3 Facebook Posting Methods That Could Hurt Your Reputation

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Social Media Is No Longer a Fad – If Anything It Is a Microscope

Microscopic views of your life on social meida are leaving lasting impressions about your life

Every business should have a Facebook profile; Facebook accounts are a great way to boost the brand recognition of a business.

However, if incorrect or less than strategic posting methods are used, Facebook can definitely hurt a business’s reputation.

Forever and Always?

Because Facebook is a social media networking site, many people, including business professionals, seem to forget that what is posted at the site is visible for all to see.

Perhaps even more importantly, what is posted online does not go away – sometimes it is there forever – it’s infinite.

Even individuals have to be careful about the things they post on Facebook.

But it is extremely important for businesses to keep in mind that every posting is a reflection on the business.

Adding an inappropriate image or comment could potentially damage the company’s online reputation.

Did you ever think your Facebook messages might be around forever?

Did you ever think your Facebook messages might be around forever?

Share Carefully

Facebook is the ideal platform to interact with customers on a ‘real’ level.Businesses can get to know their target audiences.

This is beneficial in many ways.

Besides allowing the business an opportunity to gather helpful insights, it also provides a chance to develop a rapport.

However, it is important to maintain certain boundaries in the relationship.

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Although the business should share and be friendly in its postings, it should also have limits on what it shares.

There should always be a respect for the fact that the readers are customers and the business is a company that has a reputation to protect.

Posting Methods to Avoid

A little prevention can go a long way, here are 3 steps that will help…

Use Privacy Settings

Avoid giving it your all in the profile set-up.

Details, such as age, marital/relationship status, or other personal information should not be shared about the business owner.

After all, the purpose of the site is to share information about the business.

Privacy settings should be used.

Incidentally, hackers often use this type of information when attempting to break into accounts.

Since many people use birthdays, anniversaries, and other personal information to create passwords, this type of information can be a goldmine for unscrupulous individuals.

Avoid Becoming One of the Crowd

Even if most people in the streams seem to do nothing but talk about sports (and your niche is baseball caps), and your Aunt Jane reads your Facebook account daily, don’t fall into the trap of becoming one of the crowd.

This does not mean you can’t chime in once in awhile in a typical ‘last night’s game was great’ sort of way, but it is important to post as if all your messages are going out to customers and business associates.

Keep in mind that you are representing your business at all times.

Obviously, interacting in the conversation is a great way to build rapport and business.

For instance, before a big game, you could mention new caps that your company has and show an image and a link.

You could do the same thing after a big win.

In this way you develop a bond with your audience while maintaining a level of professionalism.

You become the go-to person in your niche.

Personal Life Images

Don’t add images of you partying or post about your personal life.

Although it’s true that Facebook is a great place to get to know your audience, it is not the place to share everything.

In fact, some things should not be shared at all.

In order to give your business a touch of

a real person behind the scenes, it is wise to add an image or two of yourself or employees.

Other ideas include adding photos of a new pet or even of a new home or images from a vacation.

The point is, it’s great to personalize your Facebook posts, as long as the images are completely appropriate.

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The Last Word

Facebook is a terrific place to get in touch with your customer base.

You can truly connect with them on a real level.

This is great for business – as long as certain parameters are in place.These tips about things to avoid when posting at Facebook will provide a good basis for sharing wisely.

The bottom line is, share with your target audience, but keep some limitations in place.

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What Are Your Thoughts?

  The room hasn’t changed but the furniture is different — meaning, the same protocols apply to the interenet as would speaking to your friends on a crowded train. If you want it private, why share it in public. What other guidelines can you add to Debbie Allen’s 3 noted above?

  What additional best practices can you provide for communicating and sharing through the soical media? Do you believe businesses are going to have to be more stringent or more graceful when it comes to mishaps (and they WILL happen)on social media?

  What research and/or services can The HRIS World do for you and your company when it comes to social media? Feel free to leave a comment below or click below to use our contact page to reach us!

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.

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As a small business owner and independent contractor, she maintains a focus on making customers/clients happy.

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