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Time Tracking Software For Freelancers and SMBs

Please note some of this software is free, others do have a minimal cost.

The internet has made it possible for any freelancer to work from his/her own home and make money.

They seek employment over the internet through freelancing.

They become virtual employees of an employer who’s perhaps halfway across the world.

Many are catching up to the idea, and a lot of web designers and web developers are taking advantage of this great opportunity to get work.

One of the key tools required for a virtual freelancer is a time tracking software.

The requirement is to fulfill the need of keeping track of the time of the work you do for your clients.

When freelancing, it is both a matter of the effort you put in, as well as the amount of business hours you spend working for clients and then billing them for it.

Since most freelancers don’t make much money, they rely on free time tracking software, software that will keep definite track of the time of their efforts put in and perhaps even more.

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Some software even helps you manage time better.

Here are my 3 recommendations…

Apptivo is a web-based software that is targeted as business assistance software for small businessmen and freelancers.

Based in California, Apptivo has development teams in India. They provide both free and paid services for users.

The app features support all functions of a business for proper time tracking. It also includes several project management functions, Customer Relation management and Marketing Management.

Although the time tracking app is for free, to take advantage of all 40+ apps, you will be required to subscribe to a package. As part of this paid subscription you also get 24 hours support and maintenance.

dotProject is a free web based software available in multiple languages.

Developed and maintained by volunteer programmers, dotProject is a multi-user software. The application is available completely for free and is an excellent Project Management Application.

Operating now for nearly a decade, and originally developed by Dotmarketing Inc., dotProject was targeted to be a replacement for Microsoft Project, save it included a project management function.

Paymo is another time tracking and billing app offered on the internet.

One of the distinctive advantages of using Paymo is that it has the function of storing start and end times of projects and is integratable with your smart phones (mainly iphones).

You can download tools of the software to keep track of your time when you are working offline. It has an online account you can sign in to that allows you to keep track of time online as well.

Paymo also includes apps that maintain your client list and allows you to use easy reporting functions.

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