Mitigating and Overcoming Common Hazards of Building an Efficient Recruitment Process

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Trust Driven Efficiency!

When we think about in-house recruiters, we think about a group who are normally amongst some of the busiest people in the organisation.

It truly is a juggling act keeping HR, internal clients and candidates happy at all times.

This is why when asking recruiters to engage with a technology solution that helps the business track and measure HR effectiveness; it’s vital that the solution makes their life easier.

To set this blog apart from the typical “How to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiters”, I thought I’d highlight common hazards to be mindful of when building an efficient recruitment process.

Mitigating and overcoming these key challenges will help you to become more efficient and effective in the future.

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Reluctance to transition from manual to a fully automated process

Most commonly, the hesitation to move from a manual process to an automated process stems from the fear of equipping recruiters with the wrong tool; after all, is it not all the same?

Not having a system in place and having a system that is not build for purpose.

The name of the game is finding a system that reclaims cherished minutes and hours for your recruiters.

Recent research has shown that recruiters can save an average time of 87% per transaction through automation, this frees up a recruiters time to quickly respond to their clients and candidates.

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Achieving efficiency through automation is what most companies are striving for and it is a goal that is obtainable.

Seamless integration

If like many you have managed to conquer the reluctance to move from manual to automation, then you’re officially on the market for a system that actually saves you time, is efficient and built for purpose.

A good recruitment software platform is one that integrates well with other tools and saves you time in admin.

With a perfectly integrated system, the recruitment process becomes easier and hiring managers will be able to check the progress of each applicant, take action and have other options at their disposal.

Trust in your recruitment technology to deliver tremendous results for your organisation

Now, we all know that efficiency is about cost reduction, decreasing unnecessary admin costs, ensuring you have the right candidates who will drive your business forward and most importantly, having these candidates in the right positions.

So it should come as no shock that you must put in place a recruitment process that is going to do just that and one that you can completely rely on.

Ensure that the software is transparent and can predict results for customers and candidates.

By completely trusting your technology, recruiters can save over 3 hours of admin time and create six jobs in the time it takes to manually create one.

With talent acquisition becoming more competitive, it is increasingly difficult to attract, engage and retain top talent.

Automation will significantly reduce the administration tasks for recruiters.

This will free their schedules to concentrate on meeting the candidates and any clients.

For a truly effective recruitment system, you need to design a recruitment process that best fits your own organisation.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in finding out more information on how automation can help recruit top talent, save you time, money and increase efficiency then register for our upcoming Key Topic webinar on the 9th of June @1pm! (GMT) by clicking on this image…

This is repost with permission from Lumesse, originally written by Melissa Zulu.

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