5 Non-Profits That are Taking the World by Storm

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Operating a Non-Profit Hones Management Skills

A successful non-profit will always be have knowledgeable as well wise leadership

Non-profit organizations are faced with countless challenges not found in any other field.

Whether it is connecting with volunteers, or stretching each donation as far as possible, the most successful non-profits must be backed by innovative and driven teams.

Here is a look at some of the newest non-profits and how they are changing the world…



Kiva has put the power of the internet into the hands of countless organizations and individuals.

The goal of the organization is to connect lenders with entrepreneurs that are typically living in extreme poverty.

The entrepreneurs are given resources to make a business plan and proposal that is then given to lenders.

The success-rate of the repayments and entrepreneurs is now over 97 percent.



Much like Kiva, Acumen has been designed to allow investors to provide loans to struggling entrepreneurs.

Individual investors can also offer funds to Acumen itself which will then diversify one’s investments.

The primary difference between these two organizations is the fact that Acumen focuses on clean energy companies and local agriculture businesses in developing countries.


I Had Cancer

This non-profit organization is in its earliest stages, and has been created to help garner a community for those struggling with cancer, and those who have beat cancer.

Users can sign up with nothing more than their age, location, and type of cancer that they are struggling with.

They can then look through a list of cancer survivors in their area who can provide as much support as they need.

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Charity: Water

Access to clean water is still a struggle in dozens of countries throughout the world, but there is an end in sight.

Charity: Water combines a number of projects, each designed to provide potable water in countries ranging from Bolivia to Cambodia.

The methods used by this organization range from Masters civil engineering students volunteering time, to media packets for companies that would like to start their own donation campaign.



One now has over 3 million global members, and its goal is to end extreme poverty around the world.

The company carries out a wide variety of projects and services and has recently raised over $100 million in relief funds.

Projects include education campaigns, food drives, AIDs research, and more.


The Last Word

Technology and non-profit organizations are now blending together seamlessly, and this means grassroots movements can be shared around the world with the click of a mouse.

These 5 non-profits are leading the world into a new and more charitable age.

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