Does Your Applicant Tracking Rob or Empower Your Business?

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Applicant Tracking Solutions Can Empower Your Business with Integrated, Flexible and Affordable Solutions

Unique Business Needs Require Unique Business Solutions

For most companies, the hiring process is ad hoc — the results?

Ineffective and inefficient processes.


Every manager has their own process and asks their own questions, leading to inconsistent and, often times, incorrect choices about whom to hire.

Though departmental needs will differ, the tracking of applicants does have a lot of consistencies — no matter what department is recruiting and hiring.

During peak hiring seasons – whether annual or cyclical – scalability is non-existent in ad hoc processes, causing a need for more human and financial resources.

For fast-growing firms, this lack of a consistent and scalable hiring process can be devastating as new hires fail and critical financial resources are wasted.

Companies using Unicorn find they can make better hiring decisions.

Unicorn HRO Helps Solve These Problems

Hiring the Right People

Growing companies use Unicorn to manage the hiring process, from creating the job description to running the interviews to making the offer.

By understanding the proecesses for recruiting, tracking applicants, candidate selection, and the final selection, Unicorn can save your company not only time, but your recruiting and hiring budget by placing the necessary information in your hands.

Unicorn takes the guesswork out of hiring.

Delivering the Right Results

Companies using Unicorn’s platform have lower turnover and decreased hiring costs.

Most clients improve their hiring results by an average of 50%.

Lower Administrative Overhead

Companies use Unicorn to simplify their hiring process, because our web-based platform leads to lower administrative overhead.

Unicorn securely stores all candidate information for easy retrieval.

Fill You Open Positions Faster

Companies use Unicorn to streamline their decision-making process, which leads to faster decisions and shorter recruiting cycle times.

Unicorn cuts through the noise so you can make faster, more accurate hiring choices.

Predict Successful Candidates

Using a proprietary scoring algorithm we can help you predict the likelihood that a candidate will succeed in the job.

Predictive analytics helps to guide your hiring choices.

Grow Your Business Through Versatility and Flexibility

Companies use Unicorn to implement a hiring process that can scale during periods of rapid growth.

Unicorn gives you the ability to scale your hiring process to meet your aggressive growth goals.

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What Are Your Thoughts??

What would a 50% improvement look like in your hiring results?

Where does versatility and flexibility come in with your current software?

Would a guarantee of savings assist in making this software an option?

Please share your thoughts in our comments section below!


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