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Latest Developments | 28-Jan

If you are new here, welcome and know our site is definitely under reconstruction — our previous theme didn’t follow best practices and as a result we have coding appearing all over the place on the user end. We are focused on providing new content as well as cleaning up this mess… If it appears slow going, well part of it is as we have to clean all this up in our new theme coming out soon as well.

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We Have Launched 4 Content Series

The HRIS World Project Insight Series™

An examination of the pain points of an implementation by assessing the timing and effectiveness of methodologies utilized during each phase of your project; this includes an unique view of the Executive Sponsor role as well as the traditional perspectives most have as how to load and resource the project in each phase. Follow the hashtag #thwCES on twitter to stay updated!

The HRIS World Transformational Series™

Leadership today needs to change for several reasons — the most important being change itself. What are the right questions? Where should today’s leader be focused? What risks were being ignored in the past and need not only attention but a plan of action today? now!? Our own Executive Board Member Dr. Tom Janz is spearheading this series and the hashtag to follow is #thwTLS.

Why is the Technology Tail Still Wagging the #HRdog?

A sometimes serious, sometimes entertaining look as to why technology is being placed in front of people even when many companies say they don’t, but their walk says they do… Explanations as well as history at what hasn’t and isn’t working as well as offering options and sound principles as to what we need to do to stop wagging the HR dog.

The HRIS World Speaker Interview Series™

Who are those people speaking and presenting at the conferences? You know what they have presented if you have attended and haven’t a clue what to expect if you haven’t. We will be interviewing many of your favorite speakers and discovering more about them, what they are thinking and what their vision is beyond the stage. Hashtag? #thwSIS

You can follow us on twitter @thehrisworld as well as click any of the ‘Contact Us’ links on all our pages and posts to reach out to us, provide suggestions and/or start a conversation… Let us know what we can provide to help you with your future in HR and HR technology!

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