GigPlug – A New Channel for Talent Acquisition

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“We are a new channel for talent acquisition.”

That is Chris Dobson, Director at GigPlug, summarising their product and services at the HR Tech Europe London conference last March.

The idea of “digitalising” was a key conference topic and the online recruitment application GigPlug sits at the heart of this developing trend.

GigPlug has expanded internal business processes incentivising employees for candidate referral by leveraging social media.

Chris discussed its inspiration and contributions to the recruitment process with Poppy Marshall at the London conference…

Inspiration from A Common Recruiting Occurrence

“The inspiration came from our four co-founders.

“My colleague was constantly being headhunted by recruitment agencies on behalf of other clients.

“Her stock response was, ‘I’m not interested, but I can help you find a candidate.

“If you give me a slice of your commission then I’m willing to make a few calls.’”

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Thus GigPlug’s founders devised a centralised system which both formulates and matches referrals and job opportunities.

“What we are attempting to do is really make everyone a potential recruitment referrer.

“What we’re saying is you can now take that and widen your audience via social media.

“Anyone can refer you a candidate, and we can take care of the incentives.”


Common Occurrence Meets Innovation

GigPlug’s unique arrangement allows employers to list their job openings for free with no upfront cost or inherent risk, while individual users can download the free app and earn incentives by making referrals manually or via suggestions filtered by its algorithm.

We were intrigued to find out more about the financial benefits GigPlug had to offer….

“We like to think its win-win.

“We win because we’re getting paid on completion; the individual wins by getting quite a chunky referral fee.

“If a candidate is placed, the employer pays 5% of their annual salary as a success fee of placement.

“From that, we pay the referral fee, so there are no hidden costs.”

So why would somebody be interested in making a referral?

“People are making referrals for two reasons: one, to earn money, and two, to help a family member or friend get a good job.

“Sometimes it’s both, and to tick either of these boxes they need to make a sensible referral.”

Chris further emphasised,

“The recruitment cycle would still have to play out in the traditional sense,”

thus ensuring the program is a beneficial addition to the recruitment process rather than a digital disruption.

“The companies are getting incredibly good referrals because of the self-regulated system.

“If you try to gain from the system too much you will be found out quite quickly.

“It’s fast, it’s effective, and it’s cost-effective compared to traditional models.”




Innovation Lends Itself to Effectiveness

In today’s busy workplace, you may not have the time to curate a pool of suitable candidates.

GigPlug filters candidates automatically and ensures that reliable referrals can be made effectively and promptly.

“It’s all automated in parallel.

“You can have a conversation, but effectively by scanning contacts across LinkedIn, Facebook or by inputting your own, the process can play out within the application.

“It makes suggested matches based on location, language, title, seniority, experience, skill set etc.”

Chris then proceeded to guide us through a user’s typical referral process.

The system is slick and simple to use.

Initially, the program presents a step-by-step guide so even the less tech-savvy can get involved.

”The GigPlug proposition is an algorithm plus human intervention.

This as a filter is very accurate, and a very smart algorithm which is learning all the time as our community grows.”

A March press release presented GigPlug’s research revealing a dramatic generational gap in how the UK population view the job market.

The research found that Generation Y, the independent, digitally savvy ‘workforce of tomorrow’ value personal ambition above all else and are more willing to ‘move on, to move up’ in comparison to baby boomers.

Press Releases

The UK Workforce: Driven, Demanding and Divided

PR Newswire

LONDON, March 25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —

  • 16-24 year olds happy to do anything to get ahead – including sleeping with the boss
  • Gen Y want free food, free drink and a cracking Christmas party when picking a job
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates named ‘generational pin-ups’ for each age-group

New research by social job referral site GigPlug reveals a dramatic generation gap in how the UK population view the job market.

(Photo: )

Generation Y, the independent, digitally savvy ‘workforce of tomorrow’ value personal ambition above all else and are more willing to ‘move on, to move up’ in comparison to baby boomers. The research found that one third would be willing to move on from a well-paid job, simply because they didn’t like it, with less than 1% believing in a ‘job for life’. In contrast, the ‘baby boomer’ generation were found to be ten times more likely to believe in staying with one job for entirety.

In a sign of how competitive the job market is, ‘Gen Y’ revealed a ruthless streak when it came to forwarding their own careers, with nearly a third saying they would be willing to stab a colleague in the back to get ahead and one in five claiming they would happily sleep with their boss if they thought it would further their career.

The changing nature of the office was also clear from our research. With Generation Y favouring a modern and relaxed, ‘silicon valley-inspired’ work place with 19% wanting a free bar, 18% a cracking Christmas party and 15% keen for free breakfast. Baby boomers, as you would expect, have far more sensible perks in mind including a generous holiday allowance (63%) and share options (25%) being the most popular perks.

In a sign of the times, the top ranking ‘ideal boss’ for each generation represented a ‘changing of the guard’ for world business leaders, with Mark Zuckerberg coming out top for Gen Y with 23% of the votes and Bill Gates taking top spot for the baby-boomers, with 19% of the vote.

The adoption of social media as a major force was echoed by the fact that over half of Gen Y felt their online presence was very important to consider while applying for a new job, while only less than one third of baby-boomers thought so.

Says GigPlug founder Phil Hakim, “We’re seeing the younger generation understand that they don’t need to be as loyal to their jobs as their parents were. They are far more in charge of their futures and their priorities when looking for a job are different. This shows that, in a UK job market that is worth £28.7bn, employers have a lot to do in order to attract and retain the best young talent.”

GigPlug is a new technology platform that turns consumers into part time recruiters and makes them money from their smartphone. The platform uses a newly developed algorithm that matches your social contacts with a database of new jobs. Upon matching the professional experience of a contact with the criteria of a job posted on GigPlug, the platform invites you to refer your friend for the job via one easy click, delivering you a bounty payment of up to £2500 if your friend takes the role. Currently there are bounty payments amounting to £100,000 on the platform

Survey conducted on in March 2015

Total number of respondents – 3000 UK full-time employed adults

Click here for Infograph

The GigPlug application addresses these attitudes with an up-to-date system and a constant job opportunities filter.

By tapping into various media networks, the application achieves relevance across generations.

“I think there’s a generational trend in regards to networks and what people use them for.

“For some, Facebook is social and LinkedIn is professional.

“For some millennials, everything blurs into one, and it’s something we can track in the background as to which channels users are including.”

It was great to speak with GigPlug and to understand how they are using technology to aid the recruitment process for the benefit of everyone involved.

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