. How can The HRIS World help you with learning English?

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.

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Everyone has their own way of learning something — as well as there being tried and true methods that have worked for many. Both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur have proven techniques that work for many people. One or the other may work for you, depending on your personal preferences and comfort levels. Both offer free trials.

And as with networking, so it is with learning. Talk to others that have already been down this path and see what they recommend — especially those that know you as a student.

The HRIS World has a few recommendations that are budgte friendly as well as effective (especially since the editor has learned 3 languages through these methods)…


LiveMocha : Along with their free lessons where — after each lesson — you converse with natives of the language you are learning, Livemocha also offers a classroom environment as well. Livemocha Classroom is a drop-in-based, unlimited schedule of online, instructor-led classes designed to help you practice your English and become fluent quickly and effectively. These live group lessons are taught by expert instructors and are structured around our award-winning Active English curriculum. Give it a try – and get the instruction, support, and practice you need to start speaking a new language with confidence.

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Visit our ESL selections in our Career Management section for our selection of English learning materials


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