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The HRIS World LI

The means of our industry, of your business, where we focus on the ‘thingy’ side of life – technology, gadgets, apps, research and many other topics that are the tools we use. Reviews and updates of these tools and even the IoT’s are part of the conversation here. Everything here is the means to the ends…

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News, trends, research is all coming at us as fast as technology is changing – The HRIS World Research focuses specifically on the future of work, thought leadership, and news coming from the innovators, disruptors and changers in our industry.

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The ends of everything in any industry is the people – they should never be confused as the means. Here we focus on the people side of our business in this group, including social media conversations. Everything here is the ends to the means, not the means to an end.

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Several feeds from various news sources arrive here, providing a wider than usual spectrum on news in HR, HR technology, computers and computing, software and technology, as well as business news.

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