3 Programs on Saving and Investing Your Money

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3 TV Programs That Teach You How to Save and Invest Your Money

An informed investor is a wealthy investor

If you need a few pointers on how to save and invest wisely, there are a number of television programs designed to help you.

Whether you are looking to save for a new home or to build your investment portfolio, you can choose from a variety of shows geared to your needs.

Here is a review of 3 such TV programs…

Ed Slott

Ed Slott is a practicing CPA and expert in Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and taxation issues.

He is an author, public speaker and featured guest on public television (PBS).

Slott educates consumers on steps to reduce their tax burdens and avoid needless penalties.

His strategies are designed to assure consumers that they have enough savings to last through retirement by wise investing and knowledge of the tax laws.

Slott has been cited by The Wall Street Journal as an expert source for information on IRAs.

He has written several books that show consumers how to use the tax laws to maximize their income during retirement.

Mad Money

Jim Cramer’s show “Mad Money“ on CNBC is a departure from the usual money and investment shows.

Cramer seeks not only to educate but to entertain—to the extreme! Intertwined with Cramer’s stock picks are props, sound effects, and costumes.

For example, Cramer uses toy bulls and bears to illustrate what’s happening in the stock market.

Yes, he may actually throw them on the floor or grind them up in a food processor to illustrate a point.

Squawk Box

This CNBC show has been called the ultimate premarket morning news and talk program.

Big names in business and politics share their stories and offer insight.

It’s anchored by Joe Kernen, Becky Quick, and Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Quick has interviewed financial heavy hitters like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, T. Boone Pickens, Jamie Dimon and Charlie Munger.

Kernen had a 10-year career as a stockbroker before switching careers, so he knows his stuff.

Sorkin is financial columnist for “The New York Times” and the editor-at-large of “DealBook.”

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Cable television has the widest offering in terms of shows on saving, investing, and personal finance. As with any media involving investments, everyone makes their own planning, decisions, and investments — The HRIS World does not endorse nor advise in any capacity to your own savings and investments. We do, however, provide exposure to the venues that are most common and used by successful investors. If you are looking to save money, choose a value priced cable provider like ExpertSatellite.com, which offers access to hundreds of popular cable channels at a low price.

What Are Your Thoughts?

  Your successful recommendations are?

  Even when the economy is bearish, the #1 rule is to invest carefully — good or bad advice?

  Education and information are the 2 most important tools when it comes to investments — yet no one talks about wisdom when it comes to money. Any thoughts?

Please share your thoughts with us and our audience in the comments section below! Or you can reach us directly from our contact page.


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