AI and NLP

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After AI, Why NLP Needs to Be the Next Conversation

About The HRIS World AI & NLP Series™ #thwAI

Everyone has been hearing about AI, some have been hearing about NLP - and everyone has an opinion, belief, or thought about AI. However, that opinion, belief, or thought about AI (and/or NLP) is fully dependent upon the voices of whom everyone has chosen to listen. We are at a stage in our rate of change of technology where we have to let go of how we learned things in the past -- and step into a new stage of keeping ourselves always available to learn, no matter what we believe and/or think.

We cannot, more than ever before, solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them (said Albert Einstein nearly 100 years ago!). We are also going to be seeing all the analytics, management, performance, and recruitment aspects of HR becoming glued together through an entirely different, much faster means of inputting, managing, and retrieving data. This is not happening in a few years, it is already happening.

Our series provides the understanding, questioning, and ideas of AI so you can start learning how to think, learn what questions to ask, and discover for yourself what you need before you need it.

Feedback, debates, discussion, collaboration and conversation are always encouraged in the comments section below... For more information about this series, use the blue contact us button on the lower right of your screen to contact us -- or if you are reading this by our newsletter, then hit the reply button to get back to us!

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AI Is the Conversation Today

We recently shared some of our thoughts on LinkedIn updates about HR and AI (artificial intelligence) being the latest conversation nearly everywhere…

Given the propensity for disruption of the last decade, many may believe this is another replacement to the what-and-how we do things.

We may not be the first to say this, but we will — AI is not a replacement technology, instead, AI is and will be pulling all the technologies today together, in its wake creating a faster, easier environment in which to work…

Notice we did not say there will not be mishaps, discoveries and a learning curve for us — there always is with technology.

We are definitely entering an era where new ways are supplementing not replacing the latest means – which also means people analytics / HR analytics, big data, and cloud computing are staying, not going away…

What AI Will Change – And Not..

What IS changing is how to instruct computers how to perform their tasks and how we will collect that information.

Where we focus,  whose voice(s) we listen to, our ethics, and/or what level of discernment we use are all independent of this technology.

The HRIS World fully believes HR and HR technology will end up seeing marriages of the knowledge verticals as the information silos have already been successfully busted at a consistent rate as well as at a very high level…

You can substitute ANY existing and future vertical for ‘HR’ and ‘HR technology’ — everyone that needs to use a computer of any form is going to see a growth only the visionaries today can imagine.

AI is a very intense, powerful as well very big jump for any business or process yet there are still the same complexities to be overcome though at an entirely different level.

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AI and NLP

AI Needs Us, Not the Other Way Around

Like any computer system,  AI needs

  • an input method that can handle the high rate of change technology will be maintaining well into the foreseeable future
  • a processing method that can understand the input no matter how ambiguous as well as how varied as one input can mean different meanings and many inputs can mean the same thing.

And all this relies upon our own understanding of words — which is fine until you realize that a chip is one thing in technology and an entirely different thing in gastronomy.

And that is only one level of more than 3000 cultural possibilities throughout the globe.

The Power of (the Right) Words

The biggest challenge will be the trendy and fad words, never mind the politically correct words — there is something to be said for calling something it is, period.

This is exactly why we believe the science and need for expansion with Natural Language Processing (NLP) will be the next topic to come up in conversations after AI…

As noted by

Natural Language Processing (NLP) refers to AI method of communicating with an intelligent system using a natural language such as English.

Processing of Natural Language is required when you want an intelligent system like a robot to perform as per your instructions when you want to hear a decision from a dialogue based clinical expert system, etc.

The field of NLP involves making computers to perform useful tasks with the natural languages humans use. The input and output of an NLP system can be

  • Speech
  • Written Text

Before getting all excited, just think of the confusions that abound with the same language never mind translations — and most of AI is going to be reliant upon English.

Anyone who speaks 2 or more languages will tell you that many times the cultural differences for the same word can be enormous, now toss that into the world of AI and we have one of many challenging dominos that will need to be addressed.

The Future of HR with AI

We have recently been talking with Soumyasanto Sen and Raja Sengupta, two very strong minds and visionaries in NLP, on just these very topics recently and hopefully we will be doing more so soon…

We shared our assessment with them of where the industries (HR and HR technology) have been, are now, and what we see as their best future scenario…

  • The shift in the industry to people analytics, cloud, and big data has been just embraced as a whole by the HR and HR tech industry (‘the industries’) yet many are talking about AI making its appearance already
  • As we are on the upper slope of the rate of change of technology as witnessed in the last 5 years, meaning the industries are expected to experience a triple or more increase in the next 5 years
  • To minimize high turnover and increase employee retention, the industries must consider the personality types and dispositions of employees when matching the tasks they are to be given
  • AI is already in the trends for the industries conversation where NLP is not  — the gap and uncertainty as to where AI fits into the industries as well as its impact is not very well mapped out nor thoroughly understood yet
  • The HRIS World believes NLP is to be the next step in the conversation within the industries as it can with the proper education and awareness supplement all platforms and technologies and provide what the industries have been for years and are still looking for now — the means to work within their personality and disposition types, providing motivation for them to perform their functions in earnest

A Breakthrough In Natural Language Processing

If NLP sounds familiar to our loyal followers, we have already touched upon it with our Enterprise Software Options Series with WhoKnows, Inc.

Through the use of NLP, Chris Macomber and his team have managed to build a better than 90% employee participation rate in their knowledge management system as well as busted the Cisco barrier of 60-something percent accuracy to more than 90% with their WhoKnows silo busting quantum profile output.

Discover more about WhoKnows here...

See the post on NLP and the WhoKnows accuracy rate here:

See The HRIS World Next Gen Vendors series ‘Enterprise Software Options’ by clicking here:

NLP In Real Life – IBM-Watson Takes On Keanu Reeves

Here’s a 3-minute video providing a simplified overview of NLP…

For The Technically-Minded

Here’s a  free download that will help you master the text analytics we are heading into (we are getting there, but we haven’t arrived yet)…

Mastering New Challenges in Text AnalyticsLearn how text analytics can help your organization gain significant, measurable benefits from textual data.

Mastering New Challenges in Text Analytics

It’s no secret that the world has seen an explosion of information in the past 15 years, an explosion that experts predict will continue as the millions of people who use online resources continue to expand their usage, and the millions of people who do not yet have access to such resources gain it.

Similarly, information stored as text in both business and government organizations has grown exponentially.

This paper briefly discusses:

  • what text analytics is
  • the various approaches to text analytics
  • the natural language processing techniques used by SPSS Inc.’s text analytics solutions
  • SPSS Inc.’s solutions for text analytics and their role in predictive analytics

Offered Free by: SPSS, Inc

Learn How to Master the New Challenges in Text Analytics Now!

In Our Next Post

With our next post, What You Need to Know About AI and NLP When It Comes to HR, we will be introducing you to the ideas of Soumyasanto Sen and Raja Sengupta and their vision for NLP — the language process everyone needs to understand to get the most from any AI system they encounter and/or implement.

Being focused on the what-if’s of a new technology is always a good thing — but without considering how we are going to utilize a technology that is going to provide a change at nearly every level, we are not preparing ourselves to use it to our best abilities.

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