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Latest Developments | 2-Sep

If you are new here, welcome and know our site is definitely under reconstruction -- our previous theme didn't follow best practices and as a result we had coding appearing all over the place on the user end. We are focused on providing new content as well as cleaning up this mess... If it appears slow going, along with cleaning all this up we are working on a robust new theme which we are planning for launch some time in late September.

Since late July we have been focused on the backend of our server, meaning the number of new posts as well as the level of activity on our social media has been lower than normal. Though true for our own content, content generated by contributors as well as relationships we have already agreed upon will not be affected by this slowdown. We have also been impacted by a laptop that crashed 5 times in one day -- we needed 3 weeks in August to ascertain what happened and get it rolling again. It didn't help that the medication my doctor gave me did all sorts of weird things to me, which only contributed to the delay being 3 weeks and not a week or two.

Announcements of our progress will be made as necessary, especially the launch of our new site, through the social media - be sure to follow @thehrisworld or send us an email to stay updated!

Some of the things to expect in our new site?

Member Area UNDER CONSTRUCTION - we have started rolling out services and content that will be available in our new membership area. Memberships start at the free level (with perks), and as we continue to grow there will be paid memberships to offer as well.

Coming Up!

Events Calendar - vendors and conference agencies can inquire to provide and enter their own content, all provided as a free service

New Theme - when we started with the current theme a couple of years ago, mobile was just taking off. Well, mobile has taken off and we need to make our content you love available on all machines possible.

Newsletters - you choose what topics you want or choose them all; from our Content Series to rambling thoughts, something to bring value to your day and your work. Options will include following your favorite author or authors, content series or specific category or categories.

Podcasts! - from interviews to shared thoughts to our posts, more audio for your listening and convenience

Social Media - learn what does and doesn't work and what you can do about exploding your own following on 20 minutes or less a day

Forum and Collaboration - Forums are great but lack the tools to get beyond a conversation so we are going to kick it up a notch

Free Library - Free recent and relevant content for our members and registered newsletter recipients, focused on assisting you with your management applications, strategies, and leadership for starters.

Books - Details coming soon!

To find our latest content or to discover what we have in our Content Series, see our menu at the top right of the page by Clicking Here

Recently Launched!

Online Learning - Course prices range from US$15 to $200 and cover multiple HR, HR technology Leadership and Office Productivity topics. To discover more, go to our Online Learning page now!

Contact US easily - A blue contact us button is on the lower right of your screen at all times, just click the button to either send us a message (via webmail) or to schedule a call with us! You can schedule a call anytime up to an hour before calling in most cases - a calendar is maintained to provide our availability, Monday through Friday. If you have Skype feel free to chat with us right away by reaching out us at thehrisworld, which is one of several options you will find in our Contact Us page

Content Series for Vendors - 3 of our Content Series are vendor-focused: The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight™, The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series™, and The HRIS World Enterprise Software Options™. All are being presented with several package options as well as individual pricing that will assist in getting our audience in front of your solutions. Check here to stay updated on our progress as well as the launch of this service!

LinkedIn Login - With this tool, no need to fill out even the minimum of information needed to establish a fee membership with The HRIS World, just click the LinkedIn Login at the top of any page and your information with us is updated to that in your LinkedIn profile. This login opens the doors to many of the new members only features we will be launching in the coming months -- and best of all the price is right: free! With any of our memberships, you control everything you do or don't receive as well as what you choose to optin or optout from our offers as we present them.

MyLibrary - a means to keep your favorite content on our site in a centralized location, making it much easier to reference and research the content we provide you. You control what is in your MyLibrary from any machine you are using - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile unit. This is available to members using our convenient and secure LinkedIn Login (The HRIS World does not purchase lists nor sells any of our members information without the firm commitment of their approval prior to such an event).

These are just some of the things we will be implementing with the new site in during the next 12 months -- more will be listed as the plans are finalized.

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Discovering Our Content

Our content can be found in on 1 of 5 ways...

(1) our social media (twitter | LinkedIn | google + | facebook | scoop.it | paper.li ) -- all will have persistent and relevant hashtag
(2) click the Latest Content or The HRIS World Content Series™ link in top menu of any page
(3) open the 'Discover More' box(es) at the bottom of any post for a listing more content in the same category(s)
(4) see what our Disqus comment section lists for relevant content
(5) click the 'Search Our Network' link (right above our logo at the top of the page) or the search icon (far right in the top menu) to find something by topic.

So why don't we just list all our content? Well, have you ever seen a listing of more than 500 items? Not pretty and really discouraging... So we believe providing multiple options to find our content by keywords, categories as well as our Content Series would be the best option. Besides, the best things in life have not always been sitting there right in front of us, have they? But we promise we won't make it THAT difficult to find! Always feel free to reach out and ask us if you are not finding what you need!

The HRIS World Content Series Has Been Launched

All are relatively new with a few just launched

Discover More About Our Content Series Here

The HRIS World Project Insight Series™

An examination of the pain points of an implementation by assessing the timing and effectiveness of methodologies utilized during each phase of your project; this includes an unique view of the Executive Sponsor role as well as the traditional perspectives most have as how to load and resource the project in each phase. Follow the hashtag #thwCES on twitter to stay updated!

The HRIS World Transformational Series™

Leadership today needs to change for several reasons -- the most important being change itself. What are the right questions? Where should today's leader be focused? What risks were being ignored in the past and need not only attention but a plan of action today? now!? Dr. Tom Janz is spearheading this series and the hashtag to follow is #thwTLS.

Why is the Technology Tail Still Wagging the HR Dog?

A sometimes serious, sometimes entertaining look as to why technology is being placed in front of people even when many companies say they don’t, but their walk says they do… Explanations as well as history at what hasn’t and isn’t working as well as offering options and sound principles as to what we need to do to stop wagging the #HRdog.

The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series™

Who are those people speaking and presenting at the conferences? You know what they have presented if you have attended and haven't a clue what to expect if you haven't. We will be interviewing many of your favorite speakers and discovering more about them, what they are thinking and what their vision is beyond the stage. Hashtag? #thwSIS

The HRIS World Vendor Interview Series™   NEW

Many know the different vendors, fewer know the decision makers behind the vendors. Our aim is to help both the end-user as well as the vendor to understand user needs that are and are not being met. This is a soft professional approach to understanding where the vendor needs to focus as well as where the end-users can help themselves. You can follow this Series with the hashtag #thwVIS  Once we have our new site up, we will be pursuing vendors for possible participation in this series -- or if you are a vendor, just click the Contact Us link at the top right of the page.

The HRIS World Vendor Spotlight™   NEW

A review of the latest version of the software discussed in our Vendor Interview Series as well as software of other vendors. Where we can, a demo will be recorded and shared under the supervision of the vendor. The Series will eventually have webcasts to provide the demos live as well -- something in the plans for later in 2016. Hashtag? #thwVS

The HRIS World Enterprise Options Series™   JUST LAUNCHED

Though somewhat similar (or should be!), both the overall and detailed approach at the Enterprise level is much more heavily detailed than the approach for SMB's / SME's. This Series is an extension of our Project Insights Series as much of the content there focuses on methodologies that can not only streamline the task and activities timeline but also, when manage properly, assists in coming in on or under budget as well as on-time. This Series also picks up where the Vendor Spotlight leaves off in providing more detailed information on the options and tools available for the Enterprise client.  Hashtag: #thwESO

Our content is not limited to our Content Series, however you will find our richer content in our Content Series. To see all our latest content, just click the Latest Content link in our menu above.

You can follow us on twitter @thehrisworld as well as click any of the 'Contact Us' links on all our pages and posts to reach out to us, provide suggestions and/or start a conversation... Let us know what we can provide to help you with your future in HR and HR technology!

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