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We are a team backed by more than 25 years experience in the HR, HR technology, payroll, cloud, and leadership fields. Our blog was launched in March 2012 with less than 2000 monthly visitors and less than 5500 page views -- today, our monthly audience of more than 50,000 arrives from more than 190 countries who manage to view more than 500,000 pages. And we haven't stopped growing yet!

We work with some very talented people who are willing to contribute what they know -- from speakers to thought leaders to leadership gurus... We even have recent graduates share their thoughts and experience of what they believe their future should be like as well as share what they need today.

The HRIS World is you - our audience. We keep listening to what you are saying everywhere we can - social media, emails, comments, groups and forums, conferences. And we in turn provide what you are asking and needing. If we're failing anywhere, contact us and let us know -- it is the only way to start a conversation!

You can select one of the many options we make available to reach us on our Contact Us page -- or simply click the 'contact us' button on the lower right of your screen where you can send us a message (via webmail) or schedule a call with us.



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The HRIS World started as an idea in 1991 -- focus on the universal problems of HRIS implementations. We have since grown to include the growth with an eye on the future. We see what is happening outside our industry and follow these events as they migrate into our industry. We are a team with more than 21 years of HR, HR technology, leadership, thought leadership, and payroll experience.

We noted early that the industry would be decentralizing itself into shared services, outsourcing and remote resources -- and we provide everything you need to ease the pain of transition, growth and change.  Right now, the rate of change of technology is outpacing everything save one thing - the rate of volume increase of information. Information on the internet is doubling ever 60 hours - while the rate of new information is doubling every 2 weeks. The rate of change of technology is outpacing our learning skills -- meaning our education system and what we have learned in classes is already outdated.

We need to change from learning what to thing to learning how to think -- and we're not going to do that with the same thinking we had before all this. Innovation is now a requirement for growth and survival, it is no longer a luxury. Even our thought leaders are starting to discover that the need to lead in ways they never did before -- and many departments like HR are discovering themselves needing to rethink their roles and responsibilities within the organization as they own the collection and reporting of the information the entire organization needs to remain competitive.

The HRIS World noted most of this early and we continue to share what will happen next as well as where we believe everyone needs to focus -- we always end up where we focus, which means we need to know what affects our focus. We are the ends of the means and technology is the means to the ends, that is where our focus starts. Which is why the conversation starts here...