10 Great Ways To Improve Your Career NOW

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Many people are extremely worried about what the future holds because of the economy instead of seeking ways to improve their career.

As many are fearful of losing their job and instead they should be positive and look up, not to mention see if they can actually take advantage of the situation and better their careers.

A positive attitude is essential in today’s workplace and this article will list 10 great ways to improve your career today.

By being more proactive and positive, you are far more likely to see your efforts rewarded than not.


1. Don’t Procrastinate

Find out what takes up your time, and stop doing it, and instead focus on what you should be doing. By doing this, your productivity will increase significantly, and it will also be a big boost to your confidence which will further your positive attitude.

2. Timing

This is extremely important. You can really enhance your reputation as being someone who is reliable and trustworthy, if you can turn up to work early, arrive at meetings before they are scheduled to start, and even complete your work before it is due too if possible. This shows your motivated, interested in the job and above all, have great organizational skills.

3. Work Smarter, Not Harder

Identify the work within your job, and prioritize accordingly. Think about what matters to the company the most, and complete the tasks in that order. Once you have established a regular list of priorities, then you will be seen as someone who gets the important stuff done, and thus a key member of the firm.

4. List Your Tasks

Following on from point 3, by listing your tasks out, and ticking them off as you work through can give you great satisfaction and shows you that you are getting things done. Furthermore, these lists give you a record of when you completed the task, should anyone question you in the future.

5. Your Resumé

Always keep it up to date, and have a few copies on hand. Should someone be interested in hiring you, or moving you up the company’s ladder, then you can pass it on immediately. This shows your attention to detail, and also shows presents a quality first impression.

6. Networking

Networking is still one of the best ways of furthering your career, and it probably always will be. In the past, it used to be harder to do, but now thanks to social networking sites such as LinkedIn, you are able to get to know people online and potentially branch out to even more people. Most jobs and contracts are actually found via networking methods.

7. Business Dating

Another form of networking, but you can arrange to meet fellow workers for lunch, and have more informal talks with them. You can bounce ideas off each other, find out more about the company, and it is a great way to expanding your contacts and network. Plus it saves having to eat on your own.

 8. Public Speaking & Presentations

This is often very nerve racking for many people, but the trick is to keep practising, and to be as relaxed as possible. Look at some top public speakers and see if you can try to emulate them, but be aware of which style suits you. Giving good presentations and quality speeches is a fantastic way of being noticed.

 9. Knowledge if Power

Keep up to date with current affairs and the latest news within your industry. This shows your interest in the job and that you care about the world you live in. Plus it is excellent for conversation starting.

10. First Impressions

Finally, you only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it good. When you meet new colleagues and bosses for the first time, their initial impression of you will stick in their minds for a long time, and indeed theirs with you. So always be polite and courteous, and present yourself professionally.

Of course, there are many other ways to improve your chances of furthering your career, but it’s best to make the adjustments carefully and well, rather than taking the whole world on at once.

But these 10 great ways to improve your career today will put yourself onto the road to success immediately.

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