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How to Improve Project Management by Using Time & Attendance Software

| Our Audience - This article on project management is from guest blogger Erica Bell, writer -- her post reviews available types of software As a Human Resources (HR) professional, time management is key to performing your job well. With the constant stream of tasks from hiring to figuring out payroll services, things can sometimes become overwhelming. Time and attendance software can help you save time and money. There are a number of options currently available to match the needs of your company, whether you work with a small business or large corporation. Here are 3 common types of software systems to take into account as you consider time and attendance software for your office...

Sharpen Your Career Skills At Your Convenience

| Garrett O'Brien - Quite often when an employee exits a company the position is not filled, especially in light of the economy being what has been globally. Since the global economy has been on the down (and flat in many cases) for more than 11 years, this lack of replacement of resources is resulting in the current workforce seeing demands placed on them like never before. Stress levels are high, with more than 80% of office workers working 6 days a week instead of five, and the days are usually 10, 12, 14 hours or more. Yet, we all know -- and are being told-- that to get ahead we need to be involved in improving our own standing, meaning we need to get certified. Skills and Education Get You Ahead Yet, to get ahead, every employee knows they have to sharpen their skills and/or education. But who wants to be traveling to ...

Seeking Cloud-Based Project Management Tools?

| Biljana Dimovska - Yes, supervising a project can make people go crazy. It is most likely true when we don't use the suitable project management tools to do our job. However, for regular people, sticky notes, office suites, small notebooks and to-do applications are already enough for them. On the contrary, people who work for big companies, particularly the project managers, need more than that; they need something that is all-inclusive. This article will help you in choosing the best and most used Cloud-hosted project management tools. Options for Free Cloud Project Management Tools These tools have more detailed features and provide one strategy to administer all your projects without a challenge. Here's a listing of the top 6 popular project management apps...
Picking the Right Project Manager

Tips On Picking The Right Project Manager

| Garrett O'Brien - Picking the right project manager is a process that involve making many very important decisions -- and the outcome of these decisions can mean the success for your project, or its failure. Moving forward with the selection process for the right project manager for your business means knowing the right qualifications to have in mind for the person you will be choosing, as well as knowing the right questions to ask. Your discernment during this process needs to be focused as well as relying upon the feedback of others as well as your gut. That said, here are a few attributes to look for on your search...

What Have We Learned About Cloud Security? Myth and Threats

| Garrett O'Brien - Cloud computing is shaking the technology tail of more than just the HR dog - so this post can be a reference for HR technologists, HRIS administrators as well as your IT department. Hens we have elected to have this post as part of our HR Dog Series (#HRdog). let's start off by clarifying some myths first -- that will present a better frame of reference on what we have learned about cloud security so far. We're also breaking every role in the book of blogging as this post is huge - but it is concise and can be used for future reference when dealing with cloud security. This has turned out to be a bit lengthy as we are covering the myths first -- this will help isolate what is a real problem and what isn't. To make things easier for you the myths are listed with a link to ...

Beyond Change Management: Transformational Leadership Recommendations

| Garrett O'Brien - There are a ton of reasons to read every day, or at least frequently - and I'm not talking about the time spent wondering around the internet. What works is a book - preferably hardcover or paperback, most today will convenience themselves with a download of some file format. We should vary what we read, otherwise we are only exercising one part of our brain - plus books do take us places we normally would never see or go to, all thanks to how our brains are wired when we read. This all goes true for our careers and work as well -- the topic can be a bit dry, like a technology or economics book, but a good writer knows how to capture your attention, and some even talk to you instead of writing at you with their works. With this in mind, we put together 5 of the ...

What Is A VPN And Why You Should Really Be Using a VPN

| Garrett O'Brien - What Is a VPN? Put simply, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, is a group of computers (or discrete networks) networked together over a public network—namely, the internet. Businesses use VPNs to connect remote datacenters, and individuals can use VPNs to get access to network resources when they're not physically on the same LAN (local area network), or as a method for securing and encrypting their communications when they're using an untrusted public network. When you connect to a VPN, you usually launch a VPN client on your computer (or click a link on a special website), log in with your credentials, and your computer exchanges trusted keys with a far away server. Once both computers have verified each other as authentic, all of your internet communication is encrypted and secured from eavesdropping. The most important thing you need to know about a VPN:...

With All the Praise of Their First Release, WhoKnows Leaps Forward with a New Release

| Garrett O'Brien - If you have been following this series on WhoKnows, you know we have introduced you to who the are how their Discover Engine breaks through the NLP accuracy level by more than 40%, and how their Quantum Profile is the means of breaking down silos down completely within even the largest of organizations Then you will also know with all the praise they received from their first release when they hit the ground running, WhoKnows would have to leap forward if they had a new release... Well, they did! Enough so their CEO Chris Macomber can still say unequivocally: “We promise our customers: no more silos, no more throwing a query or problem over the fence to another team. “Our customers are not only envisioning but experiencing an enterprise that is as personal and close-knit as a startup garage team.” If you haven't, just click the links above so you can either get caught ...
managing your talent workforce workforcegrowth.com

Does Managing Your Talent Have to be Strenuous?

| Hafsah Nazir - This post contribute by Hafsah Nazir, HR Analyst. Talent has different meanings to different organizations. A hi-tech industry will refer to as talented to someone who understands the latest developments in technological world and brings about the changes to the organization accordingly. However such a talented hi-tech expert will be invaluable to a fashion industry. Therefore in my opinion the first step is to define the talent is... related to and needed by you, particularly for your kind of industry being sought by your competitors and should be hired by you

Ready for the 2017 IHRIM Conference?

| Garrett O'Brien - Join Us for the 2017 IHRIM Conference in Toronto IHRIM's Annual Conference is the must-attend conference for innovation, best practice solutions and networking for HR professionals involved in systems, technology and analytics. Join us on March 26th - March 29th at the Westin Harbour Castle, in Toronto, Canada. Anticipate four days of real-world case studies, expert-led interactive sessions and one-to-one conversations with your peers as well as access to the latest in technology through our vendor showcase. Register Now! Early Registration Rates End February 10, 2017!

Modern Shakespeare – Why Change Has Much Ado About Everything

| Garrett O'Brien - Shakespeare and Much Ado About Nothing is more like Much Ado About Everything... Our lives, if we stand back long enough, are comedies that, like Shakespeare's play, combines elements of mistaken identities, love, robust hilarity with more serious meditations found on honour, shame, and court politics. Yet nothing seems no longer irrelevant and everything seems to be relevant to everyone... We are busier, hopefully more productive, better organized, more knowledgeable, than any society before us thanks to technology. Yet at the same time, we are less regulated in our personal behavior and in the use of our tongue. We need to return to ground zero and see what needs to be rebuilt... 6 Pillars Trustworthiness... Respect... Responsibility... Fairness... Caring... Citizenship... Character Raising the bar of expectations has never resulted in lower quality of anything - yet for many leaders, that bar keeps slipping. Not going to raise quality or even maintain ...

Top 5 Absence Management Systems For Small Businesses

| Garrett O'Brien - This article is from guest blogger Orson Daymond, writer. Many a time business owners and companies are confused about the software to utilize to manage absence. Here is our list of some of the best software to use based on the features, design and consistency of the results they have produced in their application. Here is a summary of the top 5 absence management systems best suited for small businesses...

Taking a Step Back to Look At WhoKnows

| Garrett O'Brien - Who is This Silo Buster That Can Tap Your Company-wide Expertise Right Now? Before everything starting breaking down on us in late October and finally resulted in us being offline until early December, we were introducing you to WhoKnows. Straight out, their CEO Chris Macomber and his team is leading the revolution in Knowledge Management solutions including the discovery and capture of data on tacit and explicit knowledge, credible insight into their skills, expertise, accomplishments, aspirations, and social endorsements answering these questions: Who knows what? Who knows how? Why? and Who knows who? The result: smarter faster collaboration, productivity, talent acquisition, workforce planning and increased overall ROI. As Chris Macomber says...

Our Top 25 Viewed Posts for 2016

| Garrett O'Brien - From Whence We Came While scanning over our top 25 viewed posts for 2016, I was humbled yet amazed we did as well as we did this year. They say it's not the fall that matters but that it is the bounce that counts. We bounced good! It always helps to step back and measure where one has grown, maintained ground... lost ground... As well as assess just how high we bounced. Truthfully, the last 2 years have been a huge challenge as many projects we started failed before they could even take off, or they took off and crash landed. We knew the risks for trying a lot of new things at the same time - not the most conducive environment for stability so thankfully we get bored easily here! For those that make themselves available to learn during the process, doing a lot of things at the same time builds character, strength, insight, discernment -- ...

Something To Celebrate Our Relaunch!

| Garrett O'Brien - As a thank you to you, our audience, we are offering something to celebrate our relaunch. Below we are offering free eBooks in both Human Resources and Leadership. Some of the free offers may have qualifications, such as the HR Executive Leadership, and others provide a free account to build your knowledge and skills. They are yours, just click the image and download!

Introducing Our Features for Everyone

| Garrett O'Brien - With this post we are launching with our new features and services - there are features for everyone, features for our members, as well as services for vendors. We are also officially relaunching with a new server, new theme, along with a ton of work performed on the back end. You will be introduced to the features for everyone in this post, and in our next post you will be introduced to the features for our members and a third post for our vendor services. And before we get started, we do want to offer our apologies to all for the abrupt downtime this month - the previous theme broke something resulting in not being able to accomplish anything on the back end without resorting to another theme during the process, bouncing back to the original and/or massaging the database. We already had the theme you see now started in ...

Considering Consulting? 4 Proven PR Strategies

| Charles Goodman - Whether New or Established Business Seeing as how the digital world keeps growing, it can seem practically impossible for a new business to be able to rise above all the other noise - proven PR strategies will be of a great help. That is why you need to effectively promote your message and brand value through primary channels by adopting the following proven PR strategies. First, establish a clearly-designed communication plan across all your online channels. This can spark conversations with prospects while leading buyers through your sales funnel processes successfully. Creating and implementing an effective PR strategy can profoundly impact your new business, especially with regards to the sales you can start receiving. While we are focusing within this content strategies for new businesses to gain recognition with their niche audience, it should be noted that these details are also great for well established businesses. The difference between the ...

The WhoKnows Quantum Profile – The Silo Buster

| Garrett O'Brien - In one of our earlier posts, we introduced the overall concept of WhoKnows as well as the mission and promise of CEO Chris Macomber to provide "no more silos, no more throwing a query or problem over the fence to another team... Our customers are not only envisioning but experiencing an enterprise that is as personal and close-knit as a startup garage team." We noted that Chris's team is leading the revolution in Knowledge Management solutions including the discovery and capture of data on tacit and explicit knowledge, credible insight into their skills, expertise, accomplishments, aspirations, and social endorsements answering these questions: Who knows what? Who knows how? Why? and Who knows who? Resulting in smarter faster collaboration, productivity, talent acquisition, workforce planning and increased overall ROI.

Time Tracking Software For Freelancers and SMBs

| Our Audience - This article is from guest blogger Christine Jones   The internet has made it possible for any freelancer to work from his/her own home and make money. They seek employment over the internet through freelancing. They become virtual employees of an employer who’s perhaps halfway across the world. Many are catching up to the idea, and a lot of web designers and web developers are taking advantage of this great opportunity to get work. One of the key tools required for a virtual freelancer is a time tracking software. The requirement is to fulfill the need of keeping track of the time of the work you do for your clients. Here are 4 recommendations...

Managing Your Career in Uncertain Economic Times

| Lauren Bailey - The economy has everyone scrambling to figure out their long term life plans. If you’re not worried about your financial future, then you’re wondering about the state of your current career path. With businesses cutting back on employees and tightening their belts, it’s only logical that you’d take a step back and assess your future as a professional. But how exactly do you manage your career amid such uncertain times? How wise would it be to change jobs or to alter the trajectory of your career path in a market where jobs are so scarce? Let’s take a look at your options...

7 Job Interview Tips You Definitely Shouldn’t Ignore

| Damian Wolf - We All Can Use Tips on Interviews Next to attitude, preparation is everything when it comes to interviews Job interviews are very stressful for most people – there is plenty at stake and it all hinges on your ability to perform well under stress and to promote yourself without coming of as arrogant, insecure or crazy. Speaking publicly, even in front of small crowds, is a difficult task to master and your nerves can get the best of you and make you seem inadequate. To truly optimize your presentation takes time, but with a few simple tips you can quickly improve your interview skills.

10 Great Ways To Improve Your Career NOW

| Damian Wolf - Many people are extremely worried about what the future holds because of the economy instead of seeking ways to improve their career. As many are fearful of losing their job and instead they should be positive and look up, not to mention see if they can actually take advantage of the situation and better their careers. A positive attitude is essential in today's workplace and this article will list 10 great ways to improve your career today. By being more proactive and positive, you are far more likely to see your efforts rewarded than not.

The WhoKnows Discover Engine Breaks Through the NLP Accuracy Level by More than 40%

| Garrett O'Brien - Last week, we were very pleased to introduce WhoKnows Inc as being part of the launch of our Next Gen Vendors™ series (see our post here). Straight out — their CEO Chris Macomber and his team is leading the revolution in Knowledge Management solutions including the discovery and capture of data on tacit and explicit knowledge, credible insight into their skills, expertise, accomplishments, aspirations, and social endorsements answering these questions: Who knows what? Who knows how? Why? and Who knows who? The result? Smarter faster collaboration, productivity, talent acquisition, workforce planning and increased overall ROI. As Chris Macomber, WhoKnows' CEO says: "We promise our customers: no more silos, no more throwing a query or problem over the fence to another team. Our customers are not only envisioning but experiencing an enterprise that is as personal and close-knit as a startup garage team." So how do they deliver on all this?

Does Your Workplace Really Support Women?

| Our Audience - This post was contributed by Susan Wells, freelance business writer.

WhoKnows Inc. Now Participating In
The HRIS World Content Series: Next Gen Vendors™

| Garrett O'Brien - By popular demand, HRIS World is announcing the roll out of its newest service: The HRIS World Content Series: Next Gen Vendors™, the goal of which is to provide companies like yours with the latest and greatest in HR and HRIS tools, solutions, and thought leadership so you get up-to-date actionable insights into the most innovative new solutions and vendors – their product, services, the team and leaders behind the logos. To discover more about the Next Gen Vendors™ insights, click this toggle box for more information... Some amazing solution providers have already contacted us -- even before we formally announced, so word is getting around! And we discovered that by providing insight on next gen solutions, some of the spotlight is on what we're doing as well. Such is the case with WhoKnows, Inc. headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley in Redwood City, California.

The Fastest Growing Show On the Future of Work in the World Opens In Paris 25-26 Oct 2016

| Garrett O'Brien - HR Tech World – the fastest growing show on the Future of Work in the world – opens in Paris on October 25th and 26th 2016 at the Palais des Congrès de Paris. Bringing together the most innovative minds in HR and workforce technology, HR Tech World offers a collaborative and dynamic space where enterprise decision makers from +80 countries will come together to examine what works, what doesn’t work, and how to transform the Future of Work. PARIS, FRANCE (17 October 2016) HR Tech World opens in Paris on October 25th. The World’s foremost HR Congress and Expo has been recognized the world over as the leading event on the Future of Work. Our growing community has influence over 40 million employees globally, with no other community having such a powerful impact on shaping the Future of Work through HR and Technology. Vision, insight, inspiration, and practical guidance from ...

Lumesse to Reveal Next Generation Talent Management Suite ETWeb empower at HR Tech World Paris

| Garrett O'Brien - 25th and 26th October Palais des Congrès, Paris Lumesse stand 130 – Level 2 20 minutes product demo ETWeb empower Day 2 (October 26th) at 12:50-13:10 Paris – Lumesse, a global leader in talent solutions, is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of the upcoming HR Tech World Congress in Paris. Recognized globally as the leading event on the future of work, addressing innovations and technologies in Human Resources, #HRTechWorld represents the ideal venue for Lumesse to showcase its new ETWeb empower talent management suite. This year’s Congress, which is expected to welcome some 4,000 HR experts from over 120 countries, will offer the HR community a comprehensive overview of the working world of tomorrow and the latest technological innovations. Several workshops, conferences and networking sessions will be organized throughout the event for greater conviviality and to facilitate exchange. Live Demo of Lumesse’s ETWeb empower In SaaS and private cloud ...

As Important Talent Management Is, Are You Selecting the Right System?

| Garrett O'Brien - If you haven’t figured it out by now, then let me be for first to tell you that your HR department of even 5 years ago has left the building. Anything 15 or even 10 years ago can now be found in the archives of most libraries, if they are keeping archives of such. There have been changes on all levels… Globally, the workforce is shrinking and the workload is expanding – meaning the workforce today is facing more decisions on their own and fewer people to look up to for direction. Formal education is creating a skills scarcity as the rate of change of technology is now faster than the rate most are being educated – students are learning on their own in many areas of the world while taking classes that will be outdated by the time they graduate, they are learning the need to know how to ...

Background Checks Are Enough? Think Again…

| Jane - How to Hire the Right Person for your Company If you've recently entered the world of hiring, in which you, for the first time, are sitting on the other side of the interview table, you may breathe a sigh of relief. You may think that, now that you're in charge, being the interviewer and not the interviewee is going to be easy. In hiring, that's misconception number one. Misconception number two is that hiring the right person will be apparent after talking for only a few minutes. Of course, running a standard background check is an integral part of the hiring process. But there's more to it. Here are a few tips: Don't necessarily hire the person you perceive as most intelligent I know this may seem a bit counter-intuitive, but intelligence, which is usually gauged by an ability to converse well, isn't necessarily the quality you're looking for when ...

What They Don’t Tell You Before Obtaining A New HRIS System

| Garrett O'Brien - The market for HR / HR technology / HRIS software is trying to keep pace with the demand and for good reason -- a LOT of systems are getting old, which means the technology and the means for reporting are already old (5 years or more is considered old). This also means the demands and means to search for a system, solutions and/or software is also growing -- where there is a need, there are those willing to fill the need. This includes, but is not limited to, blogs and companies that focus specifically on the pros and cons, ins and outs, as well as bells and whistles of the latest versions of various systems. As these resources are already available to you, what we are NOT going to do is tell you with this post is what to buy nor are we going to tell you if integrated or best-in-class ...

Does Your Company Have Unresolved Policies Concerning Digital Usage During Work?

| Garrett O'Brien - The demand -- and sometimes expectation -- to be 'connected' to work 24/7 has lead to a definite need to review business etiquette in the digital age. This is especially true as employees are now bringing their own machines into work - iPad, Smart Phones, tablets, even laptops. They are also bringing their work home, to the pool side, coffee shop, park bench.... And hopefully not to the party or other social-only events.

How a Small Business Can Benefit from the Cloud

| Garrett O'Brien - For our parent company CGServices USA Inc, most of their clientele are the Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies. Yet it is the small company makes up nearly 80% of the U.S. economy. To this end, we include small businesses as well enterprises in our promotions and articles. A small business is usually considered to be any company with few than 50 employees. Where does the number 50 come from? No clue -- what does matter is that any small business usually has a full-deck of things to do to maintain and/or establish growth without being burdened by systems they do not need. In today's economy this is ESPECIALLY true. Fast rising fuel costs, inflation, government regulation heavily burdening the overhead, national healthcare costs to be factored in, not to mention the threat of higher taxes. As a small business owner, you definitely feel the economy and the government is conspiring against ...

Performance Reviews: Thoughts from a Gen Y’er

| Kyle Lagunas - The workforce has changed. We don’t carpool to cut commuting costs -- we telecommute. We don’t go MIA when we’re on the road--we have a whole arsenal of mobile apps to keep us plugged in. Many of the archaic processes organizations have relied on to manage talent performance for the last two generations simply aren’t cutting it anymore. For example, Dr. Samuel Culbert argues in his article, Get Rid of the Performance Review, that performance reviews are “little more than a dysfunctional pretense”. Whether you love them or hate them, though, they aren’t going anywhere for most of us. In his article, Culbert fails to distinguish that some reviews are better executed than others. At the most basic level of his argument, though, is a serious call to action: performance reviews need a makeover. And just as a company would adjust its business model to meet the demands of a ...

HR Software Solutions Renews Its Relationship with The HRIS World

| Garrett O'Brien - One of our means to keeping The HRIS World going is to provide marketing support to vendors. And one of those vendors is our Preferred Vendor for HRIS services focuses on providing vendor management, system selection, project management, system implementation and HR outsourcing. Their name? Well, their logo says it all... About HR Software Solutions, Inc. As a professional services firm, HR Software Solutions Inc. was founded with the mission of developing trusted business partnerships through mutual trust and respect. They were founded in 2006 with the goal of providing businesses with the resources needed to run an effective implementation while helping them achieve their organizational goals and objectives. Founder and President, Lauren DeFilippo Gander, is a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years experience in all aspects of Human Resources working with both medium and large organizations, private and public sectors alike. Prior to starting HR Software Solutions, Ms. ...

Employee Benefits Programs Can Incentivize Your Workers

| Garrett O'Brien - Of All the Means to Create Incentive with An Employee, Employee Benefits is Still King A shrinking workforce, higher operational costs, and many overseas economies on the rebound, employee benefits have gone from an employee incentive to a employer necessity Attracting and retaining talented professionals is not always about money. Your ability to offer key benefits will appeal to potential employees and generate loyalty and a sense of pride with your current employees. A well thought-out benefit plan can improve productivity as employees are more effective when they are assured of security for themselves and their families.

Selecting a Global HR System: Essentials Check-List for SMB’s

| Sue Lingard - If you are reading this article, chances are you are one of the many thousands of mid-sized and growing organizations doing business around the world. You’ve probably found that with international growth, comes the need for an international workforce, and with an international workforce comes international headaches! The rise of modern, affordable Cloud HR software means there are now global HR solutions available to fit companies of every size and every budget. Unfortunately, while most HR vendors claim their systems are global, many of them only solve part of the problem. Rather than really supporting a global deployment, their international HRIS functionality is only skin deep. Since these HR systems are delivered online, in the Cloud, it’s true that employees can log on from anywhere; and perhaps see screens in their chosen language—using familiar terminology or date formatting. However, when it comes to key areas, like helping you comply with ...

20th HR Shared Services & Outsourcing Summit

| Garrett O'Brien -   When: October 17-20, 2016 Where: B Resort & Spa, 1905 Hotel Plaza Blvd, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830 The only event that brings together 150+ of the best and brightest industry professionals to discuss and discover new tools, strategies and solutions for developing, implementing & optimizing the HR Shared Services model. Attendees will receive the opportunity to take home insights on how to: Gain exposure to solution providers who are at the forefront of change and innovation Find out how mature, leading-edge HR SSOs continuously improve and grow their service capabilities Discover the best and newest ways to build a new HR shared services model Made authentic and lasting connections with a broad spectrum of HRSSO peers in terms of industry, scope and functional expertise Visit Coca-Cola’s HR Shared Services Center to find out how they’ve evolved their model to better meet the needs of the business Event Agenda: http://bit.ly/29Ps34o ...

What Are the Key Challenges for HR in Europe?

| Garrett O'Brien - What Are Yours and How Do You Tackle Them? The days when the basic function of an HR professional focused purely on core HR matters of recruitment and payroll are long gone. ‘It was a simpler time’, current HR managers might sigh. But times have indeed changed.

The Rate of Change in IT + Improvisations = Consumerization

| Garrett O'Brien - R "Ray" Wang is the Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research Group and has provided an excellent article called named “Coming to Terms with the Consumerization of IT” on the Harvard Business Review blog. His article focuses on the reality many companies need to face as their employees consumerize the services of IT.... Though this article was posted in 2011, there is still a lot of relevancy in what Ray has to share. The rate of change in technology is behind much of what is happening today -- before technology started changing so rapidly, cultures and society had time to adapt and ‘catch up’, now it is a matter of identifying what is a fad, as well as what is really on a trend. But in all cases, improvisation by the youth and young at heart will be leading the way. There are some fundamental constants but they too ...

Is Your HR Management Strategizing for Success?

| Kyle Lagunas - Human resources has grown beyond the traditional functions of its youth. No longer solely responsible for managing employee records or benefits, HR professionals are now focused on developing strategies for developing the workforce. Largely made possible by innovations in software technology, this trend towards growing and managing talent—what most analysts refer to as strategic HR—can make a significant impact on your organization’s success. But what exactly is strategic HR?

The Myths Many Believe About Home Office…

| Garrett O'Brien -   Let's start off with the reality of the hours involved in being a consultant... One of my former clients, who was local (a rare occurrence), required all consultants to work onsite -- for me that involved arriving between 7:30 and 8 am and leaving after 6 pm. My commute adds another 2-1/2 to 3 hours to the day. Total daily time involved was 12-1/2 to 13-1/2 hours, weekly that would be between 60 to 65 hours. Actual time working? 45 to 50 hours, if there was lunch (usually consumed while working). That's between 17 and 25% of the time just traveling, unproductive time as it's not good ethics to be making confidential and personal data available to prying eyes in a public area. Now before this gig, my average commute to distant clients required me to travel which would involve flying on Sunday night or Monday morning, 5 to 7 hours average. home door to destination airport. Many ...

A Reminder to Be Counted! Participate in the Sierra Cedar 2016-2017 HR Systems Survey – ends July 1st!

| Garrett O'Brien - If you haven't noticed already, you need to notice now! Please participate in the Sierra-Cedar 2016–2017 HR Systems Survey, 19th Annual Edition, now available at http://www.Sierra-Cedar.com/hrssv88 until July 1, 2016. All responses are confidential and only used in aggregate results. Many have completed their survey, and many more have started theirs -- our thanks for your time and efforts to those that have completed their survey as as well as a word of encouragement to those who have yet to finish, or even start! Plenty of encouragements are provided as well as a special conference discount code off the regular registration price of the HR Technology Conference in Chicago this October for those that complete their survey! Do know participation in this survey is open to any company globally. We incorporated your feedback to include new questions that explore how organizations are transforming their HR technology environments, choosing services to ...

Mitigating and Overcoming Common Hazards of Building an Efficient Recruitment Process

| Garrett O'Brien - Trust Driven Efficiency! When we think about in-house recruiters, we think about a group who are normally amongst some of the busiest people in the organisation. It truly is a juggling act keeping HR, internal clients and candidates happy at all times. This is why when asking recruiters to engage with a technology solution that helps the business track and measure HR effectiveness; it’s vital that the solution makes their life easier. To set this blog apart from the typical “How to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruiters”, I thought I’d highlight common hazards to be mindful of when building an efficient recruitment process. Mitigating and overcoming these key challenges will help you to become more efficient and effective in the future.

What is HR data really all about — metrics? Or INSIGHTS?

| Garrett O'Brien - Your Future Is Already At Hand What if I said that you could predict the future? No, not by using time travel or a psychic, (as I’m sure the lottery numbers might be more on your mind), but by using insights in your HR data, to predict behaviour, trends and relationships in order to stay one step ahead of the competition. So with this in mind, why do so many organisations overlook using insight in their recruitment process?

How To Improve the Journey for your Candidates and Hiring Managers

| Garrett O'Brien - Now we’ve all applied for jobs, not that first paper round you did or even the bar you worked in at Uni. I’m talking about the jobs that mattered to you. The Graduate programme, or the career switch, the situations where making the right decision felt like everything. The jobs where you are desperate to find a company with the right fit, to secure right role. But getting these jobs from my own experience is not easy; it takes days, weeks, even months going through different applications with numerous companies. You find yourself lost and frustrated amongst a sea of process and administration, completing web forms, adding profiles, completing online tests. No two organisations processes are the same and so often little or no feedback for all your efforts. Applying for my internship I went through over 50 different application processes, where only 20 companies even came back to me ...

So Why Does Any Country Have A Memorial Day?

| Garrett O'Brien - Every Memorial Day as well as Thanksgiving Day, we pay tribute and share our thanks to those that served our country as well as remember where we have been and the blessing we have received. There is always a backlash from some in the community as their objection is "this sort of thing does not belong in a business blog". My response to their objection usually runs along the line of: Who won the war and what were we fighting for? Did we not get here today due to their selfless acts of courage? What is truly unbelievable is the number of people I have met during my more than 20 years of traveling extensively throughout the United States as well as Europe how many people haven't a clue to what their Memorial Day is all about. Our education system wants to forget our history as well as keep anyone from feeling offended ...

Why Business Ethics Doesn’t Work and Never Will

| Garrett O'Brien - Our Voice, Ears, Words Determine Our Destination Having multiple sets of ethics skews our perspective The well-known leadership expert/speaker/author, John C. Maxwell, was asked by a colleague what his thoughts were on business ethics. Without hesitation, Mr. Maxwell said, "There is no such thing as business ethics!" Now, before being dismissive, realize Mr. Maxwell has sold more than 13 million books worldwide and his organizations have trained more than 2 million leaders worldwide. I believe he knows a few things about what he shares...

The Art and Science of Workforce Management

| Garrett O'Brien - Creating The Workforce and Results You Seek Strategic workforce management is today’s most powerful competitive lever for market success. Creating the Workforce – and Results – You Seek is an insightful anthology written by some of today’s most distinguished thought leaders in human capital management. Individually and collectively, the perspectives in this book address the ‘art and science’ of workforce management and provide a road map for the reader interested in growing and sustaining a cohesive foundation for managing your organization’s most valuable, and expensive, strategic asset. The pragmatic wisdom contained here serves to educate, motivate, and lead – providing practical and proven approaches for optimizing entire employee populations while navigating through the 21st century.

The Price We Are Paying for NOT Unplugging From Work

| Garrett O'Brien - Luggage from Work, Luggage from Home, This is a Vacation? We unpack our luggage after our vacation, why don't we unpack our luggage of work for our vacation? While reading a local business journal, I nearly fell off my chair. As most of us in the white-collar world as well as some in the blue-collar world can attest, when you go on vacation there is that ‘you are going to get some work done as well’ mentality present. Whether it is self-imposed or not, workers are becoming more, let’s say un-relaxed than ever before. The need to disconnect, recharge and rejuvenate is foreign to many. I like to call the combination Dr. R. Those who say they only need a few days of here and there to be able to get back into the “full swing of things” I find unconvincing – once you get to know them you almost ...

BYOD: What Is It? And How Will It Work for Your Business?

| Dawn Altnam - Dawn Altnam lives & works in the midwest and loves following the business tech world where spends her time researching her interests and then frequently sharing her discoveries in blogs. Links of interest : BYOD : Tablets Hybrid solution ________________________________________ Technology investments are necessary for any business wanting to keep up with today's mobile world. However, in a struggling economy, few businesses are able to provide their employees with the latest technology. This problem has become even more prevalent in recent years, as the speed of innovation has forced companies to replace hardware at a staggering rate. Thus, business leaders must make an unfortunate choice between spending limited funding on new technology or running the risk of becoming obsolete. Click the read more button to discover how every cloud has a silver lining...

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Considering a Career Change

| Our Audience - This article is from guest blogger Nik Lemmens, Career Coach. There are many people out there that could significantly benefit from a change in career. Doing so can not only lead to better pay and a faster ascent up the career ladder, it can also lead to a significantly higher quality of life if you manage to make the change from something you hate to something you love. It's important to be aware however that for every person that makes a career change and reaps the rewards, there is another person that experiences nothing but regret. One of the easiest ways to become one of the latter is to make one of the following surprisingly common career change mistakes.

Why Your Business Should Build an Enterprise Mobile App Store

| Garrett O'Brien - Guess What? Your Tech Savvy Customer Is No Longer Predominantly a PC User With BYOD now a given, there are many advantages of producing you own apps In this article, remember that your customer can be the public -- as well as your own employees. In spring 2013, Apple reported 50 billion apps have been downloaded from its App Store. Even more interesting, is that 800 apps are downloaded every second, and 2 million are added each month. Besides being a useful piece of techie trivia, what does this popularity mean to today's business leaders? First, it means your customers are likely heavy users of mobile phones and tablets. Second, it means that your employees are likely to be just as familiar with apps.

3 Things you May Not Know About VoIP Technology and How Your Business Can Benefit

| Lewis R Humphries - While the concept of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) can hardly be considered as being ground-breaking in 2014, it remains strangely mysterious to some business owners and domestic users. Essentially, it is well known as a method of turning analog audio signals into digital data that can be transmitted over the Internet, which in turn enables users to use their standard broadband connection as a host for free or extremely cheap phone calls.

Employee Drug Abuse: How to Identify and Deal With It

| Garrett O'Brien - A Vice Comes in Many Disguises, Many Appearances Dependency on anything at a chemical and/or emotional level will bring out the worst in a person -- but also provides an opportunity to take ownership and change everything Every workplace brings together employees of all personality types, and workplace stress can cause employees to act unusually. This does not necessarily mean a worker is struggling with an addiction, but certain red flags may suggest an employee is using drugs. Drug Recognition reports some 22 million working Americans have used illegal narcotics within the past month, while another 13 million Americans have drinking problems. If you're a business owner or manager who suspects an employee is using drugs, take these steps to help your employee and create a productive, safe working environment.

When Technology Becomes Convenient, Is It Really Easier?

| Dawn Altnam - Dawn Altnam lives & works in the midwest and loves following the business tech world where spends her time researching her interests and then frequently sharing her discoveries in blogs. Links of interest : IT is magically easier now : Scale computing server goes down ________________________________________ Is IT Really Easy Now? There’s an interesting sentiment or idea that is going around that somehow IT is magically easier now. This is largely fueled by the advent and rise of cloud computing and virtualization. Sure, issues can be isolated and automated faster than ever before, but let’s not forget the age we live in. Data is bigger than it ever was, and with the constant stream of data needed to stay competitive in today’s information market, IT processes are now more complex than they ever were. Again, these complex IT processes are streamlined and require less legwork, but IT is by no ...

What Is Compromised In the Recruitment Screening Process

| James Scholten - Recruitment can be an expensive game and no business wants to go through it twice by hiring the wrong person due to a lack of sufficient screening. James Scholten discusses the basics of recruiting that can be overlooked -- and let that diamond in the rough slip through...

What is the Benefit of Using An International VPN?

| Garrett O'Brien - When we first started in 2008 as a predominantly LinkedIn group, the 'world' in The HRIS World was symbolic of having a career focused in the HRIS industry. We have since grown into a blog and website that is visited and read by more than 40,000 in more than 160 countries. This has placed some new demands on providing content, marketing conferences, events and vendors as well as expanding with  knowledge of what our audience wants and needs. As search engines are location sensitive. we purchased an international VPN so to drill down easier in various locations throughout the globe -- we have not regretted this investment. As we grow, we realize the needs of businesses everywhere to be able to do the same -- legal concerns, learning and discerning cultural sensitivities, what is important to them (which may not be important elsewhere), protocols for entering and communicating with those in ...

Staffing Your IT Department for Success

| Dawn Altnam - Finding the right talent to staff an IT department is never an easy task. Technology itself is constantly evolving, so the focus needs to be on hiring both talented and forward thinking individuals who will allow a company to innovate and thrive. The alternative risks getting left in the dust as similar companies speed by on the road to success. Potential IT candidates need to be up to date on the latest in technological advances to put themselves in a better position to help usher your company into the future.

4 Things To Verify Before Working for That New Employer

| Annabelle Smyth - You Are Trading Your Skills for Provisions to Your Life Providing for yourself, for your family, requires vigilance, protection While the overall economy was slower during the past 5 years, many businesses in a variety of industries are picking up their hiring practices. For people that are out of work or are looking to switch jobs, this could lead to a number of job opportunities. If you are offered a position at a new company, it is important that you properly research the company before working for them. There are 4 key things that you should do before starting to work for any new company. Click the read more button to discover more...

In-Office Daycare: Pros and Cons

| Andrew Lisa - Daycare From the Perspective of A Business Owner Offering employees the convenience of an in-office daycare should be approached with care Offering daycare to your employees is an amenity that few parents expect and virtually all appreciate - even if they don't plan to use it. It can increase the quality of the candidates you attract, boost morale, and solidify your reputation as a concerned employer. But it also comes with drawbacks that not every business can tolerate. Follow this guide to deciding whether offering daycare is right for you...

Maternity Leave: What’s Standard Time Off?

| Sarah Boisvert - Half Our Workforce Needs Time to Tend to Our Future The attitude of the employer towards maternity leave can affect the overall corporate culture Maternity leave is a disruption for any business, particularly when dealing with key personnel. However, happy new moms who return to work feeling they have the support of their employer and managers are sure to jump back into the job with renewed vigor. Balancing work with extra tasks like trying to find the best car seat booster or crib mattress is a challenge for any parent. Consequently, the easier you can make maternity leave for your employees, the more attention to work your company will receive in the long run when they return to the job. Federal laws mandate minimum requirements for maternity leave, but then there is what is customary in your industry and geographic location. Standard practices when it comes to time off will ...

The Gaming Imperative for Pre-Employment Screening Assessments – Part 1

| Tom Janz - A free webinar is available for this topic by Dr. Tom Janz starting 4-Feb-2015 -- more information available at the end of this article! Part I | How Improving the Candidate Experience Impacts the chances of Hiring Top Performers The buzz has been building for years now... “Game-enabled assessments are the wave of the future.” “Gaming will make assessments fun and engaging.” “Assessment games will be a competitive advantage when seeking young, educated, talented high-tech and business professionals.” Blah... blah... blah... Most of us have read the articles in ERE by luminaries such as Dr. Charles Handler and Kevin Wheeler or seen the magic quadrants or Gartner white papers. Yet, with notable exceptions, game-enabled assessments are still far from mainstream. So how are those long, tedious, boring online assessments workin’ for ya? At PeopleAssessments.com, we detect an extinction-level event that will change everything about online screening assessments. The HR Leadership at ...

Any Clue How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile Search Results?

| Garrett O'Brien - Having a great looking profile and a profile that looks great to the search engines are 2 entirely different matters altogether. How do those that rank well, rank well? Read on to find out... It may be boring work, but the dividends are high.

Clear Content, Foggy Context, Skewed Perspective

| Garrett O'Brien - Knowing the Content Does Not Equate to Knowing the Context Knowing the full context of the content we use as well as discerning why decisions were made they way there were in that context is fast becoming a lost skill. And given the amount of information available to us doubles every 60 hours, what does that really say about us? Could it be the quality of the information being added is equivalent to junk and trash?? Or is it we are just settling for what feels and sounds good to the situation at hand as well as the current argument (meaning we have abandoned virtues, principles, and integrity)???… And maybe, just maybe… many of us just don’t test our beliefs well enough to discern all this????

Speaker Interview Series: Martin Oest

| Garrett O'Brien -   Martin Oest, Head of Workforce Planning & Analytics at The Metropolitan Police (U.K.), spoke at the HR Change & Transformation 2015 in London last October. During his presentation, he shared how he set up Workforce Planning and Analytics at the Met Police and provided his expert advice on how you can do the same at your company, on a limited budget and capability, and how to overcome the many hurdles along the way… You can see his profile here... Before his presentation at #HRCT15, we had the privilege of speaking with Martin Oest...

5 Ways to Make Your Fixed Expenditures Work for You

| Brooke Chaplan - The Cloud has brought down your IT costs but what about your fixed expenses? Brooke Chaplan discusses 5 ways to reduce your fixed expenditures As businesses continue to recover from the 2008 recession, many managers are finding creative ways to cut fixed expenditures, to increase profit margins, and increase available funds.

What We Are Unwilling to Change? And Why?

| Garrett O'Brien - One of the many words of wisdom we broadcast on LinkedIn and our twitter jobs account (@thwjobs) states simply: What we are keeping in front of us is where we go... and What we tolerate, we cannot change. In an earlier article, we discussed why we should establish and focus on only one set of ethics least we risk the lose of integrity, trust and understanding from family, friends, collegues. Or, we should risk the acknowledgement that we are indeed limited and do what we can to rectify the situation.

3 Programs on Saving and Investing Your Money

| Annabelle Smyth - Everyone has advice when it comes to investments -- Annabelle Smyth provides us with 3 resource recommendations instead. A great start and by all means something to keep growing and expanding from...
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Top 10 Cloud Apps for Your Small Business

| Marcela - According to Google, a cloud app is: a software application that is never installed on a local machine; it’s always accessed over the Internet The advantage of using cloud apps for small businesses is that it allows for improved organization and collaboration, as well as access to data and portability. With cloud apps, you can log in from home, or work from different locations. Your data will not go out of sync, and can be easily shared and viewed by employees or clients. Below is a tabbed box of 10 cloud apps that can really support your small business, just click the name on the left for the description (it will play automatically for you when your mouse is not on the box)...

How To Retain Your Best Employees for the Long Term

| Andraea - With the Workforce Shrinking, It is an Employee's Market As an employer, your advantages can help you benefit from the best available When a company hires and retains solid and hardworking people, it will succeed. On the other hand,with unmotivated employees, a business will have a difficult time taking market share from its competitors. A Business owner wants to ensure that he or she has the best employees, here are 5 ways that will help...

Big Data for Predicting Job Performance: Big Dollar$ or Big Whup ?

| Tom Janz - It’s hard to crack open a business magazine or click on a human resource blog these days without coming across the phrase ‘Big Data’ in the headline. Most definitions of ‘Big Data’ center around words that begin with the letter ‘V’– Volume, velocity, and variety. Volume means big, not surprisingly. Where Megabyte used to mean ‘big’ and now Gigabyte means ‘big’ now, Big Data is measured in terabytes, petabytes, and zettabytes (a trillion gigabytes). Yet when it comes to predicting job performance, we seldom have had more than a few megabytes of data. The largest meta-analyses that combine the data from hundreds of studies that include data on the performer’s mental ability, personality, bio-data, training courses, work experience, and credit history, in order to predict important performance outcomes such as supervisory performance ratings, attendance data, customer satisfaction scores, production and wastage data would still have a hard time exceeding a ...

Employee Satisfaction: The Key to Successful Business?

| Garrett O'Brien - Microsoft, Apple, Ford Motor Co., GE, and Intel were 5 of the most profitable companies (excluding banks and oil outfits) in 2012, according to CNN Money. It is no coincidence that all the aforementioned companies are also featured on the CareerBliss 50 Happiest Companies list for 2013. Business owners must strike that delicate balance between getting the most out of their employees, while offering enough incentive to retain the talent that brings innovation and profit to the company. Some of the more unconventional strategies may not be for every CEO, but the results are undeniable. Click the read more button to discover more about unconventional incentive strategies...

LatAm Is Turning SMS Into A Recruitment Tool

| Andrew Lisa - In 2014, more than 2 million blue-collar workers in Brazil got opportunities for job interviews, even though the only communication technology they owned was a smartphone. 18% of those interviews led to jobs. This was the result of a start-up that is opening the recruitment process to a massive demographic in Latin America: phone-only job candidates SMS recruiting is bridging the gap in Latin America, where many people connect online through only their smartphones.  

Is Your Company’s Strategy All Chat and No Metrics?

| Tom Janz -   When someone from Texas says that you are “All hat and no cattle”, it means that they think you put all your effort into looking the part vs. delivering the goods. Well, you have to have a lot of hat to be a Cowboys fan these days. Turnover in business is good. Turnovers in football, not so much. But I digress -- let's get on with this week's post...
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What Is the Key to Fully Utilizing Big Data in HR?

| Lauren Gander - In spite of mounting evidence that the use of Big Data allows human resources professionals to contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of their organizations in a number of forward-looking ways, many HR departments are failing to take full advantage of this relatively new technology. "Big Data might seem like an HR buzzword, but it is one that will not go away -- and one that HR should not ignore" writes former HR trade journalist and current Forbes contributor Karen Higginbottom.   img cr: Bersin by Deloitte | Slideshare March 2012  

4 Tips for Managing Business Credit Cards for Employees

| Eliza - Handing out business credit cards to employees can be a great alternative to reimbursing employees for business expenses – all the relevant expenditures end up on one simple statement, instead of a pile of receipts and the attendant paperwork. At the same time, switching to plastic can have its own new challenges. Following are some pointers for making the best use of business credit cards that you can... 1. Shop around for rewards Assuming you're opening a new credit account for your business, you'll want to find one with the most useful rewards program you can find. Even if you already have cards you've been using, it may be worth your while to check whether you can find a better deal. Many rewards programs are tailored specifically to business users, providing perks in the form of office supplies, software, or even utilities savings. Then of course, there's the old standby ...

Making Money: What it Takes to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

| Brooke Chaplan - Entrepreneurs are not followers, they are leaders. They aren’t afraid to pursue ideas that others may simply dismiss. This character trait is what creates new products and services that other businesses will eventually use as a benchmark for their own projects. While the term “entrepreneur” is often used very casually, it takes a truly dedicated individual to live up to the title. Making serious money is certainly not an uncommon goal, but becoming an entrepreneur takes drive and commitment. There are a few fundamental traits that a true entrepreneur will possess.

How Do You Know When You Are Asking the Right Questions?

| Garrett O'Brien - With the economical challenges every business is facing, trimming costs and maintaining a watchful eye on overhead and project costs is paramount for all businesses, whether SMB’s or international enterprises. The economics landscape is changing drastically -- and ideas, innovative or not, need to be focused on providing more return for their investment… This includes an increase in efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, a well-defined ROI is imperative to keeping costs under control and effective training that reduces the learning curve after the implementation.

With Cloud Computing, What Do You Need to Know About IaaS?

| Ben Jones - With Cloud Computing, What Do You Need to Know About IaaS -- and several other forms of cloud computing. Regular contributor Ben Jones discusses the various forms of the cloud system and provides a few suggestions for cloud providers in Europe.

How Can Your Online Reputation Negatively Affect Your Company?

| Chris Martin - If you run a business, you know about how the importance of concepts like integrity, fairness, and customer service can affect your company's reputation. You also know that it's important for you to display appropriate conduct in non-business settings if you want to establish a strong personal reputation. You may be even be aware of how a negative personal reputation can adversely impact your business's reputation. But what about your online reputation? Can that have a negative effect on your company as well?

Just What Is HRIS? (Intro Part 1 of 6)

| Garrett O'Brien - Well, simply stated, HRIS is an acronym for Human Resources Information Systems... HRIS is also known as HRMS... Human Resource Management Systems... Or HCM... Human Capital Management... But this only enlightens you to acronyms and tells you nothing about HRIS...

Big Data and HR: A love story

| Dawn Altnam - Dawn Altnam lives & works in the midwest and loves following the business tech world where spends her time researching her interests and then frequently sharing her discoveries in blogs. Links of interest : locating, combining, analyzing : Lowes, ARAMARK, UPS, and other large corporations Backup software ________________________________________ The human resources department is a busy and productive place in almost all offices. While, to outsiders, it often feels like the only thing that human resources does is hire new employees, the department actually handles many important tasks that improve things for the office as a whole. Because of this, HR managers are always looking for new ways to improve the flow of information in and out of the department. Find out how managers are using the concept of “big data” to learn more about the employees who work for them and streamline the entire human resources process by clicking the ...

How Cloud Systems Began: The Rise of the Virtual Machine

| Sharon Florentine - Since 1998, when VMware Inc. first jumped into the virtualization business, virtual technology has completely revolutionized data center technology, not to mention the business models of those companies who’ve adopted the technology over the years. But what exactly is a virtual machine? How does it relate to virtualization, and what are the benefits of system virtual machines versus process virtual machines? Click the read more button to discover more of what Jennifer has to share... Types of Virtual Machines and How They Work Though a bit dated, this comprehensive article, The Rise of the Virtual Machines, from TechTarget, outlines the basics of virtualization and virtual machines. Click the read more button to discover more of what Sharon has to share...

5 Non-Profits That are Taking the World by Storm

| Brooke Chaplan - Operating a Non-Profit Hones Management Skills A successful non-profit will always be have knowledgeable as well wise leadership Non-profit organizations are faced with countless challenges not found in any other field. Whether it is connecting with volunteers, or stretching each donation as far as possible, the most successful non-profits must be backed by innovative and driven teams. Brooke Chaplan takes a look at some of the newest non-profits and how they are changing the world....
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5 Great Month-to-Month Clubs Your Top Employees Will Love

| Katherine Kreger - Appreciation for a Job Well-Done Is Always Welcomed An employer's appreciation doesn't have to be celebrated just once -- it can happen every month for a year A month-to-month club sends employees a different treat or type of food every month. There are clubs available for everything from fish and cheese to ties and socks. They are a fun way to reward top employees who have contributed to the success of a business. Here are 5 month-to-month clubs that any employee will enjoy....

Google: Human Resources 2.0

| Garrett O'Brien - Found this posted in one of the user groups in LinkedIn... it is from Horacio Fialho Moreira, Partner and Marketing Director of Firm IT... Imagine HR being revamped by Google...

Can You Name the 6 Largest Conference Centers?

| Garrett O'Brien - Editor's note: Many of us have traveled, some of us extensively, for a conference, whether once a year or several times a year. We thought it would be interesting to have a list of the largest conference centers, and no surprise, they all seem the be in the USA. Here's Ben's take on the worlds 6 largest conference centers... By the way, if you can name the 6 largest conference centers, you probably need a vacation, yes? There are many lists, and sometimes actually conflicting or misleading, about the biggest conference centers. One may say world’s biggest, but confines the list to those within the United States; others include the hotel space; while still others are circa some years back. So here is one list without regard for ranking on whatever criteria... Slides will change automatically, hover mouse over box to pause   It seems the largest conference centers are ...

Is The Rate of Change in Technology Initiating Legal Concerns?

| Garrett O'Brien - With the rate of change in technology, legal concerns are building up everywhere. Both cannot keep pace with how fast things are suddenly happening. And given Moore’s Law, this pace is not about to slow down either — which also means there are going to be some headaches as well as opportunities in dealing with the legal circles. No matter how fast anything changes there are some constants that must be taken into account. As cloud computing gets its name from the fact that everything you do seems to be available anywhere, then where is your data really located? How is it being stored? Who is responsible for its security? Laws are usually based upon entities and/or sovereignties and it creates boundaries in which the protection of the law is supposed to be applied. Given the nature of cloud computing then, a key question about cloud computing remains unresolved in ...

Is An Open Door Policy Best For Your Team?

| Kimberley Laws - It's your first time being a "boss" -- wow! It sounds weird doesn't it? "Boss." You possess top-notch managerial skills and you know you'll do an excellent job. You've just got one big hurdle to overcome: figuring out what type of boss you want to be. And, more importantly, what type of boss your team needs you to be. You've likely heard a lot of hype about the millennium's most touted management style -- the "open door" policy. While it does boast many benefits, it is not without its problems too. Before embarking on your first big decision in your new role and initiating your own "open door" policy, there are a few things you need to consider.   "If you come through my door, I will not greet you with a blinding white light."

How to Use Pinterest to Find Your Dream Job

| Kim Wade - Still looking for that dream job? You’ve used Pinterest to make plans for your dream home, your dream wedding, and your dream car. So why not use it to make your dream job a reality? Put your pinning skills to work and use Pinterest to help you find your dream job. Over 11 million people and companies use Pinterest every day, so connecting to employers and businesses is easier than you think.

REPOST: A Formal Education Equals A Good Manager?

| Garrett O'Brien - In an article in Brazil’s daily newspaper O Globo, titled Bons gestores de TI são uma raridade no mercado, translated to English, Good Managers Are A Rarity On the Market (translation of article available here), Fláviá Rodrigues notes the lack of good IT managers and points to the colleges beefing up their curriculum to accommodate the demand. The shortage is accounting for a loss of R$45 billion to the Brazilian economy in November 2010 ($17 billion in Dec 2104 USD). According to Case Technologies, the account for the shortage is… The IT market is still not widely known in Brazil Many in computer science and IT are dropping out early as they can start making a good paycheck rather quickly but in the long run, find themselves lacking enough skills Lack of a foreign language skills, especially English They also mention there is also the matter that technology basically changes frequently (which is almost ...

How Your Knowledge Of English Can Influence Your Career Prospects

| Diksha Singh - English is the trade language. In times past the trade language had been French, Spanish, Portuguese. Diksha Singh explains the benefits of knowing a trade language -- and how doors which may not normally be open to you with your native tongue may suddenly open for you elsewhere.
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The Relevance Of Knowing Your Working Capital

| Grace Beckett - Working capital is at the heart of any industrial concern. Even if you have large fixed assets, your business will not prosper if you do not have current assets. When you have no current liabilities, working capital becomes equal to current assets, purely from the formula for working capital... Working capital = current assets - current liabilities To understand working capital and why it is important to any industrial concern, you have to understand what are current assets and current liabilities... Grace Beckett provides a Finances 101 view of the imporance of working capital.

REPOST: HR Tech Europe And Differentiating Differently

| David D'Souza - The first day of #HRTechEurope in Amsterdam has been dominated for me by some interesting speakers and a growing realisation of the difficulty of differentiating a product or service offering in a crowded market. I took a wander through the conference centre and wrote down the words that were being used to describe products – they all sounded impressive but, largely, they all sounded the same. Even subtle variations on near ubiquitous themes. Here are some of the phrases....

Performing a Needs Assessment on Project Management (Intro Part 4 of 6)

| Garrett O'Brien - In our first 3 articles of this series, we provided an introduction to What a HRIS sytem is in "What is a HRIS system?" Rethinking beyond the traditional project methodologies in our post BEFORE Searching for a new HRIS system when selecting a HRIS system during the implementation of a HRIS system As well as taking a a systematic, efficient selection and planning process to your HRIS project As with any methodology, it is inevitable there would be a need to strengthen any weaknesses. Most methodologies and processes evolve in cycles, usually resulting from the needs that grow as the result of new technologies and from evidences that certain aspects of the processes needs improvement. Complexity and change always magnifies weaknesses as well as strengths. The more complex the project, the more the weaknesses and inefficiencies become magnified.  
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Investing in People: How to Invest Your Capital and Empower Employee Performance

| Lewis R Humphries - Ever Try Building a Business Without Building Your People? Investing in your people doesn't guarantee your returns but it does give you better returns than not As a business owner or decision-maker of your company, one of the key challenges that you face is the successful distribution of your capital. This is critically important if you are to achieve long success, while maximising profitability and laying solid commercial foundations. There are a large number of investment options for those who own a commercial venture, and selecting the right ones will ensure that your business can move forward as effectively as possible. With consumer confidence currently at a peak in the UK and businesses increasingly keen to spend their capital, there is a unique opportunity for you to expand your venture accordingly.

The Role of a Product Owner in Agile Projects

| Steward Copper -   Who is a Product owner? Which functions does this role embody? What place does the role of a product owner take within Agile project? To find out the answers Steward has for these questions, click the read more button...