4 Things To Verify Before Working for That New Employer

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You Are Trading Your Skills for Provisions to Your Life

Providing for yourself, for your family, requires vigilance, protection

While the overall economy was slower during the past 5 years, many businesses in a variety of industries are picking up their hiring practices.

For people that are out of work or are looking to switch jobs, this could lead to a number of job opportunities.

If you are offered a position at a new company, it is important that you properly research the company before working for them.

There are 4 key things that you should do before starting to work for any new company…

4 Things To Be Vigilant About

Workers Compensation

When you are looking to switch jobs and start working for a new company, the first thing that you should look into is whether they have a history of properly taking care of work related injuries.

If you are taking a job that requires manual labor or is potentially dangerous, you should ensure that the company will take care of their employees when they are hurt and can’t work.

By consulting with an Austin personal injury attorney, you may be able to get an understanding as to whether a company is properly insured and takes responsibility when an employee is hurt on the job.


Another important thing to understand when taking a job with a company is what the benefits are that they offer. When given a job offer, most people only consider their salary or hourly rate.

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You also need to think about other benefits, and how much you value those.

Some of the benefits to consider and compare to other employers are medical benefits, workers compensation benefits, short-term disability, pension or 401k matching, vacation, sick leave, and any other benefit that is important to you.

If the benefits are worse than what is offered by another employer, you need to take them into consideration when making a job decision.

Corporate Culture

The third item that you need to think about when starting to work for a new company is what the corporate culture is like.

The corporate culture, particularly how employees are treated, will have an enormous impact on your overall job satisfaction.

To get an understanding of the corporate culture, you could ask questions during interviews, speak with employees that you know that either work for the company or have worked there in the past, and do some research online.

It would be a good idea to get an understanding of the culture created by both the company as a whole and your specific manager as both will have a huge impact on your overall job satisfaction.

Financial Strength

When thinking of starting a new job, you should also consider the company’s financial strength. If the company is publicly traded, you will be able to get all the information you could need easily online.

You should look at recent movements in its stock price, trends in profitability, and what investors and analysts are saying about the company.

Negative financial information and news could be a sign of future pay cutback or layoffs. If the company is not publicly traded, you may still be able to get useful information through questions asked during your interview.

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The Last Word

Needless to say, these are 4 very good points to consider.
Your own list of points could be longer, and may – or may not – include any of the items noted.
The important part is to be vigilant and to protect yourself and your family where you feel it is needed.
A business or company could be on a growth spurt and may have some risks that have to be considered – or it could be a well established business that is very settled in their ways but just does not provide what is needed or, in the case of corporate culture, fits.
Any time a new job is gained, it is an exciting time for celebration and high emotions — but use your wisdom and intellect before accepting your offer.

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