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UPDATE Tue 21-Feb

It’s the bounce that counts…

FB shut us down just before the weekend (17-Feb) as my government ID has my legal name and not my everyday name – even with my LinkedIn profile having the same photo of me, they were being control freaks…

By the way, their own rules call for users to use their everyday name, not their legal name…

I digress…

So naturally we were concerned what would happen come Monday…

Our blog visits when UP 33%…

I want to say IN YOUR FACE FB — however, we should be thankful for our enemies as they sharpen our wits, so THANK YOU FACEBOOK!…

Almost makes us want to do that again! {kidding!}

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Today's Top Picks for Our Readers:
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post continues from above

If our viewership on our site continues in the fashion, we will be puling out of facebook altogether. Either way, we do not plan on making FB as part of our publically known platform — anyone visiting or seeing us on their wall is the ONLY option we are going to have new followers.

But you won’t find FB on our social media links We don’t see any value in investing our time and money into something that gets jerked around for the slightest technicality as well as only permits about 2.5% of the audience to see any particular post.

Our announcement in Minds.com hit 5000 views in less than 2 hours — when was the last time any of your FB posts hit 1000? 500? We have only 33 followers  (hey, we just go started!).

Let’s see what happens next!

And this time they are negatively affecting the collateral of our business — from the stats of companies leaving facebook, it appears we aren’t the first and definitely not the last company they have and will jerk around.

At issue was my photo ID provided to verify I am who I say I am – my U.S. passport.

To start, my passport is valid, is legal, and has all the information that facebook wanted – my legal name, my date of birth, my photo.

However being a legal document, it does not have my everyday name.

In their own words, facebook will request a government issued picture ID for two reasons…

  • To show account ownership: Your security is important to us. We ask for an ID so that we don’t let anyone into your account except you.
  • To confirm your name: We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life. This helps keep our community safe.

From my own experience with facebook, even if your government issued ID is valid, don’t count on the facebook staff to have any level of discernment when it comes to your everyday name.

Actually, discernment — and even a smidgen of wisdom — would be a step up with the facebook staff we had to deal with this past weekend.

They will tell you something is amiss but not what – when questioned, they talk AT you and not WITH you.

In summary, they are more concerned about everything being about them than protecting your account.

To wit…

Since November (2016), every time we visit my wife’s in-laws we have to go through their identity process as they are not recognizing the IP as our own (as if no one travels???).

The first time we were provided with 3 options:

  • selecting 4 comments I made in the last 2 months
  • identifying images of my facebook friends, or
  • providing a picture ID in an upload from a government issued ID

I keep saying we as my wife is part of this business and an administrator – or was – for our facebook account, I was the owner.

November was no problem as I was able to identify my comments.

In December and January, the ONLY option was providing a picture ID via upload – which was a scan of my passport.

It was first refused and they only vaguely elaborated that they could not identify me from the passport ID I explained that everyday name is not my legal name.

Even provided a link to my profile in LinkedIn that had the very same image as the facebook account and with everyday name on my LinkedIn account.

Eventually, I received an apology but despite 3 requests for such I received no response as how I can avoid this again in the future (their talk AT you routine).

This month (February 2017), same thing AGAIN…

Only this time they will not accept the passport ID at all, even with a full explanation AGAIN that I go by my everyday name and not my legal name, AGAIN with the link to my LinkedIn account which has the same profile image as that in my facebook account…

After 12 hours of volleying emails on an hourly basis, I finally lost my patience, lowered both barrels on the dweebs and let them know that I now know in some very strong language that I now know why they have a terrible reputation from what I have read everywhere — because they do everything they can to earn that reputation!

The next 12 hours resulted in facebook playing the spoilt child that won’t talk and has yet to respond at the time of the publication of this post.

stop being stupid


We have our collateral sitting on their servers whilst they jerk us around with a legitimate passport ID that they won’t recognize this time around because my legal name and everyday name are not the same, even though the images are the same on my LinkedIn account and the file submitted to them (this is the very same file submitted in the last 2 cases)

Given the frustrations that many others have shared with us as including facebook jail, shut accounts with no explanation, content not being seen by too many of their friends , we had a decision to make…

We know without a doubt that Facebook and Zuckerberg have been doing everything they can to limit the reach and exposure of content in the past few years (from 80% down to now to as low as 2.5% of your followers see your posts).

We also know from my having heard their own C-levels declare at a public forum that they are going to dictate what everyone sees on their feed based upon what facebook determines and not what the user may actually want.

Add this stupidity with the passport and everyday name versus legal name, we have thought is wisest to give up on facebook wanting to resolve this with us in any friendly fashion whatsoever and are focusing our time and energy onto other social platforms that are much less neurotic, narcissistic, and tyrannical in their operations.

No sooner did we decide that when a few of our friends shared articles of Zuckerberg’s reputation for having the worst run platform for security, bias, as well as an ever increasing record of limiting their users instead of empowering them as other have.

Changes to Our Social Media Marketing

All this means rehashing our entire Social Media Network as well as how we do everything once anything is published.

While some will remain unchanged, we are going to make 2 major changes…

  • each platform will carry all our publications while each platform will have its own promotional material not found on the other platforms
  • a reassessment on who are audience is in each platform via polls, surveys as well as pursuing new members in each organically (not through automation)

That said, here’s what our Social Media platform now looks like and what you can discover in each…

Google Plus to the Rescue, sort of

Our blog and our business was attached by a feed to the facebook business page that we had set up years ago — so now we are looking at other options to replace facebook altogether.

Thankfully, we have a large, though very dormant as of right now, presence in a few other social media platforms that we used to use quite regularly.

One of the more well known is Google plus so we are blowing off the cobwebs, reintroducing ourselves out there.

What was reassuring was to see that many of the companies that are on Google Plus don’t bother with facebook at all.

You will find us at Goggle Plus at: http://rebrand.ly/thw_gplus

You will discover that The HRIS World Content Series is setup in 7 Collections, making it easier to focus on the content that matters to you.

Launching On a New Platform – Mind.com

We have also started promoting ourselves on Minds.com as well.

The owners caught on to our plight and have been EXTREMELY helpful in making sure we can get as much exposure with their entire audience.

Minds.com was started in June 2015 and has way more than 1 million users today and growing FAST…

A lot of it is due to the connection the founders keep with their users as well as they do whatever they can for their users instead of dictating to their users they way Zuckerberg and crew love to do (yeah, I know that was ugly, but it is the truth too!).

What I have read about Mind.com users are their experience with them, their ways and means are nearly opposite of facebook – they are expanding they users capabilities, which can be evidence by some of the updates have 1000, 2000 even 5000 views….

Outside of a popular public figure, when did you ever see 1000 shares on any of your friends updates???

You earn credits for your likes, comments, posts, hourly stays on their site and can use those to boost your favorite post.

For a great comparison, Marc Zorn has an excellent write-up on facebook and Minds and is well worth your time and effort to read… his post, “Why Facebook Users Should Consider Using Minds.com Instead” can be found here: http://visionlaunch.com/why-facebook-users-should-consider-using-minds-com-instead/

Our site on Minds.com can be found at http://rebrand.ly/thwMINDS

We have only recently started with Minds and we are going to expand the number of pages we have in the same fashion as the Google Collections we have already set up in the coming weeks…

Linkedin Groups | Company page

We’ll be keeping LinkedIn going for now – we’re still wondering what Microsoft is going to be doing with there acquisition and so far we’ve mixed thoughts on the changes, more negative than positive. We had been building our own forum and group when Microsoft bought LinkedIn and decided to hold off until we had a better idea of what was to be available once all the dust of the merger settled.

You can see our LinkedIn groups here:

The HRIS World Research (latest news and trends) : rebrand.ly/thwResearch_LI

The HRIS World (industry and software) : rebrand.ly/thw_LI

The HRIS Career World (HR and job related) : rebrand.ly/thwCareer_LI

LinkedIn Company Page (various feeds): rebrand.ly/thwCoPage_LI


Just some of our accounts:

@thehrisworld | @THW_Research | @Garrett__OBrien (2 underscores)


For curating our content we use Scoop.it, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr

Scoop.it : rebrand.ly/thw_scoop

StumbleUpon : rebrand.ly/thw_stumble

Tumblr : rebrand.ly/thw_tumblr


Lastly, our paper.li publication that publishes twice a day (5 am/pm ET) with content pulled in from around the internet

#THWNews : rebrand.ly/thw_newspaper

The Last Word

Whenever anyone is providing a produce and/or service they have customers — and you may get to a point when you dictated what your customers are receiving.

When you forget your dependency on that customer, no matter how many customers you have, you are automatically inviting competition that will.

When you have forsaken the liberties of others in order to accommodate your own, those that you once depended upon will look for their recognition elsewhere….

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